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…..-.—–.- I’m a modern high tech security lowlife gAtO. A gAtO for the millennium. Digital and smoke free addictive to troll science. A diversified multicultural postmodern cyber warrior deconstructionist. Politically anatomically and ecologically incorrect. Just because I’m peaceful, don’t take that as a weakness- cause I’ve been uplinked and downloaded. I’ve been inputted and outsourced. I know the upside of downsizing. I know the downside of upgrading.

Cyber Hippy

gAtOmAlO – Richard A.

 A cutting edge state-of-the-art bicoastal multitasker; and I can give you a gigabyte of bandwidth in a nanosecond with IP statistics. I’m new wave, but I’m a old school rocker, and my inner child is outward bound. I’m a hot wired heat seeking warm hearted cool customer and a cyber freedom revolutionary gray hat. Voice and biometric activated and biodegradable. I interface from a mysql database, and send my packets to the cloud via a construct of the cyber-space matrix -via nEo, so I’m interactive. I’m hyperactive and from time-to-time I’m a Asperger hacker radioactive. Behind the eight ball, head of the curve, riding the cyber security wave, dodging a DoS-ing, pushing the envelope but deep packet sniffing and packing. I’m on point, on task, on message, and off drugs, is it 420 yet. gAtO got no urge to binge and purge. I’m in the moment. On the edge, over the top, but under the radar. A high concept, low profile, medium range ballistic cyber missionary. A street-wise smart ass, a top gun bottom feeder with bright blue rubber galoshes . I wear power ties. I tell power lies. I take power naps. I run victory laps. I’m a totally ongoing big-foot slam dunk rainmaker with tweetDeck for dancing.A raging workaholic, a working rageaholic, out of rehab, and in denial.

I got a personal trainer, a personal shopper, a personal assistant, and a personal agenda. You can’t shut gAtO up. You can’t dumb me down ’cause I’m tireless, and I’m encrypted wireless. I’m an alpha male on beta blockers. I’m a non-believer and an over-achiever, laid back but fashion forward. Up front, down home, low rent, high maintenance. Super size, long lasting, high definition, fast acting, oven ready, and built to last. I’m a hands on, footloose, knee jerk head case, prematurely post-traumatic, and gAtO have love child who sends gAtO hate mail by proxy. But I’m feeling, gAtO caring, I’m healing, gAtO sharing. A supportive, bonding, nurturing, primary care giver. My output is down but my income is up. I take a short position on the long bond and my revenue stream has its own cash flow. I read junk mail, I eat junk food, I buy junk bonds, gAtO watch trash stock. I’m gender specific, capital intensive, user friendly, and lactose intolerant. I use the f word in my email and the software on my hard drive is cyber security hard core. I bought a microwave at a mini mall. I bought a mini van in a mega store. gAtO eat fast food in the slow lane. I’m toll free, bite sized, ready to wear, and I come in all sizes. A fully equipped, factory cipher authorized, hospital tested, clinically proven, scientifically formulated medical miracle. I’ve been pre-washed, pre-cooked, pre-heated, pre-screened, pre-approved, pre-packaged, post-dated, freeze-dried, md5 hashed, double-wrapped, vacuum-packed, and I have an unlimited broadband capacity on a mole on my back. gAtO a rude dude but I’m the real deal. Lean and mean. Cocked, locked and ready to rock. Rough tough and hard to bluff. I take it slow,program managed  with the flow, I ride with the tide, I got glide in my stride; drivin’ and movin’ sailin’ and spinnin’ jivin’ and groovin’ wailin’ and winnin’. gAtO don’t snooze, so gAtO don’t lose. gAtO keep the pedal to the metal, and the rubber on the cyberspace road. I party hearty, and lunch time is cyber warfare crunch time. gAtO hanging in and tight, there ain’t no doubt; tks & luv rip george.carlin. b\, \mathrm{XOR}\, k = c

gAtO have over 35 years in the IT world. I started in hardware, first job card punch reader expert and paper tape repairman. Then I went into network stuff, switch to software groupware apps. Next systems architect e-mail, ldap and for a while got lost doing PIX, Apache java making it work with Oracle then the cyber security light bulb came on, it all makes sense. I see packets & protocols in my head and I’m a loudmouth, so commenting on cyber security is gonna be fun. gAtO-gEeK

All my work has included cyber security in one way or another so here I am. el Gato Loco um.. how about malo. gato HeRe … The blog is about things I think about, about the truth from my point of view. I was reading a lot about cyber warfare  and the new capabilities in cyberspace. I was hearing a lot about the vulnerability of critical infrastructure just a click away, so I got interested in security infrastructure and I got and idea, security needs gAtO’s help. The security field could use someone who walk’s the thin line of charisma and bullshit as well as gAtO — so look out world, here I come.Cyber Hippy

Some of the toy’s : python, html, javascript, css, google, Nessus, WireShark, Snort, Netcat, Hping2, Kismet, Cain & Abel, Nikto, WordPress, Adobe-Dreamweaver -Flash ,-https, Fireworks -Photoshop -Illustrator -Soundbooth -Indesign,  Lotus Notes CLP, Team Studio, SQL, HTML, Javascript, Java, XML, DOM, Perl, DNS, LDAP, Disaster Recovery, Exchange, Active Directory, ftp, Lotus ADSync tool, ssh, ports-etc), Sametime) Quickplace, , SMTP, s/MIME, pop3, Imap, http,  PeopleSoft, Open View, Oracle, db2, LEI, Notrix, Lyrics, Flash, Oracle 10g Portal, Streaming video, Microsoft Project – Visio – MS Office suite. Windows – Linux/Unix, Sun, AS/400, PDP-11, Spark Station, S-100, TCP/IP, Security Project Manager, Security Assessments, Penn Testing, Compliance and Risk Analysis Manager, Business Continuity Planning, Cyber Strategic and Operational planning and Deployment, Wed Designer, SEO, c, System Admin, Music Producer, Video Editor, Security Tools Deployment, IDS ….

For fun I’m tracking China Cyber events, Hacktivist in cyberspace, I keep intresting stuff about security on my Cyber Notebook and this site. I forgot I started this Crowd Map that’s to track on a Timeline and Geo-Location of events, it’s Mapping the Cyber Storm

Thanks for taking the time I hope this helps your sick twisted mind -critical thinker and reader are also welcomed.  –Cryptocat  http://xdtfje3c46d2dnjd.onion.

later, rick_at_uscyberlabs_dot_com