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US Cyber Labs is an Internet security think-tank and advocate for free speech. We are a group of passionate technologists that seeks to improve the security, stability and understanding of the Internet. We will work to make it safe, secure and open. US Cyber Labs will seek to promote security research through analysis and awareness with distribution of tools and services.

We can assist you with cyber investigations, internet governance and best practices advice to allow information security risk assessment and compliance. We can help with: FISMA, ISO 2700, HIPPA, ITIL, COBIT and COSO. We can develop plan used in risk assessment method such as NIST SP 800-30, BSI 7799-3 - ISO 27003, CRAMM, MEHARI, FRAP and OCTAVE to guide you to compliance. We do not charge for our services. If you like to contribute to support our work please visit our BLOG.

US Cyber Labs can help a security-conscious business leader protect an organization's digital assets, its operations, its market position, and its reputation. With security policies and ongoing best practice security implementation that puts focus on people, process and technology in your organization (i.e. availability of services, preservation of data confidentiality and integrity etc.).

Risk Management Process Within the Organizational Context:

US Cyber Labs uses OCTAVE® (Operationally Critical Threat, Assets and Vulnerability Evaluation ). OCTAVE® was developed at the CERT Coordination Center. In addition to providing a systematic, flexible methodology that enables organizations of all sizes to develop security priorities based on their business needs and concerns, OCTAVE is also the preferred risk assessment approach for preparing organizations for compliance with HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and complements audit control frameworks like COSO and COBIT for assuring compliance with SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley). For information on the OCTAVE methodology go to:


-DNS visualization toolkits to help companies under track and find the attackers.

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