Dark Web Bitcoin and other nasty stuff

Dark Web Bitcoin and other nasty stuff

gAtO bEeN – analyzing my Dark Web data and it’s worst then ever. Besides the usual crap like human sex slaves, drugs and guns. There seems to be a lot of newer sites that look like terrorist sites, some preaching and asking for donations and of course Bitcoin is the currency of the Dark Web. bitcoin-gollum

Of course there are some sites that are a joke and looks like a government operation gone sour. I am sure they will catch small wanna be script kiddies but the real treasure is in other sites that are linked from these terrorist sites that require login information and no way to register. But in some of the paste-sites reveal it’s pretty easy to gain access via other that can vouch for you. The good part is I found a way to code my login info to my crawlers so this is going to be my next target.

monitoring the dark web:

  • Mapping the hidden services directory by deploying nodes in the distributed hash table (DHT);
  • Customer data monitoring by looking for connections to non-standard domains;
  • Social site monitoring to spot message exchanges containing new dark web domains;
  • Hidden service monitoring of new sites for ongoing or later analysis;
  • Semantic analysis to track future illegal activities and malicious actors; and
  • Marketplace profiling to gather information about sellers, users and the kinds of good exchanged.

The funny part is you been hearing about DARPA Memex dark web tool and that all LE are using it, so how come Law Enforcement allow these terrorist sites and these children sex slave sites to function. I found over 22,000 Bitcoin addresses, so it should be easy to start to map these and try to follow the Bitcon to the bad guys. I’m sure some are using full-node Bitcoin wallets and it’s pretty easy to match it to an IP address. So why does MemEx and LE allow this.

From a year ago when I last crawled the Dark Web I can see that a few sites have been taken down by DOJ- good for them, but new ones pop up in a New York minuet and they keep operating normally of course they have to re-brand and get the new .onion url out in paste site and BB sites.

I am cleaning up my 400,000 URL and start to crawl by next week – if I got 400k from just 17k of sites this new crawl should deliver millions of new Dark Web sites -and so the fun begins –  gAtO OuT


Dark Web and Bitcoin Intelligence Project

Dark Web Intelligence- The Digital Undergound

Project Athena

Executive Summary

I have over 400,00 of Dark Web URL and Web-content plus 2-3 million URL and content of historical data from a few years back – available today.  

Project Athena will offer customers the ability to monitor Dark Web activities and provided alerts and warnings when credit cards or banking account information (or any other keyword you choose) is posted for sale or dumped in the Tor and i2p network dark marketplaces. We also offer the optional service for attainment of compromised data from dark web sellers, this is optional and customers are encouraged to seek legal advice before requesting this service.

We follow the money in the Dark Web, Project Athena will also track Bitcoin usage in the dark web. Since it is the prime source of all dark web transactions, this data combine with our Bitcoin Blockchain tools will give you the data and insight into any cyber investigation.

We use cyber sock puppets in the dark web marketplaces to gather intelligence and target data. These persona’s called cyber sock puppets play a role and team up to gather information. We can also provide you with training and manuals on setting up a Deep Web Investigation Environment with all our tools and how to social-engineering with sock puppets to gather cyber intelligence.

These are all passive methods of investigations, but we can also perform active probes into dark web websites which are very different in the code below and how what network protocol allows.

The Artemis Search engine does 2-two things, one is search of the data from the crawlers and the web crawlers that are basicly BotNets that you send out to gather intelligence in the networks. We gather network data, metadata and website content and extract the URL, Email, Bitcon Addresses, ip2 Addresses and many other type of data, but we can do custom keyword for any investigation subject matter that you may need to use.

Project Athena web crawlers tool -Artemis- scrape the Dark Web (Tor-i2p Network) for metadata and content information of any website we find. This data is stored in Databases so it can be used as a front end to any analytical software to extract the dark web players and websites or any data point you are looking for. It can also provide a simple dark web search engine for investigation into dark web activities.

Since the Tor and i2p network hide websites and information, we must be creative in using our crawlers with keywords to find active websites that are part of the target investigation and then dig deep into them extracting every cyber breadcrumb they have. This is all passive crawlers so no violations are committed.

Bad Guys Methods: Some sites only go up for a few hours every day, some sites use graphics only so our search crawlers can not pick them up their web content, they even imbed content in the graphics so even if you have the graphics without the right password you cannot decode the graphics. Some other sites are Login only sites, getting into those sites is by recommendation only so establishing cyber sock puppets and having them be accepted is the only way to get into these private stolen goods websites. We also do active operations with sock puppets to find new websites by social-engineering methods.

We design and develop cyber dark web sock puppets as aliases and define roles for them to play. These active sock-puppets can be your best way to gathering intelligence to real sites that are selling goods and services or known wire transfer for terroist organizations. In the dark web websites are called hidden services, so finding them without active sock puppets operations is almost inpossible.

The Dark Web is tied to Bitcoin as a monetery value transfer network and one of our new cyber financial data point we will focus on. With our new Bitcoin BlockChain tools working with our Artemis crawlers we can map Bitcoin transactions sometimes down to an IP address.

Bitcoin mapped to the Dark Web

Bitcoin mapped to the Dark Web

Business Case:

The business purpose is to offer a service to banks, financial intuitions, and private persons to monitor activity on the Dark Web to provide alerts and warnings when credit cards and banking accounts are compromised and posted for sale.

Granted, some clients, and potential clients, initially, may not want “the service” to be involved in buying compromised cards back, but they might at some point in the business relationship. BitCoin tracking is important, as you well recognize, to develop the human side of the investigation and would involve creating Sock Puppets and employment of other anti-fraud investigation techniques.

But, for initial marketing efforts, being able to “get a meeting” with a bank executive by letting he or she know that there are indications that bank accounts and credit information is being sold is a first step. Then the pitch would be,

“Let us monitor the Dark Web for you, to provide alerts and warnings so you can respond appropriately, and in a timely manner!”


Table of Contents

Dark Web Intelligence……….. 1

Project Athena……….. 1

Executive Summary – Project Athena:……. 6

Business Case:……. 7

Bitcoin – Financial Side of the Dark Web :……. 8

A Private http://blockexplorer.com type blockchain to DB tool…… 8

Bitcoin Account Types:….. 8

Dine and Ditch Wallet:….. 9

Store-Hold Wallet:….. 9

Web-Wallet….. 9

Step by Step list – Dark Web Intelligence focus……. 9

Technology Required – Dark Web Tools……. 10

  • Tor….. 10
  • 2 private Tor-Relays – entry and exit….. 10
  • Artemis – Tor Search Engine -w/ Privoxy and Popili Proxies….. 10
  • BlockChain 2 DB tool – to keep all Block-Chain queries PRIVATE….. 10
  • IRC – OnionCat – BitMessenger….. 10
  • Bitcoin….. 10
  • VPN….. 10
  • i2p….. 10
  • secure email….. 10
  • PGP key for encryption….. 10
  • 3-5 Dark Web Sock Puppets – Buyer/Hacker/wingMan – Roles….. 10

Phase I……. 10

Phase II……. 10

Phase III……. 10

Active Buy….. 11

Extract CC Data….. 11

Dark Web data Collection -Tor- Bitcoin – E-Mails & I2P -……. 11

Understanding the Block Chain……….. 12

The Value of Decentralized Consensus……. 12

Decentralized Applications: The Next Big Thing……. 13


Sock Puppet  – Gaining Anonymous Access into the Dark Web – ??……. 15

Create Your Own User Names….. 15

Setting-Up Your Sock Puppet Environment….. 15

Best Usage Practices of Sock Puppet Identities….. 15

Setting-Up Onion Mail:….. 15

Create Your Own User Names?….. 15

Motivation – WHY do you need a Dark Web Sock Puppet (SP):……. 15

Dark Web Methods:……. 16

Dark Web Communication:……. 16

IRC – Private Message – BitMessenger -……. 16

Sock Puppet -> Start Here: ?……. 17

STEP 1: Research Intelligence Exchange:….. 17

STEP 2: Setup an email account for your sock poppet using onion mail:….. 17

STEP 3: Copy and paste site information about PGP public:….. 17

STEP 4: Setup PGP:….. 17

STEP 5: Transfer file:….. 17

STEP 6: Establish Your Presence on a Private Message Board:….. 17

STEP 7: Set-Up a secure public Jabber/XMPP federated server on hyperboria using rows.io….. 17

Best Usage Practices of Sock Puppet Identities ?Protecting Your Sock Puppet:….. 18

Completing Your Research- Operation:….. 18

Setting-Up Onion Mail:……. 19

[1.0] What’s Onion Mail:….. 19

[1.1] Why should I use Onion Mail?….. 19

[2.0] Sending emails….. 19

[2.1] Special addresses:?….. 20

[3.0] Communicating with the server:….. 20

[3.1] Spam List:….. 21

[4.0] Dealing with unwanted messages with X-Notice headers:….. 21

[5.0] Create your OnionMail address:….. 22

[6.0] Use PGP messages:….. 22

[7.0] Virtual M.A.T. Protocol and simple mail addresses:….. 22

[8.0] Virtual M.A.T. in Tor network:….. 23

[9.0] User configuration:….. 23

[10.0] Mailing lists:….. 23

[11.0] How to know the user limits:….. 24

[12.0] iam.onion addresses and server address:….. 24

[13.0] Special Mail RULEZ files:….. 24

[14.0] Rulez files as newsletter:….. 25

Dark Web Sock Puppet Setup……….. 26

Sock Puppet  -Insertion into the Dark Web -……. 26

Sock Puppet Information….. 26

Start inserting your Sock Puppet into this webSite :….. 26

email setup in the Dark Web –Onion Mail:….. 26

Dark Web Communication:……. 26

Paste Site:….. 26

Reason-:….. 27

PGP setup:……. 27

Reason-:….. 27

File transfer:……. 27

Reason:….. 27

Private Message Board:……. 27

Reason:….. 27

Jabber:……. 27

Reason:….. 27

Sock Puppet ways & methods:……. 28

Project Athena mission is to collect all Dark Web metadata & financial information and map it out………… 29

Dark Web Stats Pre-Crawl Feb 4, 2015:….. 29

Bitcoin Big Winner in the Dark Web….. 29

USSOCOM Monitoring Bitcoin in the clear web NOT the Dark Web:….. 29

Your secret ownership is encrypted:….. 30

Tax Problem:….. 31

The POWER of the Block-Chain:….. 31

Why we need Dark Web Bitcoin Data:….. 31

Dark Web Tool Setup……….. 33

Overview of Tool Setup for Dark Web Collection project……. 33

Technology Required -……. 33

  • Tor….. 33
  • 2 private Tor-Relays – entry and exit….. 33
  • Artemis – Tor Search Engine -w/ Privoxy and Popili Proxies….. 33
  • BlockChain 2 DB tool – to keep all Block-Chain queries PRIVATE….. 33
  • IRC….. 33
  • Bitcoin….. 33
  • VPN….. 33
  • i2p….. 33
  • secure email….. 33
  • PGP key for encryption….. 33
  • 3-5 Dark Web Sock Puppets – Buyer/Hacker/wingMan – Roles….. 33

Why use Amazon VPS service for my crawlers:….. 33

notes for setting everything up for Dark Web crawlers and Artemus search engine…….. 34

YOUTUBE – Video……. 35

torrc configuration file:….. 36

artemis is installed….. 37

sudo apt-get install tor….. 39

To run TOR as a different USER….. 39

checking if Tor is working….. 40

curl information for the crawlers:….. 41

How to use SOCKS proxy….. 44

tor tor-geoipdb privoxy:….. 44

Proxy setup Tor….. 46

CookieAuthentication 1….. 51

info httpproxy:….. 51

setup Privoxy port:….. 54

Onion00 and torStatus – PRIVATE Tor Public Node list for research….. 59

OnionOO setup……. 59

  1. Installing the metrics database….. 60

1.1. Preparing the operating system….. 60

Make Sun’s Java the default…… 62

1.2. Configuring the database….. 62

1.3. Importing relay descriptor tarballs….. 64

1.4. Importing relay descriptors from a local Tor data directory….. 65

1.5. Importing GeoIP information….. 65

1.6. Pre-calculating relay statistics….. 66

1.7. Generating network status information….. 66

1.8. Importing sanitized bridge descriptors….. 67

1.9. Importing Torperf performance data….. 67

1.10. Importing GetTor statistics….. 68

1.11. Migrating from an earlier metrics database schema….. 68

1.11.1. Migrating from metrics-web 0.0.1….. 69

  1. Installing the graphing engine….. 70
  2. Installing the metrics website….. 71

3.1. Configuring Apache HTTP Server….. 72

3.2. Configuring Apache Tomcat….. 73

999……….. 75



Visualization of Bitcoins in the Dark Web

gAtO is – working on a new toy for my Artemis Tor Search engine. I found these cool open source tools -CirCos data visualization- to map out my data visually and creating some cool points for any research.

Bitcoin mapped to the Dark Web

Bitcoin mapped to the Dark Web

Follow the money -> so a Bitcoin map of all the Tor websites I find may be cool, but we can also map it with email and PGP keys and Litecoin and other currencies. Anything we collect from the crawlers which is metadata and content we will be able to map it out on as many data points(keywords) and you want. Bitcoin and the Dark Web – Oh yeah I wrote a book–> – gAtO was right and WROTE the book 1 ½ years ago – Bitcoin in the Dark Web. – Now were going to add sock puppets and some social engineering to find the really good data in the Dark Web – Oh yeah DARPA MEMEX nice try I even have historical Dark Web data and my tools work today-  Were also collecting i2p data so it should be good for any cyber hunter – gAtO oUt.


Bitcoin in the Dark Web

Bitcoin in the Dark Web – Digital Underground

gAtO wAs – asked to check the Dark Web (Tor-i2p) with my Artemis Tor-i2p search engine to see how Bitcoin is doing, and the answer was shocking. I dug around and got a base of 2,000 Tor URL out of those 1,400 we OK and I came back with 17,000 new URL from this first run. Just checking on the Bitcoin keyword it got the biggest hits followed by CC (credit cards) and other stolen good and services. black_bots_

Were the Dark Web was more about Porn a year ago it has changed direction and has become a Bitcoin value transfer network for any information you are looking for and the transactions are all Bitcoin now. As we seen the white cola world adoption of Bitcoin in the clear web has made it more powerful in the Dark Web. More stolen properties, more coin mixer and not only Bitcoin but Litecoin and DogeCoin are becoming more popular to trading in goods and services.

As the DOJ has shut down Silk Road and other drug sites new one have popped up but the thing I seen the most from my crawlers is that more and more trades or goods and services have gone to Bitcoins exclusive as the currency of the Dark Web. Security of transactions are becoming more complex with escrow serves popping up all over the place and even Dark Banks for your Bitcoins and wallets.

We are planing a big sweep of the Dark Web 10 crawls (total of up to 5 million Dark Web URL and website content) for any and all Bitcoin addresses and then use my new designed Blockchain tools to look at all the Bitcoin transactions and see if we can follow the money to an IP address of the bad guys. Hopefully this will open new ways of finding Bitcoins in the Dark Web and help LE get the bad guys. – gAto OuT


Multiple Bitcoin wallets for a Business with Multiple Locations

gAtO wOrKiNg – on the business side, so I needed to create this Presentation to explain how my hd-wallet would work in a business.

Let’s say you have 8 Hair Salons and you wanted each store to have Bitcoin as a source of payment. Easy with my HD-wallet system you can safely deploy different Bitcoin wallets to all the stores and still maintain control of all the Bitcoins that your 8 Hair Salons take in. 

My KickStarter Project- https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/949677390/bitcoin-business-wallet

Your accountant will love the reporting of every BitcoinUserWalletTransaction – and of course the BIG question – Who do you call when your Bitcoin transaction does not work. We give you the tools to query the blockchain and get the answers to solve the problems.

Security – Privacy – Control – Management – Accountability

Simple GUI interface so anyone can use it – No Bitcoin Programing NeededEasy deployment all in your server, so you have total security. I also included Intelligent Multi-Sig Workflow to make Multi-sig wallets easy to use, approve and use by everyone.  Any input would be welcome – gAtO OuT 

Slide 1
Slide 2
Slide 3
Slide 4
Slide 5
Slide 6
Slide 7
SLide 8
SLide 9
Slide 10
Slide 11
SLide 12
SLide 13
SLide 14
Slide 15
Slide 16


12 million Bitcoin wallets forecast for 2015

There were 1.4 million new bitcoin wallets created in Q4, representing 21% growth quarter-over-quarter. CoinDesk is forecasting 12 million total bitcoin wallets by the end of 2015  – http://www.coindesk.com/state-bitcoin-2015-ecosystem-grows-despite-price-decline/

This open up how many Business Bitcoin wallets are going to be needed. As more and more businesses use Bitcoins my HD-BIP32 multi-sig Bitcoin Business wallet

HD-BIP32 Bitcoin Multi-Sig Business wallet video Demohttp://youtu.be/-54TzpEIGsY –

will become more useful. Without these types of Bitcoin Businesses tools Bitcoing cannot grow up.

Slide 49
Current and Forecasted Bitcoin Wallet Numbers

3 Multi-Sig wallets for the price of 1 -maybe more

3 Multi-Sig wallets for the price of 1 -maybe more

a new Multi-Sig address scheme -Maybe- let me back-up —//|| A transactions has 2 parts – the LOCKING (INPUTS) of the ownership of the coins and the UN-LOCKING (OUTPUTs) of the ownership of the coins. multi-sig or not all TX are the same in the Bitcoin protocol.


Multi-Sig Sub-Wallets give business safety, management and accountability with my HD-BIP32 Business wallet

gAtO tEsTing  – my HD-wallet system adding multi-sig wallets to the mix. One of the strange but wonderful things I found is when you create a multi-sig wallet, the order of the INPUTS creates different addressed and redeemScripts. So I test it at the BitcoinD command line just to make sure.

A Mutli-sig wallet is different because it’s created out of other sub-wallets,  but the order in INPUTS makes a difference but the strange thing is to cash the multi-sig and sign them, you can still use any other of OUTPUTs – this test shows that any combination of signed OUTPUTs will unlock all 3 different multi-sig addresses for the price of 1.

I included the example below for you to test: Science is repeatable by anyone and so is the crypto and the math of Multi-sigs-

What I did was change the order of the sub-wallet INPUTS   – _01 – _02 – _03 – and – _02 – _03 – _01  -but the biggest surprised was when I tried to cheat –_03 – _01 –  _03  –   I used the 3rd wallet twice and it generated a Multi-sig. So in affect I just created a Multi-sig that only one (1) wallet has to sign it and it counts and 2.

By all rights the – _03 – _01 –  _03   – or any double of the sub-wallets defeats the purpose of 2 out of 3 signatures but working out new smart transactions multi-sig or not. Soon we will be able to do 3 out of 15 multi-sigs and other cool transactions stuff.

The other cool thing is my HD-wallet system will be able to manage, communicate and create any combination of multi-sig 2-n-3 sub-wallets for today, but as Bitcoin and others like Litecoin, DogeCoin or even an NxT transaction systems for really smart intelligent digital contracts. Business that work in this new digital coin game need a HD-BIP32 wallet system that works with their system. Without accountability even multi-sig wallets will not solve things in business. But when you can create and manage all transactions multi-sigs or regular sub-wallets, with accounting being able to safely get reports of all sub-wallets of all Multi-sig wallets and the coins or contracts they hold.

I’ll get of my soapbox –mEoW – play with the examples below – the cool thing it works, the beauty of crypto and math is you can’t cheat – it works or it doesn’t –

A new Multi-Sig address scheme – maybe -yes/no but by using multi-sig wallets the right way we Bitcoin can become safer – in my HD-BIP32 wallet you will be able to manage thousands if not millions of Multi-sig sub-wallets with 1 application – gAtO -oUt 



_01 sw_key_pair_as_sec: 03a7d8fbe19c3b9aba3b21cab655253bb954702e938312ff9141ee76700a3316ea

_02 sw_key_pair_as_sec: 022bcd0edd96fffae1d59853a5139948e632968d16240ee8bbedd8e964368ace1f

_03 sw_key_pair_as_sec: 02396b913639612c603471a39c780a49afabf9a45ea62d1edfda77e2e086061685

_01 – _02 – _03

bitcoind createmultisig 2 ‘[“03a7d8fbe19c3b9aba3b21cab655253bb954702e938312ff9141ee76700a3316ea“, “022bcd0edd96fffae1d59853a5139948e632968d16240ee8bbedd8e964368ace1f”, “02396b913639612c603471a39c780a49afabf9a45ea62d1edfda77e2e086061685“]’


“address” : “3MbDdx56fVjgsMWW7VmZhnxas4UJxAQbgf“,

“redeemScript” : “522103a7d8fbe19c3b9aba3b21cab655253bb954702e938312ff9141ee76700a3316ea21022bcd0edd96fffae1d59853a5139948e632968d16240ee8bbedd8e964368ace1f2102396b913639612c603471a39c780a49afabf9a45ea62d1edfda77e2e08606168553ae”


 _02 – _03_01

bitcoind createmultisig 2 ‘[“022bcd0edd96fffae1d59853a5139948e632968d16240ee8bbedd8e964368ace1f”, “02396b913639612c603471a39c780a49afabf9a45ea62d1edfda77e2e086061685“, “03a7d8fbe19c3b9aba3b21cab655253bb954702e938312ff9141ee76700a3316ea“]’


“address” : “3McoaAaTQR8NX4u1y1BxHf3FrWxqjzycHj“,

“redeemScript” : “5221022bcd0edd96fffae1d59853a5139948e632968d16240ee8bbedd8e964368ace1f2102396b913639612c603471a39c780a49afabf9a45ea62d1edfda77e2e0860616852103a7d8fbe19c3b9aba3b21cab655253bb954702e938312ff9141ee76700a3316ea53ae”


_03_01 –  _02

bitcoind createmultisig 2 ‘[“02396b913639612c603471a39c780a49afabf9a45ea62d1edfda77e2e086061685“, “03a7d8fbe19c3b9aba3b21cab655253bb954702e938312ff9141ee76700a3316ea“, “022bcd0edd96fffae1d59853a5139948e632968d16240ee8bbedd8e964368ace1f”]’


“address” : “3LYZsV7NaMaGhdbtdwvBwFJcs63QiYzzeF“,

“redeemScript” : “522102396b913639612c603471a39c780a49afabf9a45ea62d1edfda77e2e0860616852103a7d8fbe19c3b9aba3b21cab655253bb954702e938312ff9141ee76700a3316ea21022bcd0edd96fffae1d59853a5139948e632968d16240ee8bbedd8e964368ace1f53ae”


_03 – _01 –  _03

bitcoind createmultisig 2 ‘[“02396b913639612c603471a39c780a49afabf9a45ea62d1edfda77e2e086061685“, “03a7d8fbe19c3b9aba3b21cab655253bb954702e938312ff9141ee76700a3316ea“, “02396b913639612c603471a39c780a49afabf9a45ea62d1edfda77e2e086061685“]’


“address” : “3FEAsZ8KDvodHmTQy2rnWKknQWKCuazdLC“,

“redeemScript” : “522102396b913639612c603471a39c780a49afabf9a45ea62d1edfda77e2e0860616852103a7d8fbe19c3b9aba3b21cab655253bb954702e938312ff9141ee76700a3316ea2102396b913639612c603471a39c780a49afabf9a45ea62d1edfda77e2e08606168553ae”




Using Bitcoin Multi-Sig Wallets in Business

gAtO wOrKiNg – on his HD-BIP32 business wallet and I was working on how to design the Multi-Sig wallets came up and I needed to ask a lot of questions first: We can use the HD-BIP32 business wallet and Bitcoin 2.0 technology with Multi-Sigs to manage all kinds of assets class?


In a business context we can create Multi-Sig sub-wallets as revenue stream or as an INCOME Wallet. With our Multi-Sig Sub-wallet  we will be able to do 2 things pretty easy. First -1st– It will prevent anyone -employees- from stealing funds from that wallet because you need 2 out of 3 signatures to release the funds. Second -2nd– Security has now becomes harder for a hacker to steal your Bitcoin even if they get one PrivateKey-

From a consumers point of view they can now monitor a Multi-Sig in the public BlockChain to make sure TX-transactions were made. Example —> Using the HD-BIP32 wallet with divined payments:

With a Multi-Sig wallet you can have your accounting people set up a multi-address transactions to the people who get payed and sign it. Next the CFO can now come in and add the second signature to the Multi-Sig sub-wallet to release the funds to people expecting their divined payments. Like I said they can check the BlockChain to verify that the payment was made.

The management of a Multi-Sig sub-wallet’s for any business is essential to keep your Bitcoins in your business managed by the people that YOU trust but allowing others to use it to add any revenue stream that takes in Bitcoins. Since my wallet manages all Multi-Sig wallets just like any other sub-wallet in a HD-BIP32 wallet. Your in total control of all your wallets and all your coins. Plus our HD-BIP32 business wallet will give you 100% backup and management off millions of Multi-Sig sub-wallets with just 1 one-backup… That’s sweet. 

So managing hundreds of thousands of Multi-Sig sub-wallets has to be an easy job and with my HD-BIP32 Business wallet it can do the job and give you control of all your Bitcois in your Business

here is a Video of my HD-BIP32 business development wallet — http://youtu.be/gOPdFPHNByk — still a work in progress and I have much to learn – but working on it- looking for investors — Cheers – gAtO OuT