Offensive Cyber Capabilities

Companies Need Offensive Cyber Capabilities

gAtO hEaR – about banks seek U.S Help on Iran Cyberattack’s. We hear about cyber attacks in the financial sector, the oil and energy sectors, then Leon Panetta warned perpetrators to cease hacking the US while we have all kinds of sanctions against Iran -/ this is insanity. Your telling unknown hackers (we suspected Iran) to  just stop, or what. What can we do to prevent them from launching cyber attacks against America.

So Iran has only 3 NAT-access points and 1 submarine cable (Al-Faw, Iraq submarine cable)


Then you have all these security people putting up defenses without building a firewall so bad-ass that they cannot do business. If we keep building these defenses it will get to a point where it defeats the purpose of the Internet. So what is the logical next move, offensive cyber weapons and capabilities. We can find these attacks and pinpoint the IP of where they are coming from then all we need is offensive tools to find them and do a seal-team 6 extraction of something like that and get the word out that we will find you and hunt you down.

One little hacker can keep a bank tied up for days in the middle of the desert. They could go after our traffic system, our rail system we know that SCADA is so messed up and in some cases open with defaults passwords. So we beat our chest like some mad gorilla and hope to scare these hackers.

My friends we must take initiative and find ways to counter these attacks no more just defense and I don’t mean a Ddos attack that can be circumvented. We need to plant Bot-nets on these people’s machines and monitor them and if we have to go physical and bring them to justice. Forget about Iran and let’s just talk about Chinese hacker attacks of our intellectual property. They just denied it and go about planning the next attack. We seen Skynet were thousands of computers were given a disk wipe and the blue screen of death. Why don’t we do the same to these hackers going after our infrastructure.

We must change our tactics and be a little more aggressive and become real cyber warriors not just defenders but attacking them and destroying their machines, their servers and routers. How about we just monitor the 1 submarine cable and 3 access points in Iran that should lead us to some of these people. The US monitors our own people then we stand by and allow other hostile countries to go and hack us. This is cyber insanity – gAtO OuT



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