CYber Investigation over General Patraeus

CYber Investigation over General Patraeus

gAtO rEaD – NO CRIME committed- that the investigation for the top CIA general was because someone sent an eMail that said” I saw you touching the Generals leg at Dinner -Stop It” Yeah so one lady said to another lady – STOP MESSING WITH MY MAN – Pow – ZAP they get a court order to go thru someones eMail.

So if we take this premise that Judges will sign -COURT ORDERS to search your emails and any other emails that link it because of a jealous lover. It looks to gAtO that they have to much POWER – or the FBI is gonna search everyones emails now – legally. Court Ordered

This should send shock waves thru our industry – everyone is now warned that anyone’s email can be open to LE anytime and just about for any reason. I trusted the system, I trusted the Judges but lack of a crime should of not happened. There was NO CRIME committed the investigation turned out. But it has now taken down the reputation of 2 generals. NO CRIME

Now these are 2 famous generals what chance do mere mortals have that our eMails are going to be court order to investigate why simply because they can now. This shows to me the lack of justice or the erosion of justice that is coming down the cyber pipelines. If this is now a wake up call for security professionals to wake up and smell the coffee. Your email will be next unless we support less government control of our digital rights.

Freedom of Speech in cyberspace is a right not a privilege -gAtO oUt




What is Digital Currency:

What is fiat currency:  — Fiat money is money that derives its value from government regulation or law.  —

What is Currency: —  In economics, currency is a generally accepted medium of exchange. —

What is Digital Currency: — 

gAtO cOnFuSeD – with the above definition currency and fiat currency it’s a bit confusing were does Digital currency fit in. I think it’s how you look at it – Today we have Internet banks – that would be digital currency because it’s only in digital form – We also have PayPal one of the leaders in digital currency but both are tied to fiat currency– a government. 

Now when you add E-gold, Liberty Reserves, Pencunix or WebMoney these are a mix of traditional fiat and plain old fashion currency – But when you add BitCoin well that throws a shoe into the jet engine. You see unlike e-gold Bitcoin is not tied to real gold. Bitcoin is defined as a currency but not fiat and that’s the part that really hurts governments and bankers.

I know gAtO is lOcO but it seems that every time a digital currency like e-gold get’s close even when they try to do it right – the good guy’s (governments) come in and stomp on it till it’s a puddle of mud in the ground, next digital currency come on in– get in line, next… Ok e-gold made it too easy to get an account and the bad guy’s got hip to it and ruined it for everyone but the FBI was out to get e-gold from the start. We just can’t have joe-blow in a basement with a e-gold account and the IRS, TAX people not wanting a piece of that action.

Bitcoins are being blamed as EVIL – but Swiss Banks account, Bermuda Shell Games, Luxemboug Shelter, The Cayman Cash or IRA tax-free, tax-exempt, lower Tax rates- tax-free trust – there are all kinds of tricks for the bankers to shelter their money. To hide it they know all the tax codes, all the regulations…and they are very happy.

If we go to Bitcoin or a version of a digital currency that has no -governments, no bankers, and no printing press to go Bitcoin printing making Happy—/ every ounce of pressure will be put on every new digital currencies that do not tie to the BANKS…. they will not allow it.. Who are THEY…you know??? -next Digital Money Laundry -gAtO oUt


CyberPeace -not- CyberWar

gAtO sEe – In the last couple of days Gen. Keith Alexander has been pushing the Cyber War agenda. -The issues around warfare are very different in cyberspace than in the physical world, and the United States is looking into “alternative strategies,” said Alexander, while not offering further details. In another place he was telling us that the CIA will not use the new cyber laws to spy on our email. Ok so you gonna be a sheep and follow the word of the government. We won’t spy on you.

Alexander said “civil liberties and privacy can work harmoniously with cybersecurity”. Come on General your a nice guy, gAtO met you —/ you have a passion but every time you bring out —/ Oops there went the Power Grid, Oops.. there went the financial sector, scare me, scare me. I know it’s your job to secure our country to protect our nation cyber infrastructure. Don’t trample on our cyber right any more please.

Hay here is a solution for you use a Tor-.onion network-(any anonymized network) to tie your power grid, and/or your financial services. If you can’t close down Silk Road in onion-land your C&C for your power grid and financial services should be invisible to everyone except on a need to know. gAtO just save you 14 trillion in R&D…//

gAtO has not heard one word about Cyber Peace from any responsible government in the world. Everyone is looking for their own cyber posture, their own cyber weapons/ budget/ programs/ money// , but not one has said let’s work together to make it better for peace, guess there is no money in Cyber Peace. Espionage, spying is the job of governments why would they destroy their own tools, weapons and just tweak our cyber-rights a wee bit, for our cyber freedoms and safety, to protect our government and you -lol.

Here is a simple idea crowd-source our problems. The one major resource in cyber-space is number of people that can see the same message. In crowd-source we can give the facts and ask anyone to help solve city budgets, ways to harvest more vegetable/per vertical/ sq.ft. Ask people how would you protect our electric grid // you be surprised by the creative answers you get, OK some may be crazy but…//. It may not be the right solution, but the power of the minds of people collaborating is what this new technology is built for. FaceBook is about ME- Twitter is about the rest of the world- but the new winner is —/ Comments /— have become more important than the article-subject itself because the conversation within in the comments shows social communication and problem solving by the masses.

Let’s change the message to CyberPeace, everyone has a solution, but remember that all your comments are the new gold so watch what you say to that troll on huffpost— gAtO oUt


Read more: Alexander: U.S. looking for offensive alternatives in cyberspace – FierceGovernmentIT http://www.fiercegovernmentit.com/story/alexander-us-looking-offensive-alternatives-cyberspace/2012-07-11#ixzz20KW1Lcf2


Huawei Spying on Customer

Huawei - Mitt Romney's Bain Capital sold out 3Com to the Chinese

gAtO wRoTe – about the Chinese company Huawei (Shenzhen, China-based company) a long time ago with it’s ties to Rick Perry the governor of Texas and ex-Presidential bid and Mitt Romney’s company Bain Capital that sold out 3Com and sold our national secrets to them. Now it finally falls on Australia to take the first step WHEN electoral fortunes are fading a good “reds under the beds” story can boost political stocks, but the row about Chinese telecommunications equipment supplier Huawei being barred from supplying equipment to the National Broadband Network puts a new twist on an old tactic. Generally it’s the Right that beats the red peril drum. Here in Australia it’s a Labor government claiming the NBN is too vital a piece of national infrastructure to be put at risk by buying equipment from China.

Huawei, which is second only to Sweden’s Ericsson in telecom equipment sales, was blocked on Monday from bidding on a $36 billion Australian national broadband contract. Security firm Symantec (SYMC, Fortune 500) ended in November because of Symantec’s concerns that its relationship with Huawei would prevent it from getting a sensitive U.S. government security contract.

Will this be the tipping point were we America stands up and see’s pass the profits and starts with looking at our nations cyber security survival. We hear that DHS and NSA and everyone is pushing for dollars $$ to fix our infrastructure but when will we start to stop the Chinese from stealing our intellectual capital that has made America great. Politicians need to take a look at what is the real problem like Rick Perry allowing dozens of Chinese companies to set up shop in Texas and claiming that they have such a great employment record at the cost of our national security.

gAtO is sad that we see the veterans of our great country without a job when we could be investing in Cyber Security training our young veterans in this field. Veterans have vital experience but as gAtO has found out personally the VA has a problem with allowing our veterans to get an education in this vital field of Internet Security. I like China don’t get me wrong and some of the accusation about China I suspect is nothing more that a scare tactic to get funding for political pet project. But if we start to training our veterans and anyone who wants this training we will not lose the cyber war- gAtO oUt 


Middle East Cyber War Diagram 2012

gAtO sEeN- The last month and a half Israel has been in a slowly escalating cyber war. But suddenly it stopped on Jan 26, 2011. Since there is more to come gAtO wanted to look at the players… I can’t tell if the hatred blinds these people but I do see some of the Israeli hackers being a little cautious and that’s a good thing. From the outside looking in, it’s people against people, there’s a vigor and passions on both sides that sometimes blinds them. I hope it get’s better than worse– gAtO oUt  

Middle East Cyber Players

Saudi Side

Khalid Islambouli

1/22/11 Haaretz.com


a.k.a. – http://qik.com/tunisiano0/videos

Insurance Israeli -revivo.co.il



Islamic Ghost Team



http://www.medradio.ma/forum/ defaced by IslamiC GhoSts TeaM


http://mizpe-ramon.co.il defaced by islamic ghosts team


http://smiles.co.il defaced by islamic ghosts team


http://idankahalani.co.il defaced by islamic ghosts team


http://idan.root.co.il defaced by islamic ghosts team


http://script.root.co.il/index.htm defaced by islamic ghosts team


http://www.elazar.org.il/index.php defaced by IslamiC GhoSts TeaM


http://www.galuku.com/x.html defaced by IslamiC GhoSts TeaM


http://www.lipa.gov.lr/doc/x.html defaced by IslamiC GhoSts TeaM


http://www.mecsindh.gov.pk/x.html defaced by IslamiC GhoSts TeaM

11/20/10 – http://www.computersecurityarticles.info/security/pro-gaza-hackers-target-israeli-websites/

01/21/11 – Smiles.co.il

Watchful Eye Hackers

1/20/11 – Israeli religious new



cAligulAsAquARium [FCA]



CRFI Council of Jewish Institutions of France


1/19/11 – Israel Anti-Drug Authority

1/18//11 – Calls for Cyber Jihad


Top Iman Tareq Mohammed Al-Suwaidan –

1/18/11 –  #OpFreePlasestine hacked







Pak Cyber Combat Squad PCCS

1/19/11 –











Israeli Side


1/23/11 – King Saudi University

a.k.a – youri2203


1/22/11 -Sdarabia.com


Security & Defence Arabia

1/22/11 –


Ofra Haza Memorial WebSite

1/20/11 – Iran.tv

Dr. Net

1/22/11 –


Ofra Haza Memorial WebSite

AlienZ Group








1/20/11 –




1/19/11 –



1/20/11 – thisweekinpalestine.com

1/20/11 – Lebanonl.com

1/19/11 –


uabonline.org – 500 Arab Accounts


1/21/11 –


Dumps 100k Emalis and Facebook accounts

White Bishop

1/20/11 – Dumps Saudi CC


1/20/11 –


codecity.ir Iranina Code site Dumps accounts



CFR Robot Pirate Pakos Hacker

1/19/11 – The Hacker Army



Prx3RO Li3ht





Amir Phadida

Middle East Cyber War TimeLine







Underground Cyber War-TangoDown OpMegaupload

gAtO wItNeSs – LIVE International Underground Cyber War via  Twitter this weekend. #Anonymous #Megaupload #OpMegaupload #TangoDown …

If you haven’t heard, police in New Zealand raided MegaUpload.com took down the site and confiscated the servers and all the materials, copyrighted or original content. Remember SOPA protest last week this raid was a SOPA raid by the New Zealand government. They used (Low Orbit Ion Canon) and other tools plus  Twitter (Twitter follower could click on a link and that would launch a dDoS attack -live crowd-source enabled TangoDown attack.


  1. Twitter – @AnonymousWiki – January 19th, 2012
  2. Popular file-sharing website megaupload.com gets shutdown by U.S Justice – FBI and charged its founder with violating piracy laws. Four Megaupload members were also arrested. The FBI released a press release on its website which you can view here:

    German Internet millionaire Kim Schmitz (Kim Dotcom) arrives for. a trial at a district court in Munich in these May 27, 2002 file photos. New Zealand police broke through electronic locks and cut their way into a mansion safe room to arrest the alleged kingpin of an international Internet copyright theft case and seize millions of dollars worth of cars, artwork and other goods. German national Schmitz, also known as Kim Dotcom, was one of four men arrested in Auckland on January 20, 2012, in an investigation of the Megaupload.com website led by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation. Reuters

  3. http://www.fbi.gov/news/pressrel/press-releases/justice-department-charges-leaders-of-megaupload-with-widespread-online-copyright-infringement
  4. We Anonymous are launching our largest attack ever on government and music industry sites. Lulz. The FBI didn’t think they would get away with this did they? They should have expected us.

Anonymous Twitter feeds kept everyone informed, supporters retweeted it,  joined in the attack  and soon you could see the traffic increase 100% over the course of the event. The attack vector was dDoS but they manage to delete sites like cbs.com down to the bone. Another defiance stance from Anonymous and their crew(z) this weekend showing who has bad security. This is a way for Anonymous to be job creators (mEoW), because these companies need more security people fast…  

**- Will these companies try and hide these attacks? Will these organization disclose if any identifiable USER INFO was compromised? – Will we see unencrypted USER INFO (credit cards -mastercard.com was tango down)in the wild of cyberspace? -**

When gAtO saw Justice.gov and http://justinbieberweb.com/ got TangoDown gAtO kNeW they meant business. When the .gov took a hit you saw thing start to happened…like Anonymous.action-24.com is a fake forum created by the authorities (FBI).

“A security expert (name withheld -Tweeted)” *** Is the (fully unsecure) #AnonGroup social network really run by #AnonOps / #Antisec ?

gAtO sEe- conspiracy theory (FBI vs Anonymous) all around this, but if this was true, or maybe a plant to throw distress amongst the Anons or to capture participants IP address. \I see some links to news Items pop up in pasterBin all the time to a blank post, one way of seeing who is following the #OpMegaupload / I still haven’t found out but I’m sure people are looking into this. Trust in the crowd-sourcing communication and tracking tools coordinating attacks and status is something any dissident groups is concern about, but that the FBI and other’s took notice of these attacks thats for sure Dude:

GOV TANGO DOWN! #Megaupload. » anonops AnonOps. “The Internet Strikes Back” is TT! » anonops AnonOps. The Internet Strikes Back #Megaupload info

At the end of the day we see the power of the people in cyber space, a world wide movement like the SOPA, OWS support. Most people don’t have a clue what’s been happening in the underground cyber war to keep it FREE.  |gAtO is no judge as to the protesters wether it’s right or wrong first #SOPA blackout then this massive attack on some major companies -movers and skaters bAbY. I just want these companies to come clean and do the responsible thing, full Disclosure  what happened. Protect my data or else I will not do business with you. Hacktivismn has taken a new turn and people want to belong, they want to be empowered, some are hipsters but the majority are real protesters, the new breed of (hacktivist ) that comes after this one will blow our minds.

 **- 5:17 P.M. Update: RIAA.org is now down.

5:55 Update 3: Tweets indicate there may be more attacks to come this evening.

5:55 Update 3: Tweets indicate there may be more attacks to come this evening.

7:47 Update 4: Anonymous is reporting FBI.gov as down. Some people report being able to get through, but the site is clearly under a lot of stress.

8:19 Update 5: Now it’s definitely down. FBI.gov, that is. MPAA and RIAA sites are back now though

– **

 A masked hacker, part of the Anonymous group, hacks the French presidential Elysee Palace website on January 20, 2012 near the eastern city of Lyon. Anonymous, which briefly knocked the FBI and Justice Department websites offline in retaliation for the US shutdown of file-sharing site Megaupload, is a shadowy group of international hackers with no central hierarchy. On the left screen, an Occupy mask is seen. Getty

Expect Us! is their motto, we better be prepared – gAtO oUt

Until this mess is clear , I hope you saved copies and can upload them to alternative sites like megaupload.com like Putlocker.comFilebox.com or Depositfiles.com or one of the many other cyberlockers available so that people can continue to enjoy them while Megaupload is not working. 


Universal, RIAA, FBI, MPAA and Department of Justice Sites Go Down, Anonymous Claims Responsibility –http://www.geekosystem.com/anon-justice-universal/

Anonymous deletes CBS: Operation Megaupload continues –http://www.examiner.com/anonymous-in-national/anonymous-deletes-cbs-operation-megaupload-continues?@anonymouspress

If Megaupload is not working what happens to the files? http://www.examiner.com/video-game-in-honolulu/if-megaupload-is-not-working-what-happens-to-the-files?@anonymouspress

Anonymous tricked people into joining Web site attacks – http://news.cnet.com/8301-27080_3-57363103-245/anonymous-tricked-people-into-joining-web-site-attacks/

MegaUpload Photo’s of the Bust  – http://cryptome.org/2012-info/megaupload/0051.htm

TangoDown 4 opMegaUpload –List













http://ms.gov.pl/ Poland




Department of Justice http://www.justice.gov/






Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA.org) Universal Music (UniversalMusic.com) Belgian Anti-Piracy Federation (Anti-piracy.be/nl/) Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA.org) Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI.gov) HADOPI law site (HADOPI.fr) U.S. Copyright Office (Copyright.gov) Universal Music France (UniversalMusic.fr) Senator Christopher Dodd (ChrisDodd.com) Vivendi France (Vivendi.fr) The White House (Whitehouse.gov) BMI (BMI.com) Warner Music Group (WMG.com)


http://pastebin.com/H4NpqCDC –

Invadimos denovo : http://imgur.com/6bmFe. Havittaja – @Havittaja – www.twitter.com/Havittaja -The evilc0de – @theevilc0de – www.twitter.com/theevilc0de -Todos os servidores foram desligados -MEGA TANGO DOWN -(TODOS DEVEM ESTAR OFFLINE AGORA 22/01/2012 19:47)

?antigo.se.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

?brasiliasustentavel.seduma.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

?www.admjardimbotanico.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

?www.agecom.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

?www.agenciabrasilia.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

?www.aguasclaras.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

?www.arpdf.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

?www.bandeirante.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.brasilia.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.brasiliatur.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.brazlandia.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.candangolandia.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.capitaldigital.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.carnaval.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.cbhparanaiba.seduma.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.ceasa.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.ceilandia.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.cepceilandia.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.codeplan.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.codhab.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.coorsep.seg.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.cruzeiro.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.defensoria.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.defesacivil.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.der.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.detran.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.dfdigital.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.distritofederal.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.educacaointegral.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.emater.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.escoladegoverno.seplag.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.esporte.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.etc.se.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.etc.sect.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.fap.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.fhb.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.gama.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.gdf.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.gdfdireto.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.governo.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.guara.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.hbdf50anos.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.ibram.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.inas.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.iprev.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.itapoa.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.jardimbotanico.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.juventude.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.lagonorte.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.lagosul.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.matricula.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.metro.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.nahora.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.novacap.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.orgaos.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.ouvidoriageral.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.paranoa.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.parceirosdaescola.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.parkway.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.pedala.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.pg.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.planaltina.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.prg.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.procon.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.protec.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.recanto.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.revista.seduma.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.riachofundo.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.riachofundoii.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.sa.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.samambaia.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.santamaria.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.saosebastiao.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.saude.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.scia.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.scs.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.sde.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.sdet.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.se.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.seade.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.seapa.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.sect.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.sedest.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.seduma.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.sehab.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.sejus.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.semarh.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.seops.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.seplag.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.setur.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.sga.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.sia.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.slu.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.so.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.sobradinho.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.sobradinhoii.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.ssp.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.st.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.sudoeste.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.taguatinga.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.tcb.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.varjao.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.vice.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.visitbrasilia.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)

www.vlt.df.gov.br (OFFLINE)


Timeline Middle East Hacker Cyberwar | 0xOmar -Hannibal

Timeline Middle East Hacker Cyberwar | 0xOmar -Hannibal

GaTo pUt – this timeline together to better understand the cyberwar that has begun with Israel and -Saudi Arabia and/or Iran. While the el Al Airlines and the Stock Exchange from Israel and Saudi Arabia have been dDoS we get an underground war of hackers that only a few know about.  These are the message threads they paint an interesting picture.

Cyber Warfare has started in the middle east and if the same old tit for tat continues this will get ugly very soon. I hate to be the crazy gAtO crying “the sky is falling” but this is big. You can see the Israelis putting out credit cards but not the cvs numbers, holding back much more. Now you have players ready to post bank account numbers and that’s another thing all together. A credit card is one thing a bank account is another to post online.

Then come the cyber war profiteers.

We also have March 2 Iran elections and the U.S elections Nov 4 will the hackers hack.. you betcha….;)-gAtO oUt


Jan 20th, 2012

0xomar visa cards ! ~ new list
0xomar Dear Arabs,
I have published over 300 thousand credit cards
Continued to publish and flood sites in Israel:

Credit Cards:


Over 300 thousand tickets have been broken!
0xomar Dear Arabs,
I have published over 300 thousand credit cards
Continued to publish and flood sites in Israel:
Credit Cards:
Over 300 thousand tickets have been broken!
0xomar Dear Arabs,
I have published over 300 thousand credit cards
Continued to publish and flood sites in Israel:

Credit Cards:


Over 300 thousand tickets have been broken!


 JAN 18TH, 2012

Important message from 0xOmar from group-xp


  1. Important message from 0xOmar from group-xp the largest Wahhabi hacker commando of Iran.
  2. Things do not go as well as they should:
  3. * First came the Russians (must be KGB agents) and hacked my 0xOmar@mail.ru email account and changed password.
  4. ** Then someone (American FBI feds most likely) hacked my pastebin/0xOmar
  5. *** If this was not enough… some mysterious hand (Allah himself/herself?) keep deleting our group-xp information of none existing cc numbers!
  6. **** Anyway, since I am the greatest 0xOmar with direct power from the President in Iran – I knew what to do. To start my own website at: But guess what?????    Now this has also got hacked and turned into an Apache server start page!  This time I have no doubt who is behind this brutal and illegal actions of vandalism! It must be the Apache Indians themselves.
  7. ***** Updated: now I am using torrents – just in case, if you discover that you are infected with one of my Trojans while downloading my torrent, the Trojan will only pick your credit card number and any password if possible and be sent further to all your contacts!
  8. Please do not worry about this small technicalities its for the sake of helping the poor Palestinian children in Jerusalem who stand in the middle of the road while throwing stones on Israeli drivers, we will attempt to use your credit card for teaching them where to stand next time they try killing Israeli drivers.
  9. – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlXRAJ7SuVI
  10. – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=At9b3YQSQ_E
  11. And if its OK with you, I will use the rest of the credit on your card for learning what hacking is, because I am complete clueless lamer when it comes to hacking!
  12. Thank you!
  13. 0xOmar from group-xp the largest Wahhabi hacker commando of Iran



  1. 0xomar = alm3refh. He is from Iran.
  2. It’s the same one. He tried to disguise himself by presenting a new hacker alias + state.
  3. 1.Motives: create intrigues between Israel and Saudi-Arabia – exactly when both countries need to unite against Iran.
  4. 2. Old Group-XP defacements from zone-h: http://www.zone-h.org/archive/notifier=Group-XP Note that all the sites hacked are from *.ir  peculiar? Not at all- none of the those sites (dozens of them!) exist any more. Showing that they were simply dummy sites used for training by Iranian Cyber unites.
  5. 3. Logs from  Anonymous IRC networks show great activity from a small group of 3 hackers located in Iran, desperately and unsuccessfully trying to mobile hackers to join them on the relevant #op channels.
  6. But what does it matter? After all is Iran, how to get him ?
  7. The last two days I worked a lot on so it does not hack more than not mess with the Israelis
  8. I sent him e-mail dozens of examples of bank accounts threatened him and he understood with whom he was dealing
  9. Apparently the path to cyber war, and I get a break. Of course after I’ve put one on Saturday night about 100,000 emails and Facebook accounts.
  10. If hackers Arabs will attack Israel and I always show up again. Trust me.
  11. Hannibal


Exposure – Deputy Prime Minister of Iran threatening me


  1. Hi
  2. I now publish the letter he sent me deputy prime minister of Iran
  3. Funny to me that he had time to go into a mailbox and curse and threaten me ..
  4. Mr. Muhammad, you do not scare anyone! You never find me !!!!!
  5. Say thank you at least who censored you the email ..
  6. Link to the picture :
  7. http://i40.tinypic.com/143mkpk.png
  8. State of Iran, I’m so going to teach you a lesson soon
  9. Today I post about 25 000 e-mail accounts and Facebook accounts of arabs to my new permanent procedure.. On Saturday night I will publish new list of 100,000 emails and Facebook accounts
  10. Hannibal
  11. contact email : hannibal@inbox.com
  12. #############################
  13. New List Of 25,000 Emails And Facebook Accounts Of Arabs Hacked By Hannibal
  14. 18.1.12
  15. #############################

JAN 17TH, 2012

0xOmar Got Pwned by ZionOps


  1. 0xOmar Got Pwned by ZionOps
  2. These guys seems to counterhack him – http://zionops.wordpress.com/

0xOmar, we are coming to take you away hahaha…


  1. Oh mamma, me BIG 0xOmar got hacked!  Shame ON me, I nearly convinced everyone that I am NOT from Iran… well I guess I will have to ask the kids IN the neighborhood to help me WITH DDOS… Keep clicking Ayatollah! You hear me!
  2. Yes, I am AN IDIOT 🙁  http://bit.ly/0xOmar
  3. *Payback:
  4. Israel hacker named Hannibal published information enabling Web users to break into the accounts OF 20,000 Arab Facebook users.
  5. Hannibal said he held information that would allow for the breaking IN to 10 million Iranian AND Saudi bank accounts, AND threatened to cause billions OF dollars IN damage.
  6. http://www.jpost.com/NationalNews/Article.aspx?id=253893
  7. Ein israelischer Hacker, der sich Hannibal nennt, soll unterdessen die Login-Daten von 20.000 arabischen Facebook-Usern veröffentlicht haben.
  8. Derselbe Hannibal drohte auch, er verfüge über Daten, die ihm Zugang zu zehn Millionen arabischen Bankkonten verschaffen könnten. Bereits am Freitag erklärte 0xOmar, der “Cyberkrieg gegen Israel” habe nun begonnen. Die Hamas applaudierte und rief die Hacker zu weiteren Aktionen gegen Israel auf, “um den Widerstand gegen die Besatzer zu verstärken”.
  9. http://www.spiegel.de/netzwelt/web/0,1518,809356,00.html
  10. El domingo, un hacker identificado como Hannibal publicó lo que asegura son datos de log-IN de 20.000 usuarios árabes de Facebook, y aseguró que accedio a datos de cuentas bancarias de 10 millones de usuarios iraníes y saudíes, amanazando con publicarlos y provocar miles de millones de dólares en daños si Irán continúa amenazando a Israel.
  11. http://www.noticias24.com/tecnologia/noticia/13742/hackers-vuelven-a-atacar-importantes-paginas-web-en-israel/
  12. 0xOmar, we are coming to take you away hahaha… watch your back!

New 10k Emails+Facebook Accounts Of Arabs Hacked By Hannibal


  1. Here Hannibal
  2. Currently, I published on 100,000 emails and Facebook accounts of Arabs and Muslims around the world
  3. And I will continue to publish tens of thousands every day, after all I have got about 30 million e-mails of Arabs.
  4. Unfortunately today I received an email from Mohammad Reza Rahimi who threatens that would raise most of his men to find me and kill me
  5. I assure you Mr. Fool, you can keep looking as you want, you will not find me even if you have a staff of 1,000 people who search for and carry out search for information about me.
  6.  I post today about 10,000 Facebook and email accounts.
  7. In addition, I give hackers attacking the State of Israel a huge threat from me.
  8. Soon I will reveal another surprise. The most cruel surprise. Be prepared to Arabs!
  9. Follow me to get more updates : pastebin.com/u/hannibal
  10. contact email : hannibal@inbox.com
  11. #################################################
  12. New list of 10,000 Emails And Facebook Accounts Of Arabs Hacked By Hannibal
  13. 17.1.12
  14. contact email : hannibal@inbox.com
  15. #################################################

JAN 16TH, 2012

Fuck 0xOmar


  1. here is some fucking arabs Gmail accounts for you.
  3. here’s the links for you….
  4. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8G213VDX
  5. http://www.uploadking.com/87NN2BFH8W
  6. http://www.uploadhere.com/9P7P60BKT0
  7. http://depositfiles.com/files/qr09c960p
  8. https://hotfile.com/dl/141940776/8cf1e10/15.1.12.txt.html
  9. http://www.filesonic.com/file/POwXJyU
  10. http://www.wupload.de/file/2642852497/15.1.12.txt
  11. .oO HANNIBAL Oo.

Nightmare and 0xOmar DDoS bank Massad of israel


  1. Breaking News:
  2. Nightmare ( Expert Muslim Hacker ) joined to 0xOmar hacking movement.
  3. Nightmare now DDoS Bank Massad of Israel www.bankmassad.co.il
  4. Nightmare and 0xOmar invite all muslim hackers to fight against Israel.
  5. Go Ahead!

Nightmare group & 0xomar saudi hacker against Israel


  1. Nightmare group who successfully Downed bank of America website( claim they are attacking to DDOS two critical website of Israel :
  2. http://tase.co.il (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange)
  3. http://elal.co.il  (Israel Airline)
  4. the Nightmare Group joined to 0xOmar movement and Islamic hackers against Israel

New 30,000 Facebook&Emails Accounts Hacked By Hannibal

BY: HANNIBAL | JAN 16TH, 2012 | SYNTAX: NONE | SIZE: 424.01 KB | HITS: 19,735 | EXPIRES: NEVER

  1. Hello there
  2. I noticed that poor intelligence of 0x omar and his friends.
  3. State of Israel, not to worry, you’re in the hands of the world’s best hacker that I am.
  4. I will continue to support the government of Israel will continue to attack the Arab countries
  5. In addition, I received thousands of emails helpless Arabs, who are begging me to stop publishing the Facebook accounts because it violates their browsing experience.
  6. I have about 30 million e-mails of Arabs with passwords I’ll post them throughout my life and my personal list is growing every day hundreds of thousands of emails
  7. Also, I received hundreds of emails of senior politicians from France and other countries, who asked me not to publish the list of the 10 million my bank accounts.
  8. So guys, if the state’s chief Benny Gantz, or Prime Minister Netanyahu declare cyber war, I will have to publish the list of 10 million bank accounts. In addition I also have about 4 million credit cards. Just give a command and i will do it !!
  9. Well guys, I will continue the tradition of mine.
  10. Today will publish about 30,000 accounts Facebook & E-mails
  11. Go Work Jews And Israel !
  12. Begin to corrupt!
  13. Your
  14. Hannibal
  15. contact email : hannibal@inbox.com
  16. #############################################
  17. New List Of 30,000 Facebook&Emails Accounts Hacked By Hannibal
  18. Date : 16.1.2012
  19. ############################################

JAN 15TH, 2012

Before I go to rest..


  1. I think about it for ages. I hacked into 3 very large banks in Iran and Saudi Arabia, whom I will not name.
  2. I currently have 10,343,112 of bank accounts.
  3. Do post them? After all there are good citizens, but Arabs are Arabs.
  4. I do not know what to do. If I were to publish them it would be the biggest leak and damage the most ever issued worldwide.
  5. This is billions of dollars in damage.
  6. Lately I’ve been getting many offers various hackers who want to join me, also the group Anonymous
  7. I’d love to get on that guest opinions, what to do about it. Funny one man controls billions of dollars.
  8. Get ready for tomorrow, tomorrow I will publish about 30,000 new Facebook and e-mails of Arabs and Muslims all over the world.
  9. Your
  10. Hannibal
  11. contact email : hannibal@inbox.com

20,000 Arabs Facebook Accounts Hacked By Hannibal


  1. #######################################
  2. 20,000 Arabs Facebook Accounts
  3. Hacked By Hannibal
  4. (For more accounts follow me pastebin.com/u/hannibal)
  5. Contact me : Hannibal@inbox.com
  6. I have 30 Million Emails&Passwords of Arabs.
  7. ( Every day i will post 2000-100,000 Depends on my mood )
  8. Enjoy it And Share
  9. #######################################
  10. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  11. #######################################
  12. #######################################
  13. #######################################
  14. A warning to the State of Iran and Saudi Arabia *
  15. In addition, I have 10 million bank accounts of the countries of Iran and Saudi Arab. If Iran continues to threaten Israel and already this week I will publish the private bank accounts and thus make them billions of dollars in damages estimated
  16. #######################################

New Hacked Arabs Emails By Hannibal 15.1.12


  1. Hi
  2. Unfortunately much, I’m very nervous today.
  3. What the hell is this shit, I publish emails tens of thousands of Arabs and Muslims around the world, this is the thanks I get? I ask you, spread this link address to a forum site, some media outlets.
  4. More knowledge annoyed me is that media in the country of Israel as YNET, MAKO, etc write i hacked about 30,000 instead of 30 million emails. This is their huge mistake
  5. (Maybe the fail of 2012 ).
  6. I’ve got 30 million Emails ! 30 million e-mails! 30,000,000 emails !
  7. You Jews, Israelis, are requested to publish the list of hacked emails at any hole on the Internet to spread awareness.
  8. Do not get me wrong, I love Israel.
  9. _____________________
  10. Also, I have details of 10 million bank accounts of Arabs from Iran And Saudi arab who are only available to me. If Iran will worsen the security situation I will have to publish them and thereby harm them of billions of dollars in damages.
  11. _____________________
  12. Today, I continue the tradition and my promise, about 2,000 Facebook and email accounts of Muslims and Arabs. A new list from the oven: D
  13. Go Jews and israelis, begin to destroy them! Enjoy it!
  14. Do not forget to distribute the list of emails in any source, ranging from Facebook to the forums.
  15. Download links —–
  16. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8G213VDX
  17. http://www.uploadking.com/87NN2BFH8W
  18. http://www.uploadhere.com/9P7P60BKT0
  19. http://depositfiles.com/files/qr09c960p
  20. https://hotfile.com/dl/141940776/8cf1e10/15.1.12.txt.html
  21. http://www.filesonic.com/file/POwXJyU
  22. http://www.wupload.de/file/2642852497/15.1.12.txt

JAN 14TH, 2012

Second Update


  1. Hello world!
  2. I noticed that many Israelis and Jews like the thousands of emails that I published yesterday,
  3. They connect to their mail accounts, changing passwords, began to destroy Facebook to accounts from various sites, with the flag of Israel. That I have to say – I’m proud of you, keep so!
  4. Today I will post 2000 mail accounts and Facebook combined Of Muslims and Arabs from all over the world, go work guys!!
  5. I have fucking 30 milion emails !! every day 2000 emails!!!!
  6. mail contact : hannibal@inbox.com
  7. Enjoy
  8. Download Links ———
  9. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XMU2N1EL
  10. http://www.uploadking.com/9L7M5E44EB
  11. http://www.uploadhere.com/JOEMYURQ2I
  12. http://depositfiles.com/files/dk75k4td8
  13. http://www.filesonic.com/file/AdZJqKq
  14. http://www.fileserve.com/file/eJzxWQY/14.1.12.txt
  15. http://www.wupload.co.uk/file/2642455927/14.1.12.txt


0xOmar Hack New Fresh Visa Card And Paypal Accounts 2012

BY: A GUEST | JAN 14TH, 2012 | SYNTAX: NONE | SIZE: 217.92 KB | HITS: 594 | EXPIRES: NEVER

  1. 0xOmar Hack New Fresh Visa Card And Paypal Accounts 2012
  2. Hi all
  3. visa = 4504
  4. Hacked By Premium-login.com


Dodos attack on bank of America 0xomar Saudi hacker


  1. 0xomar official site claim sucsessfully dodos attack on bank of America
  2. Here is  original link :



JAN 13TH, 2012


First update


  1. Wow .. What do I have to tell you …..
  2. I did not like the shit “Arab hackers” did ..
  3. I am very angry about it, Jews were the Holocaust. 6 million died. That’s how you behave?
  4. Hell, you have all the territories in the world to live in, what was special in Israel?
  5. Keep at it, things would not be good anyway.
  6. So let’s move forward, my name is Hannibal Lecter (yeah right ..) and I am a Jew who lived somewhere in the world.
  7. Well, I have about 30 million e-mails of Arabs.
  8. I intend to publish it every day for 55 years until they’re available all the platform.
  10. I do not publish credit cards, bank information and the like. Innocent civilians. Why hurt them financially?
  11. I will destroy them with the online experience.
  12. Want to contact me? Yes yes .. Forget it. (Hannibal@inbox.com)
  13. ** Note – Israeli hackers or anyone else in the world are welcome to send me emails+password or other stuff thus unite together and hit the browsing experience of all the Arabs in the world **
  14. Download links —–
  15. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=TSVROXKM
  16. http://www.uploadking.com/UOLAYACUKB
  17. http://www.uploadhere.com/3YXMIBW0P5
  18. http://depositfiles.com/files/ic7qqu21f
  19. http://www.zshare.net/download/98602831f2d397bf/
  20. http://www.filesonic.com/file/RKVglC2
  21. http://www.fileserve.com/file/dddV6nw/13.1.12.txt
  22. http://www.wupload.com/file/2641951207/13.1.12.txt


JAN 12TH, 2012

0xOmar New Update – 2


  1. Pastebin as an Israeli website, deletes all my entries, but keeps Israeli leaks about Saudi cards, keeps other peoples data aginst muslim countries, but deletes my entries in some hours. Pastebin is my next target, dear Pastebin, you can wait for me. People, please follow me in
  2. text-upload: http://www.text-upload.com/user.php?a=0xOmar
  3. You can have my daily 200 fresh Israeli card leak here


0xOmar New Update – 1


  1. Hi
  2. Russian intelligence closed my mail.ru email, so I have created this one. 0xOmar@gaza.net
  3. I saw some stupids said, they’ve found me, one in Mexico, one in Riyadh, one in Dubai, look, let me explain my method, as I know no one can find me, I easily explain it:
  4. I create an exploit page using a browser based exploit, I email URL and put hidden iframe to my exploit page, I infect a lot of PCs around world with my bot, my bot is coded in C++ all by myself, it have a functionality in addition to all features of other bots, it has an encrypted SOCKS5 protocol, I can see live bots in my administrator server, I use them to connect to other and from there to another and … I do it sometimes 2 times, sometimes 4 times, it depends on my hurry. ISPs doesn’t store details of connections on those ports, so don’t waste your time, it’s for Mossad.
  5. I use a really complicated hand-made method for hiding myself, so if you reach to Dubai, Mexico, Riyadh, Minsk, Helsinki, New York, Tel-Aviv, Haifa, Tokyo, Moscow, etc. excellent! You found one my my poor victims.
  6. Ok? Enough said? So stop telling my bots location to media and infecting media with false details.
  7. My other message is to Gazza hackers who have hacked stupid Dany Ayalon’s website and put a foot on his face and sent me a message.
  8. From here, I invite all hackers of world from Islamic world to come together, it’s not matter what you think, I invite all Muslim hackers to unite against Israel, the big enemy of all Muslims.
  9. I invite all Arab-Muslim Hackers to unite against Israel and join this war. I also invite great Turkish hackers which hack a lot of websites daily and notify them to zone-h. Do you remember Gaza flotilla raid? Do not stay silent as you didn’t stay before, let’s do something in return. Let’s fight for ourselves, for what we believe.
  10. I invite all Muslim hackers to fight in two methods:
  11. a) Hack Israeli military, intelligence and their contractors to extract sensitive and hidden information and publish them in internet. It could be even Israeli people data like what I did to credit cards
  12. b) Hack Israeli important sites and publish your message on them
  13. I shout to Israeli authorities and people, you are not safe from me and Muslim hackers. We’ll fight all of our live against Israel, we’ll harm you in any way we can.
  14. From now, I shout to all Israeli people, daily I’ll publish 200 credit cards of Israeli people. All people who’s interested in fresh working credit cards, join our movement, subscribe to our page to receive daily 200 credit cards. Using this method, Israeli banks shred all sites in a day and people will be able to purchase all they want.
  15. So my last message to world, let’s destroy Israel and have a free Palestine without enemies.
  16. My message in Arabic:
  17. http://pastebin.com/4QHukbmc


Message to Poor Isareli Hacker


  1. a) Change your name, you are totally unrelated. You copy everything from me, at least have an original name.
  2. b) You cannot even leak a single working Saudi card, you are nothing, you may publish 10-20 cards, I publish 200 working cards per day.
  3. c) You ask world to help you, how poor you are.
  4. d) Is this a card you published?
  5. Full name: ???? ????? bla bla bla
  6. Full name: ??? ????? WTF??? His name is 3 ? sign and his last name is 5 ?
  7. How poor! How stupid!
  8. You call me to come to your home, do something important, then challange world! I’m only person who can challenge Interpol, Mossad, Danny Ayalon, etc. Because I hurt them in the ass.
  9. Mossad, your 2 weeks of deadline is finishing


 JAN 11TH, 2012 



  1. http://twitter.com/0xOmer
  2. 0xOmar You are fucking gay!
  3. You can call me 0xOmer right now,
  4. My name is Omer Cohen from Israel,
  5. I want you come to me house with all your friends and your country!!!
  6. But you don`t have any friend so shut up!!!!
  7. Follow me: http://twitter.com/0xOmer
  8. Here Saudi`s Credit Cards! – Just for you!!!!:


0xOmar from Iran


  1. 0xOmar are from Iran:
  2. 1. Motives: create intrigues between Israel and Saudi-Arabia – exactly when both countries need to unite against Iran.
  3. 2. Old Group-XP defacements from zone-h: http://www.zone-h.org/archive/notifier=Group-XP Note that all the sites hacked are from *.ir  peculiar? Not at all- none of the those sites (dozens of them!) exist any more. Showing that they were simply dummy sites used for training by Iranian Cyber unites.
  4. 3. Logs from  Anonymous IRC networks show great activity from a small group of 3 hackers located in Iran, desperately and unsuccessfully trying to mobile hackers to join them on the relevant #op channels.
  5. See also: http://pastebin.com/VhQWJSt9
  6. 4. Thats his real name: ???????? ?n?i?gg?e?r?????  http://pastebin.com/3vrUFyj1


0xOmar ARE from IRAN


  1. Source: http://pastebin.com/VhQWJSt9
  2. 0xOmar is from IRAN.
  3.     Not SAUDI ARABIA
  4.     We have several proofs for this. He hacked pcgames.co.il with an IRANIAN IP (stupid idiot was unable even to cover his IP)…
  5.     Of course he will pretend to be saudi arabian because he knows what Israeli hackers can do and they will blame their biggest enemy in the region so they’ll take all the fire.
  6.     No saudi will say “long live king abdullah”… He is so fake its pathetic. Also there is no “wahabi” section of anonymous cause the religious fanaticism of wahabbia is against everything anonymous stands for.
  7.     Iranian citizen should be prepared for the stone age
  8.     viva israel



JAN 8TH, 2012

0xOmar Hacker Location Detected


  1. 0xOmar is not Saudi, we’ve detected his IP address after his breach into our shopping website using a simple vulnerability in our CMS. I don’t want to name our website here, it’s just a Hebrew shopping website.
  2. We took our website down and started to trace his IP address, he’s located in Dubai, UAE. We have a lot of proofs of it. We’ll forward all proofs to the police. They’ll take care of him.
  3. Just to let you know, he’s a stupid, he can’t even use a simple VPN to hide his IP, there is no VPN service in Dubai and we’ve found his direct IP address.
  4. I’ve contacted another shopping website who’s hacked by same hacker, asked him to search his IP in their logs and they found his PHP shell in log files which has been access with same IP.
  5. My message to 0xOmar, wait for Mossad, he’s coming, wait for a knock knock on your door, you’ll see our power in detecting hackers.
  6. I was sure he’s not Saudi and he’s not part of Anonymous hacking movement, Anonymous also confirmed it. He also didn’t mentioned anonymous in his other posts.
  7. Wait for us 0xOmar, wait for us… It’s COOOOOMMMMMMIIIIINNNNNGGGGGG!


JAN 7TH, 2012 

ty 0xomar and group-xp from Israeli anon


  1. ty 0xomar and group-xp from Israeli anon
  2. a lot of Israeli retail website’s became a lot safer to use due to your efforts
  3. the privacy of users hes been long overlooked in these industry for a long time
  4. your hack of reckless DB holders witch legitimate there data gathering
  5. in the clams of it is necessary for billing and put it on the table of Israel debates
  6. am not “””big fan of your opinions””” but am a huge fan of the consequence of your actions
  7. ty for making Israel a better state to live in good luck in future efforts
  8. lulzylu@gmail.com


 JAN 6TH, 2012 





@0xOmar Omar Habib


  1. everyone meet the great “Hacker” @0xOmar,
  2. he is actually a 19 years old loser, who had been exposed by israeli Student.. no, not mossad, or any other cyber fighting force.. just a student.
  3. Omar Habib was born in Saudi Arabia, currently living in Mexico, and works in a Caffe there.
  4. (of course the poor gay bastard claims it’s not him, and no one will ever catch him (just like Carmen San Diego LoL)
  5. but he also claimed to be part of Anonymous.. wich denny any connection with this moron ))
  6. smile loser, you’re becomming a celebrity.. )))))))))))


JAN 5TH, 2012

to @0xOmar


  1. childish arrogance..
  2. you know you’ll be caught eventually?..
  3. they all thought they won’t be.. all the greatest ones.. even k. mitnick went down eventually..
  4. the question is only what will they do with you, when they eventually will..
  5. .. Mabhouh “tasted” the consequense.. it was strangely tasting like a pillow.. 😉


JAN 3RD, 2012



  1. Hi
  2. It’s 0xOmar from group-xp, largest Wahhabi hacker group of Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Arabia hackers of Anonymous hacking movement.
  3. We have posted this message in pastebin, but it seems they have deleted the file. So I try to use this page.
  4. We decided to relase first part of our data about Israel.
  5. and bla bla bla…
  6. we claimed to have leaked 400000, wich eventually summed to only 6000 working ones
  7. and a Uber shitload of usless ones.
  8. the super secured government servers we hacked,  were just some shopping website databases..
  9. and those 6000 working were closed just couple of hours later by the credit companies
  10. the credit companies were harmed by our great hacking skills, just as a tank harmed by a toothpick.
  11. so it seems we’re just a bunch of usless |4m3><0rz


@0xOmar and @XP-Group


  1. To @0xOmar and @XP-Group
  2. It takes but one flap of a butterfly’s wings to start a hurricane. It takes but one spark to ignite the flames of revolution. I have not taken the time to read up on your motives yet, but I trust they are true. You are not |am3><0rz, you hurt them more than you know. They are trying to downplay the incident, to cover it up. You have instilled fear in them. If your motives are true and your intentions are pure, you will triumph.
  3. Signed,
  4. @S133K


JAN 2ND, 2012 – The Begining



  1. It’s 0xOmar from group-xp, largest Wahhabi hacker group of Saudi Arabia. We decided to relase first part of our data about Israel. We have hacked a lot of Israeli servers and extracted a lot of information about Israeli people, their name … We decided to give the world a new year gift, about 400000+ Israeli people information!
  2. But forget it, I forgot where I left my glasses.
  1. Hi
  2. It’s 0xOmar from group-xp, largest Wahhabi hacker group of Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Arabia hackers of Anonymous hacking movement.
  3. We have posted this message in pastebin, but it seems they have deleted the file. So I try to use this page.
  4. We decided to relase first part of our data about Israel.
  5. We have hacked a lot of Israeli servers and extracted a lot of information about Israeli people, their name, address, city, zipcode, Social Security Numbers (Israeli ID
  6. numbers), mobile phone number, home phone number, credit card number (including exp year, month and CVV) and…
  7. We daily use these cards to solve our problems, purchasing VPNs, VPSes, softwares, renting GPU clusters, renting cloud servers and much more!
  8. We decided to give the world a new year gift, about 400,000+ Israeli people information!!!
  9. Here is list of data I leak:
  10. ** 4000.htm, it includes 4000+ credit cards and all needed information. All is Israeli.
  11. ** 27000.htm, it includes 27000+ credit cards and all needed information. All is Israeli.
  12. ** Cards1.mdb, it includes 260272 credit cards and all needed information. It includes address, emails and passwords of 260272 Israeli people.
  13. ** Cards2.mdb, it includes 120745 credit cards and all needed information. It includes address, emails and passwords of 120745 Israeli people.
  14. ** IsraCards1.txt, it includes 184 working fresh Israeli credit cards and all needed information.
  15. ** Business.mdb, it includes 22604 Israeli business people details, including, names, addresses, phone numbers, passwords, etc.
  16. ** Judaism.txt, it includes 65 Zionist people who purchased stuff from Judaism web site
  17. ** TblDonate.htm, it includes 500+ people who donated to Israeli Zionist Rabbis.
  18. If you need to purchase something, you have to use Google Translate to convert hebrew letters to engish.
  19. It’s first part of our release, my goal is reacing 1 million non-duplicate people, which is 1/6 of Israel’s population.
  20. We have it already, including 1M Israeli social security numbers (ID numbers) and all of their details, we want to see reactions to first part, later we’ll release rest!
  21. Enjoy purchasing stuff for yourself in internet, like VPN, VPS, Software licenses, commercial emails, domains, etc.
  22. We even purchased security scanners like Acunetix to hack more servers using these cards!
  23. What’s fun for us?
  24. – Watching 400,000 people gathered in front of Israeli credit card companies and banks, complaining about cards and that they are stolen
  25. – Watching Israeli banks shredding 400,000 credit cards and re-generate new cards (so costly, huh?)
  26. – Watching people purchasing stuff for theirself using the cards and making Israeli credit cards untrustable in the world, like Nigerian credit cards
  27. – and much more…
  28. Enjoy our work and feel free to contact us.
  29. Web Contact Form: http://www.alm3refh.com/vb/sendmessage.php?s=320f490dcb6c84895a4b62321bb6a4ae
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Huawei May Have Links to Terrorist Groups and GOP Presidential Frontrunner

As gAto wrote Rick Perry and Mitt Romney both have link to Huawei Technology. Rick thru Texas welcoming Huawei and 12 other Chinese companies into U.S. soil in Texas. Mitt worked for Bain Financial I like to know more and found this great article. the links. Rick & Mitt Article.


Huawei Technologies and its role in terrorism
Of recent interest is Huawei Technologies and its long term work to supply China with high tech and to give aid to terrorist sponsoring regimes. The WSJ on 12 OCT 2007 had an article on the problems with Huwei Technologies and Bain Capital, the firm that Mitt Romney helped to run (Source: Globalsecurity’s cache of DHS documents):

3Com says sensitive data won’t flow to Huawei. 3Com Corp. tried to allay concerns over a proposed sale of the company to Bain Capital Partners LLC and Huawei Technologies Co., a telecommunications company with close ties to the Chinese government, saying the Chinese company won’t have access to “sensitive” U.S. technology. 3Com, a Massachusetts networking-equipment and network-security-systems company, and private-equity firm Bain Capital said they notified the U.S. government that Huawei won’t have any operational control and won’t be able to make decisions for 3Com if the deal goes through. Bain, which agreed Sept. 28 to buy most of 3Com for $2.2 billion, or $5.30 a share, said last week that it would submit the proposed transaction to national-security review by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. Companies generally submit deals to government review as a defense measure.

The government can unwind deals that weren’t reviewed if it later determines the deal is a threat to national security. The proposed acquisition of 3Com, which counts the U.S. Defense Department among its customers, was expected to generate government scrutiny because of concerns over Huawei’s government ties. Bain would retain a majority stake in 3Com, while Huawei would hold a minority stake, according to a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Huawei, which is 3Com’s largest customer, will appoint three of 11 board members if the acquisition goes through, according to the filing. 3Com said it relied solely on Bain Capital for information about arrangements with Huawei.

The fascinating thing about this is: how did Huawei get into a position to look at 3COM? That takes a bit of digging to find out in the telecom and networking market, but comes up with a surprising source: Cisco Systems.

Not directly, mind you, Huawei had copied technology from Cisco systems (hardware and software) that infringed upon patents as seen in a NYT story of 24 JAN 2003. Cisco was not pleased with that and brought a lawsuit against Huawei, naming Huawei, FutureWei and Huawei America Inc. as those that were part of the complaint. By 02 OCT 2003 (again at NYT) the suit would be suspended for 6 months if Huawei agreed to modify its equipment and the critical juncture comes with 3COM here:

Huawei’s modifications will be reviewed by independent experts over that period. Both companies said they expected the agreement to lead to an end to the legal dispute.

The agreement could also significantly benefit 3Com, the Cisco competitor that entered into a joint venture with Huawei earlier this year. 3Com intervened in the lawsuit and has also agreed to the stay.

”As part of the agreement, Huawei has stopped selling the products at issue in Cisco’s lawsuit and will only offer for sale new modified products on a worldwide basis,” a Cisco spokeswoman, Penny Bruce, said.


3Com stands to gain at least as much as Cisco and Huawei from a legal settlement. In March, 3Com and Huawei formed a joint venture to develop and sell telecommunications products under the 3Com brand in all markets outside of Japan and China, while selling products in those two countries under the 3Com-Huawei brand. 3Com, which currently owns 49 percent of the venture, has contributed $160 million, in an effort to lower its costs and offer an expanded product line.

Removing the uncertainty created by the Cisco lawsuit could give 3Com a much needed lift. In its request to intervene in the Cisco suit, 3Com asked the court to clarify that any new products that 3Com will ship from its joint venture with Huawei would not be subject to Cisco’s intellectual property claims. Shares of 3Com climbed 54 cents, or 9 percent Wednesday to $6.45. Cisco shares rose 61 cents, or 3 percent, to $20.20.

Bruce Claflin, chief executive of 3Com, said the companies were awaiting regulatory approval for the joint venture, which they expect to receive by the end of November. In the meantime, 3Com continues to sell Huawei products under the 3Com brand through an original equipment manufacturer arrangement.

Yes, somehow Huawei started to copy Cisco technology after getting into a venture with rival 3COM, and then expanding market share using that technology. That is how a company associated with the People’s Liberation Army in China gets its hands on technology: by wooing business partners in the West where ‘marketing’ is all-important and actually keeping track of the technology and how it is manufactured becomes a secondary concern. Huawei has a list of companies in the West that it has been working with for years after the heady 1990’s where so many inroads to the US market were made.

Thus, today, the deal where Huawei wants a ‘minority interest’ in 3COM and 3COM goes to Bain Capital to make sure the company will be held by US interests is raising red flags. This from an Earthweb article by Sean Michael Kerner on 03 JAN 2008 on the deal:

The issue of Chinese ownership could potentially hold up the $2.2 billion buyout of networking vendor 3Com.

3Com announced in September its bid to go private with Bain Capital taking a majority stake. As part of the deal, Chinese networking vendor Huawei Technology would be set to take a minority interest in 3Com.

The deal had been originally expected to close in the first quarter of 2008, pending shareholder and regulatory approvals.

One of those regulatory approvals would come by way of the Department of Treasury’s Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), which has been reviewing the deal. The committee determines whether there is a national security risk from a foreign investment in a U.S. company.


Yet the proposed buyout has drawn criticism from U.S. lawmakers as well as special interest groups such as the China e-Lobby. In late November, U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fl.), ranking Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, called for a halt to the deal.

Ros-Lehtinen and Rep. Thad McCotter (R-Mich.), chairman of the Republican Policy Committee, both raised concerns about the transaction on charges that Huawei has links to the Chinese military.

“U.S. regulators ought to reject the proposed buyout of 3Com by one of the least transparent companies operating in China, a firm with shadowy ties to Chinese army and intelligence services,” Ros-Lehtinen said in a statement.

Activists also blasted Huawei’s role in the deal. In a letter to CFIUS, D.J. McGuire, co-founder and president of China e-Lobby, an advocacy group pushing for more aggressive U.S. policies against the country’s government, similarly warned about the Huawei’s connections.

“In 2001, Huawei was exposed as one of the Communist Chinese firms building an Iraqi fiber-optic network that would have enabled Saddam Hussein to integrate his air-defense system,” McGuire wrote in his letter. “The firm was also involved in building a telephone network for the Taliban in Afghanistan, while the terrorist group was sheltering and aiding Osama bin Laden.”

While regulators may have issue with the proposed new relationship between Huawei and 3Com, it won’t mark the first time the two have cooperated. The companies in 2003 launched the H3C joint venture as an effort to undercut networking giant Cisco. In 2006, 3Com bought out Huawei’s stake for $882 million.

In addition to concerns about national security risks, 3Com is facing heat over the proposed acquisition from other quarters.

“Several purported class-action lawsuits have been filed since Sept. 28, 2007 by 3Com shareholders against the Company, its current directors, a former director, Bain Capital Partners, and in some cases, Huawei Technologies,” 3Com noted in its October SEC filing.

According to the filing, some shareholders seek class certification and injunctions to halt the transaction, claiming an “insufficient” sale price.

So, a deal to undercut Cisco using Cisco’s own technologies now morphs into an attempt to gain interest in the original company, 3COM, by the company tied to the PLA that also supported Saddam Hussein and the Taliban. Bain Capital Partners, as cited, formerly *ran* 3COM via the directorship role, and the current CFO of 3COM, Jay Zager, made sure that the TippingPoint software (network intrusion detection software) was spun off (via Asia al-Reuters 15 OCT 2007). The question of just how much access Huawei has had to that technology prior to this is not answered and one hopes the answer is: none.

This sort of deal is not new, and testimony by Gary Milhollin, Director of the Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control before the Senate Subcommittee on International Security, Proliferation and Federal Services Committee on Government Affairs on 07 NOV 2001 highlights Huawei and its methods for working in the West:

There is little doubt that the present system allows American exports to endanger our security. A recent example is American transfers to Huawei Technologies, the Chinese company caught helping Iraq improve its air defenses by outfitting them with fibre optic equipment. The assistance to Iraq was not approved by the United Nations, and thus violated the international embargo.

The history of Huawei shows how American exports to China can wind up threatening our own armed forces. At about the time when this company’s help to Iraq was revealed earlier this year, Motorola had an export license application pending for permission to teach Huawei how to build high-speed switching and routing equipment – ideal for an air defense network. The equipment allows communications to be shuttled quickly across multiple transmission lines, increasing efficiency and reducing the risk from air attack.

Motorola is only the most recent example of American assistance. During the Clinton Administration, the Commerce Department allowed Huawei to buy high-performance computers worth $685,700 from Digital Equipment Corporation, worth $300,000 from IBM, worth $71,000 from Hewlett Packard and worth $38,200 from Sun Microsystems. In addition, Huawei got $500,000 worth of telecommunication equipment from Qualcomm.

Still other American firms have transferred technology to Huawei through joint operations. Last year, Lucent Technologies agreed to set up a new joint research laboratory with Huawei “as a window for technical exchange” in microelectronics. AT&T signed a series of contracts to “optimize” Huawei’s products so that, according to a Huawei vice president, Huawei can “become a serious global player.” And IBM agreed to sell Huawei switches, chips and processing technology. According to a Huawei spokesman, “collaborating with IBM will enable Huawei to…quickly deliver high-end telecommunications to our customers across the world.” Did IBM know that one of these customers might be Saddam Hussein?

As a result of deals like these, Huawei’s sales rocketed to $1.5 billion in 1999, to $2.65 billion in 2000, and are projected to reach $5 billion in 2001. These are extraordinary heights for a company that began in 1988 as a $1,000 start-up. Real growth did not begin until the mid-1990s, when American help started rolling in. Texas Instruments started its assistance in 1994, and by 1997 had set up laboratories to help Huawei train engineers and develop digital signal processing technologies. Also in 1997, Motorola and Huawei set up a joint laboratory to develop communication systems.

These exports no doubt make money for American companies, but they also threaten the lives of American pilots.

Huawei is not an isolated case. From 1989 to 1993, the U.S. Commerce Department approved six licenses for the export of equipment to China Precision Machinery Import-Export Corporation (CPMIEC). This company has supplied C-801 and C-802 anti-ship cruise missiles to Iran, and, according to United States intelligence, it shipped M-11 missiles to Pakistan in 1992. It was sanctioned by the United States in August 1993 for missile proliferation.

This is not just Huawei, although they do look to be a major player in the ‘wheeler-dealer’ concept in the West. He would also tell the House Armed Services Committee about this and about the laxity of proposed Bush Administration export control regulations on 19 SEP 2002. And prior to 9/11, in MAR 2001 at Foreign Policy In Focus an article by John Gersham looking at diplomatic problems in Taiwan would also examine this:

An Iraq Connection?
At a March 5 meeting with U.S. Ambassador Joseph Prueher, Chinese officials acknowledged that three Chinese telecommunications firms had violated UN sanctions against Iraq by selling and installing fiber-optic communication cables, but they rebuffed Pentagon allegations that the companies were upgrading Iraq’s air defense system. They said the three companies were doing civilian work, albeit without clearance from the United Nations. China has told the United States that it ordered the companies to follow UN sanctions and stop doing business in Iraq. At the center of this controversy is Huawei Technologies, China’s largest telecommunications equipment company.

Huawei, founded by a former officer of the People’s Liberation Army in 1988, is an emerging global powerhouse with powerful internal backers and strong global alliances. Huawei has targeted emerging markets where China has long-standing relationships and where competition from the dominant global players is more limited. Huawei is now competing with the likes of Cisco and Lucent, recently beating out both for a contract to supply equipment to Thailand’s second-largest Internet service provider.


The Huawei case reveals an ongoing tension and conflict both within the administration and among Republicans on the Hill. While some U.S. firms might be tempted to support sanctions against Huawei as a means of undercutting this emerging competitor, most recognize that the company offers access to China’s telecom and data communications market—the fastest growing communications market in the world outside the United States. Cooperating with Huawei can help foreign firms meet local requirements for manufacturing facilities. The list of American companies aggressively courting Huawei include 3Com, AT&T, Cisco, IBM, Intel, Lucent, and Motorola. These linkages between U.S. and Chinese firms increase the resistance in the U.S. to a hard-line China policy and stand in direct conflict with the “China threat” forces increasingly dominant in the Bush administration.
Yes, this theme of ‘trade making people free’ has, instead, ensured that a global powerhouse player in the telecom area can copy US technology and then turn around and compete with its previous ‘partners’ once it gets access to that technology. With that technology in hand it can then go to America’s *enemies* and help make them more effective in countering the US. Do note that human rights have not increased in China over this period of time. In point of fact they are often just the opposite as seen by the CBC in an article by Trevor Metz from 05 NOV 2007 on the brain drain of China and working conditions there:

The problem of overwork was recently highlighted in an extreme case out of Guangdong Province in Southern China. A 25 year-old software engineer by the name of Hu Xinyu with Huawei Technologies, a major telecom company, died in May of 2006 of what’s been discovered as extreme fatigue caused by overwork. However, the cause of death listed by the hospital was bacterial encephalitis. The engineer’s tragic death created a media stir in China. Before joining Huawei, Hu was described as an athlete and sports enthusiast. The incident triggered a public outcry – not because it was an exceptional situation among white collar workers – but precisely because it was so common. In his death, Xinyu has become a symbol for thousands of Chinese workers forced into this culture of overwork.

China’s inefficient business and government models have created a system dependent on personal relationships known as “guanxi”. The old saying “it’s not what you know, but who you know,” seems to be nowhere more true than in China. Angie Yang says it alone keeps her from returning to the Chinese workforce. “I felt that the most difficult aspect when working for Chinese company is the relationship called guanxi. For instance, if there are 10 employees in one company, eight out of 10 will have a certain relationship (such as being a cousin) with the owner. How can you work efficiently in this situation? They don’t take any responsibility anyway. Obviously, this is not right place for me and too complicated as well.”

Remember, all of those folks wanting a ‘better life’ via trade are making such things as this possible. This doesn’t appear to be much in the way of ‘increase in liberty’ or ‘freedom’ and more in the line with ‘do as you are told until you die doing it’ sort of concept.

Yet the main problem, beyond how Chinese companies treat their own workers or their lack of efficiency is that of helping the Chinese regime further its aims. Thus the export control problems are a start, but, as Mr. Milhollan points out, the problem with the various infractions on trade export controls and such is not just the single nature of the items going out. The infamous ‘aluminum tubes’ for Iraq suspected of their nuclear program turned out to be for their long range missile program, but the tubes, themselves, allowed the construction of other devices due to their very nature. That is why export control enforcement is so essential: some equipment is not *just* dual use, but can serve in a large number of programs far away from any written, purchase use.

The links between Huawei and the Taliban goes beyond just US worries, as this BBC article of 10 DEC 2001 looks at:

A leading Chinese software company based in India has angrily denied allegations that it supplied telecommunications and surveillance equipment to the Taleban regime in Afghanistan.

Reports from the southern Indian city of Bangalore – where the firm is based – say the state government has summoned company officials to clarify the situation.

Officials from Huawei Technologies have said they will complain to the Indian Ministry of External Affairs about allegations published in the press.


The newspaper says defence officials are concerned that its headquarters are near key defence installations in Bangalore.

Officials in the city have meanwhile confirmed that they have collected passport details of all the Chinese staff who work for the company and have passed them on to the home ministry in Delhi.

It is a bit worrying that a Chinese telecom giant that has supported dictators and tyrants decide to place their Indian HQ close to defense installations. Anyone growing up during the Cold War would know *that* is not a wise thing to have happen to you. From the Indian Express, this article of 11 DEC 2001 helps to scope out some of the work done by Huawei:

In an unexpected fallout of the US action in Afghanistan, the Government has decided to take action against two Chinese firms doing business in India — one a telecom firm, Huawei, alleged to be helping the Taliban militia to develop a telephone system for 130,000 users in Kabul, the other a firm setting up a 16-MW hydro-power project in Patikari, Himachal Pradesh. Both decisions were taken by the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) following IB and RAW reports.


A privately-held company founded in 1988 by former People’s Liberation Army officer Ren Zhengfei, Huawei Technologies is the world’s seventh-largest telecom firm, operating in 40 countries with sales of $2.66 billion last year. Huawei made a quiet entry into the Indian market in 1999 and has already invested around $10 million in its two software development centres in Bangalore; it currently employs 513 staffers, of whom 178 are Chinese software professionals.

Earlier this year, the Taliban media reported it had signed a deal with it to set up 12,000 digital telephone lines in Kabul.

Not *just* telecom but a major hydroelectric dam project by another company, which is really something that one would want to ensure was highly secure due to the problems of water containment and such. This is what happens when you give little scrutiny to a Nation willing to utilize any of its companies for National means, such as espionage, and even goes so far as to set up companies with that as a purpose in mind. This would not be the only time that Huawei Technologies was worried about in India, as reported by the Asia Times Online on 16 NOV 2005:

Paranoia about Chinese telecom companies investing in India has dealt a blow to the expansion plans of two Chinese telecom equipment makers.

And with these developments, India has accommodated US intelligence suspicions that some of the Chinese companies are indulging in espionage activities globally.

India has always been wary of the “invasion” of Chinese telecom companies, but the country’s concerns went into overdrive recently when, at the behest of the security agencies, India’s Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) and the Department of Telecom stalled on granting permission to Huawei Technologies of China to set up a $60 million telecom equipment-manufacturing unit. Its application has been pending since March.

This was the second time in four years that Indian security agencies had moved to stymie Huawei’s plan, which was first mooted in 2001. Earlier, the FIPB shot down Huawei’s intention of setting up a $40 million research and development center next to the proposed manufacturing unit.


And last week, the state-owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL), which is the country’s largest telecom company, canceled a $31.16 million contract involving Huawei.

Huawei and its two Indian partners, Himachal Futuristic Communications Ltd and state-owned Semiconductor Complex Ltd, failed, according to BSNL, to supply equipment for more than 105,000 code division multiple access (CDMA) lines. This is after the Chinese firm won a bid last year for supplying equipment.

BSNL also hinted that it was considering banning Huawei from participating in any tender it issues this year, and may even permanently ban Huawei from bidding in all its future projects.


Huawei and ZTE are two glaring instances of the severe doubts India has about allowing the entry of Chinese telecom companies into the country. But, according to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), the objection regarding Huawei has reached serious proportions “since its operations in India have come to the adverse notice of India’s security agencies, which have expressed reservations regarding the company’s links with the Chinese intelligence and military establishments”, according to an official of the ministry.

The MEA also says that Huawei has misused the country’s visa regulations, and suspects that it has indulged in intelligence-gathering activities for China. India’s leading intelligence agencies, the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and the Intelligence Bureau, have been blunt. According to them, “Huawei has been responsible for sweeping and debugging operations in the Chinese Embassy,” and as a result allowing a Chinese telecom company to participate in Indian telecom projects stands the risk of “exposing strategic telecom networks to the Chinese”.

These agencies have also expressed their “reservations regarding the company’s links with the Chinese military and intelligence establishment, their clandestine operations in Iraq and Taliban-ruled Afghanistan, and their close ties with the Pakistan Army”.

And given some of the problems seen in Pakistan, there may be some right to be worried about such things.

One of the reasons to worry is the predatory practices of Huawei and other PRC companies that seek to enter capitalist markets. In examining how Argentina’s cellular phone system has been taken over, almost completely, by Huawei and another company from China, ZTE, Jamie Hulse published a paper from the US Army Strategic Studies Institute in SEP 2007 on the topic and the wider view of Huawei not only in Latin America, but, with other PRC companies, globally. In one particularly interesting section he examines exactly *how* these companies were able to muscle into markets in Argentina:

Part of Huawei and ZTE’s successful international expansion is owed to their aggressive approach to business. In Argentina, their style has been described as ruthless. They are known to bribe and “trap” clients. They frequently offer Argentine clients and prospective clients full-paid trips to China. Upon arrival, it is alleged that they are presented with an envelope containing a significant amount of cash. Industry analyst Carlos Blanco disclosed one known case where, after a day of sightseeing, the Chinese left photos of their guests taken while touring in their hotel rooms. According to Blanco, such behavior is frowned upon by Argentine businessmen and is seen as a form of extortion.37 Blanco views Huawei as the more ruthless of the two companies. He explains that Huawei is known for its cunning tactics of roping in clients. It often lends its equipment for trial periods, but if the prospective client does not wish to make a purchase after the trial, the Chinese company backtracks, claiming that it must charge for the use of the equipment. Uruguay’s state telephone operator ANTEL purportedly fell into this trap. Huawei had offered ANTEL a 1-year trial of third generation telephone radios. After the trial period, ANTEL dragged its feet about purchasing the expensive, high-tech equipment, but Huawei insisted. ANTEL bought the equipment even though the marketplace did not warrant it.38

Thank you to all of those opening up trade with China! Who would have thought they would be more unscrupulous and more adaptable than Western companies at bribery and extortion? And speaking of bribery and extortion, that fits right in with Saddam Hussein and the entire Oil For Food business dealings. From Newsmax a 10 OCT 2007 report by Charles R. Smith gives the quick overview with that:

Yet, there is more to Huawei than mere “deep ties” to the Chinese military. According to a May 2004 U.S. Defense Department report to the inspector general, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, Huawei is “a Chinese company that operated in Iraq under Saddam Hussein.”

Huawei’s operations inside Saddam’s Iraq included smuggling in communications gear forbidden by the U.N. and taking payments in the form of cash from the Iraqi oil-for-food program. In fact, Huawei’s antics inside Iraq were detailed by the CIA in its Iraq Survey Group final report.

“One Chinese company, illicitly provided transmission equipment and switches to Iraq from 1999 to 2002 for projects that were not approved under the UN OFF Program. Reporting indicates that throughout 2000, Huawei, along with two other Chinese companies, participated in extensive work in and around Baghdad that included the provision and installation of telecommunication switches, more than 100,000 lines, and the installation of fiber-optic cable,” noted the CIA report.


Ironically, much of the Iraqi air defense network installed by Huawei was made of equipment exported to China by U.S. manufacturers. Huawei’s air defense network even acquired the NATO code-name “Tiger Song” because allied aircraft had to dodge missiles and bomb the system on a regular basis.


However, America is not the only nation to get a clear picture of Huawei. The Times of India reported in 2005 that several Indian government agencies, including the RAW — the Research and Analysis Wing (India’s CIA) — concluded that Huawei “poses a specific threat.”

The Indian intelligence agency stated that Huawei “has been responsible for sweeping and debugging operations in the Chinese embassy. In view of China’s focus on cyber warfare, there is a risk of exposing our strategic telecom network to the Chinese.”


In September 2000, according to the official Kabul Radio Voice of Shari’ah in Dari/Pashto, the Tablian met with representatives of China’s export trade and electronics industry and a number of Chinese engineers.

The Chinese “briefed the minister of communications, Mowlawi Yar Mohammad Rahimi” and “promised that during their stay they would implement practical measures to lay the fiber-optic cable and prepare sites for the installation of newly-purchased units. The Chinese delegation came to Kabul recently to carry out the preparatory work for installing the 12,000-line telephone exchange.”

The history of Huawei is very clear, documented by Saddam Hussein and the Taliban, two customers who kept their receipts. Huawei violated a U.N. ban on Iraq and took money destine to feed starving Iraqi children to put an air defense network in the desert. They sold a similar network to the Taliban, aimed again at U.S. soldiers. Huawei worked to kill Americans.

Truly this is not a company that is looking out for the health and well-being of the US, and looks more than willing to work with just about anyone, so long as it helps China. One of the interesting parts in this is that China went to the Taliban, which does not seem like a natural mix of things as the radicals in the Taliban, and al Qaeda, don’t view China as much of a ‘friend’. The answer to that comes in one of my earlier articles on Pakistan, looking at Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and this from a 13 MAR 1994 NYT article:

To the east, hundreds of Afghans allied with Hekmatyar have fought in the embattled state of Jammu and Kashmir, a territory disputed since the 1947 partition of India and Pakistan. Thousands have died in the struggle. In China, where Islam has been periodically suppressed, Afghan veterans have fought in two western provinces, Uighur and Xinjiang, where they have armed and trained Chinese Muslim rebels.

To the west, Hekmatyar has sent 500 mujahedeen to fight in Azerbaijan with Iranian forces, according to Haji Abdul Qadr, the Governor of Afghanistan’s Nangahar Province. Hundreds of Afghans have fought against Serbs and Croats in Bosnia.

Yes, a bit of terrorism showing up in China during the 1990’s which must have been none-too-pleasing to the regime. And when the Talibe came to power the idea of having a regime in Afghanistan that had supported sending fighters to China must have crossed the minds of more than a few folks in Beijing. And Hekmatyar would even try to make up with China after the defeat of the Taliban, as seen in a 07 SEP 2002 Asia Times article:

Sources within the HIA say that the organization has recently reestablished contact with the Chinese government. In the past, Beijing has blamed the HIA for stirring a religious uprising in in the northwestern Muslim region of Xinjiang, but Hekmatyar made concerted efforts to placate China, as well as to urge the Muslim leaders in Xinjiang to stop their separatist agitation. Beijing was said to be appreciative of these efforts, but it is yet to be seen how far China will go in supporting the new Afghan freedom struggle against foreign troops, if at all.

That is Hizb-i-Islami Afghanistan, Hekmatyar’s main associated group in Pakistan to help put a front on his activities. For those of you who have a feeling that you may have heard about Mr. Hekmatyar from someone else recently, it is because you most likely did. The case of Rep. Mark Deli Siljander, as seen with this AP report in the Chinapost of 18 JAN 2008, gives a bit of that indictment:

The charges are part of a long-running case against the charity, which was designated by the Treasury Department in 2004 as a suspected fundraiser for terrorists.

In the indictment, the government alleges that the charity employed a man who had served as a fundraising aide to Osama bin Laden, the al-Qaida leader and mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks against the United States.

The indictment charges the charity with sending approximately US$130,000 (euro88,000) to help Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, whom the United States has designated as a global terrorist. The money, sent to bank accounts in Peshawar, Pakistan, in 2003 and 2004, was masked as donations to an orphanage located in buildings that Hekmatyar owned.

Authorities described Hekmatyar as an Afghan mujahedeen leader who has participated in and supported terrorist acts by al-Qaida and the Taliban. The Justice Department said Hekmatyar “has vowed to engage in a holy war against the United States and international troops in Afghanistan.”

Things are becoming a bit clearer with how Hekmatyar was able to continue on with fighting and then return, in force, after his stay in Iran. I always thought that arming the enemies of the US would make a good case for treason… well, I am sure the DoJ can get to the bottom of that.

In any event, getting pressure from Hekmatyar and not much respect from the Taliban was leading to killings and unrest in Western China. This led to China trying to get some form of insurance with the Taliban as seen in an article by Ahmed Rashid of 19 JUL 2000 reprinted at Institute for Afghan Studies (and a large h/t to Stratmag on this):

IMPLICATIONS: China with its long-standing communist policies towards ethnic minorities and religion, is primarily concerned with Uyghur Islamism and separatism, but wants to avoid a confrontation with the wider Muslim world. Significantly Jiang Zemin warned that the use of military force in Afghanistan ”is not a solution”, thereby rebutting Russia’s June threat to bomb Taliban camps northern Afghanistan. Jiang Zemin stressed that the United Nations must be given full support to persuade the Afghan factions to form a coalition government. Unlike Russia and the Central Asian leaders, China sees the Taliban as a reality that has to be moderated and contained.

China’s apprehensions of the Taliban and their role in supporting Islamic militancy in Central Asia and Xinjiang, has led to problems with Pakistan, its long standing ally in the region which supports the Taliban. For China the moderate government in Tehran is a much more acceptable ally. Although Shia Iran supports the anti-Taliban Northern Alliance with military aid, it has developed diplomatic and trade links with the Taliban. It also has a limited defensive strategy in Afghanistan, does not support Sunni militancy in Central Asia or Xinjiang, and helped mediate an end to the civil war in Tajikistan in 1997 that earned Chinese praise.

A Chinese-Iran partnership is already developing to build strategic oil and gas pipelines in Central Asia, which would both counter United States and Russian pipelines and give the Central Asian states alternative routes to export their energy. Chinese companies are helping build the Neka-Tehran oil pipeline in Iran that will allow Iran to swap oil with Central Asia, while China is interested in helping build a Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran pipeline to Bandar Abbas on the Gulf as well as a pipeline from Central Asia to China. A new China-Iran axis in Central Asia will add a new twist to the Great Game.

CONCLUSION: President Jiang Zemin met with Russian President Vladamir Putin for the first time in Dushanbe and Putin pledged a strategic partnership with China. Although Russia, China and the United States share a common concern for stability in the region, China’s strategy in Central Asia is generally at odds with both Russia and the United States. Russia is committed to an unabashed anti-Islamic crusade in the Caucasus and Central Asia that is rapidly turning both racist and chauvinistic whereas the United States continues to be obsessed with ‘Islamic’ terrorism and Osama Bin Laden rather than wider strategic objectives.

China is concerned about a repeat invasion this year by Namangani’s forces in both Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan and has vociferously condemned the support that Namangani’s forces have received from Afghanistan. Last year, Namangani’s forces threatened to invade Uzbekistan, but got only as far as Kyrgyzstan. China is worried that an invasion by Namangani could trigger further Uyghur unrest in Xinjiang and lead to a stepped up Russian presence thus increasing United States-NATO activity in the region. In response, the Taliban authorities in an unprecedented statement on July 6, rebuffed China’s attitude at the Dushanbe summit.

China was looking to find some way to stem the tide of Islamic radicalism and Uighar separatism, and trying to bribe the Taliban into *not* supporting them must have seemed like a good way to go. At Stratmag the timeline is laid out for China, starting in 1979-80, and funneling arms to the mujahideen, then helping to train them with the PLA. That training in arms, weapons and explosives would lead to insurgents slowly heading into China. In an excerpt from The China-Taliban Equation by Surya Ganadharan, we see the role of Pakistan in this, along with the Taliban:

Ahmed Rashid writes that “huge quantities of consumer goods, foodstuffs and heroin are smuggled across the border between Afghanistan and China. Almost all the arms and explosives used by Uighurs in attacks on Chinese security forces in recent months have come from Afghanistan.” In many cases, they also happen to be of Chinese origin and were supplied by China to the Afghan mujahideen fighting the Soviet occupation.

Prof Giri Deshingkar says Peshawar is the main point from where drugs, weapons and copies of the Koran enter Xinjiang. In comparison, he says the route through the Wakhan Corridor in north-east Afghanistan into Xinjiang is mountainous and difficult. The Chinese realised this during the Afghan civil war when they found it easier to route arms supplies to the Mujahideen through Peshawar and the Karakorum highway. But reports now suggest that Beijing sees the highway in a different light because it seems to have intensified contacts between Uighur separatists in Xinjiang with extremist Islamic groups and drug barons in Pakistan.

China has blamed the Lahore based Tabligh-e-Jamaat, headed by Pakistan’s former ISI chief, for fomenting unrest in Xinjiang. Pakistan’s Jamaat-e-Islami has become one of the several fundamentalist groups that has been giving regular arms training to militants from Xinjiang, creating strong embarrassment for Islamabad. Since 1992, China has been asking Pakistani authorities to prevent such activities. For this reason, Beijing has been going slow on upgrading the Karakorum highway even though an agreement for upgrading it has existed since March 1995. The upgraded highway would have boosted transit trade from Pakistan to Kazakhstan and Kyrghystan. This was confirmed by Ahmed Rashid in an article in the Pakistani Herald magazine in December 1995: “Beijing’s reluctance stems from the fact that the proposed road would run across Xinjiang and the Chinese fear that the route would increase the traffic in fundamentalism. After an abortive Islamist uprising in the town of Baren in 1992 in which 22 people were killed, China closed its road links with Pakistan for many months.”

The Pakistani government was concerned enough about preserving good relations with its strategic ally, and on May 5, 1997 handed over 12 Uighurs to China. They were all wanted for bomb attacks in Xinjiang. It’s not clear what happened to them. Three months later, China announced plans to lay a security fence along the border with Pakistan to check infiltration by Islamic extremists and drug runners. In February 1998, former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif visited China and apparently gave a firm assurances that he would take measures to stop fundamentalists infiltrating into China. This seems to have been followed up in October 1998, when a Chinese delegation led by a senior official from the Xinjiang provincial government, arrived in Gilgit, in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, for talks on steps to check trans-border smuggling, infiltration and other activities.

The role of Huawei, then, is one to help deflect radical Islam away from directly threatening China and trying to mollify Pakistan at the same time. China would agree to aid, support and train the Taliban fighters, put a presence into the region to support the ties between Afghanistan and Pakistan. That would worry India because of the next-door neighborhood all of that is taking place in: Kashmir. Already facing up to radical Islamic groups being aided and abetted by both Pakistan and Afghanistan, Chinese help would further increase those links, supply more forces and be a long-term threat to the stability of India in that region.

At this point I will be posting this ‘as-is’ [I have done a bit of early morning clean-up and am still trying to make sense of this]… and wonder just how much Mitt Romney knew that his Bain Capital firm was involved with Huawei, what he did once he knew, and if he received any material compensation from Bain while it was dealing with Huawei. As he did start Bain, one would think he would be a bit concerned about it after he left it as an active manager.

Read More ..> http://ajacksonian.blogspot.com/2008/01/huawei-technologies-and-its-role-in.html


FBI GSA fight over Cyber Security

According to FBI and GSA assessments, the FBI’s headquarters facilities—the Hoover Building and the headquarters annexes—do not fully support the FBI’s long-term security, space, and building condition requirements. The FBI has addressed many security concerns at the Hoover Building by implementing protective measures. Furthermore, in response to a recommendation GAO made in a law enforcement sensitive version of this report issued in July 2011, the FBI has updated its security assessment of the Hoover Building in accordance with security standards issued in 2010. The assessment includes recommendations but does not indicate whether recommended actions will be implemented. While this is reasonable given the short period of time since GAO’s July 2011 report, documentation of decisions on the recommendations and tracking implementation is important because of facility planning and budget implications—for both the Hoover Building and a new headquarters—and time needed to coordinate with GSA. FBI officials told GAO that the annexes will be assessed against the 2010 security standards. The officials noted, though, that the dispersion of staff in annexes creates security challenges. The Hoover Building’s original design is inefficient, according to GSA assessments, making it difficult to reconfigure space to promote staff collaboration. Staff dispersion across annexes likewise hampers collaboration and the performance of some classified work. Furthermore, the condition of the Hoover Building is deteriorating, and GSA assessments have identified significant recapitalization needs. However, GSA has decided to limit investments in the Hoover Building to those necessary to protect health and safety and keep building systems functioning while GSA assesses the FBI’s facility needs. This decision increases the potential for building system failures and disruption to the FBI’s operations.

Through studies conducted over the past decade, the FBI and GSA have considered three broad alternatives, each with variations, to try to meet the FBI’s facility needs—(1) modernize the Hoover Building, (2) demolish the Hoover Building and construct a new headquarters on the existing site, and (3) acquire a new headquarters on a new site. In doing so, the FBI and GSA thus far have generally followed leading practices for capital decision making. To varying degrees, these alternatives would improve security, space, and building conditions, but each would take several years to implement. Estimates of the alternatives’ costs, developed in the studies, are not comparable because they were prepared at different times and for different purposes. The FBI and GSA plan to discuss the FBI’s facility needs with the Office of Management and Budget, and GSA and the FBI will need to present a business case, including current, comparable cost estimates, to support the choice of a preferred alternative and financing strategy. The FBI’s 2011 security assessment of the Hoover Building, as well as information on any security improvements that may be needed at the annexes, could inform the agencies’ decisions and help ensure that limited budgetary resources are allocated effectively.

This is a public version of a law enforcement sensitive report that GAO issued in July 2011, which has been updated, including a modification to a recommendation, to reflect recent FBI actions. Information that the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security deemed sensitive has been omitted.


Biggest Cyber Threat Military or Economic?

Is the biggest cyber threat military or economic?

Discussion –

• • • • gAtO-tHiNk tAnK —: While we were developing stuxnet for Iran -warfare cyber weapon. The Chinese were robbing our intellectual properties and these actions are the reason the US is in the economic mess were in. Corporate espionage is treated differently but it translate to money and economic power. In the old days the CIA would have a country fight each other and when that happens you forget your real enemies. Us -vs-them. Look at Occupy Wall Street and the Tea party. Through cyber manipulation and buying technologies when you couldn’t hack them is the reason the BRIC nations are the new leaders in the world power base. So to answer your question the bigger cyber threat would be economics warfare. You just can’t justify sending in a nuclear missile because some government contractor is DDoS’ing your competition. Proportionality of attacks.

• • • • gAtO other sAy’S: —

gAtO lOcO mAyBe sI - nO

• Military and economy are married since ever; the biggest cyber threat comes from inside and hits both. MIC is a weak concept.

• We cannot have a military without an economy, we cannot protect our economy without our military.

Individual defence destroys the individual, collective defense protects the collective of individuals.

Businesses do not often see the value of information security until its far too late. they as a whole do not learn from others mistakes unless those mistakes were made by companies in their own space, and unfortunately these days many companies occupy more than one sector so it is easy to make excuses why ‘it wont happen to us’.

The economy is an asset and thus needs to be protected.
The military is an asset and thus needs to be protected.
The health service is an asset and thus needs to be protected.
<Insert asset> is an asset and needs to be protected.

Working together they can protect one anothers backs using collective resources, individually they can fall like dominos. Secure the backbone, pool the resources with the right talent in the right areas with strategists, technical support and physical support and you go a long way to ensuring in the event of a major crisis that you can protect the whole….

Thats my view anyway…… maybe ill include that in my book (more eloquently as I have only had one coffee this morning and am not firing on all thrusters).

• MG Shaw adds a new dimension to the term “Public Private Partnership” in positing that national security interests and the profit interests of firms are intertwined and mutually dependent. This is good to hear. Now…if we can just get more business convinced of this inter-connectedness, we’ll be able to move forward. Those of us in the field have much public education work to do. Stay strong.

• With the preponderance of intellectual capital residing with the private-sector, within this man-made cyber domain, its too bad the private& public-sectors can’t put more emphasis on the ‘how’ versus the ‘what’. Most responsible individuals/firms know ‘what’ the problems are…the intent with public/private-sector collaboration is to figure out ‘how’ to solve the challenges in manageable bites and stop trying to “boil the ocean”. As the new saying goes “better safe than SONY”!

• Riley makes a good point. It’s almost as if we’d rather talk about the problem rather than solve it. Sure, it’s expensive to put another layer of security into our IT architecture, but the technology to stop hackers exists and isn’t that hard to find. And if whining employees don’t like not being able to use Facebook on company computers, nicely tell them to find a new job. Remember the days of private lines and no Internet. We still connected computers on networks before the Internet. It was called private networking. This would solve most of the Internet related cybersecurity challenges.

• Riley and Dan,
I completely agree with you both. However, even our military is now clamoring for Social media access on Government networks. I do believe there is a use for Social media however not every mission requires such access; not to mention the preponderance of users simply want to be social butterflies while at work. As you state for those who require it, purchase a separate internet access and open it wide up. However for the mission critical or business critical efforts lock it down and properly secure it. Unfortunately that good old bottom line matters too much and leaders would rather assume risk than remove it. I would rather pay on the front side than on the backside.

• Seeing as it would take more gas than the Chinese have to mobilize , they have already been out hacking everything they can, I dont think it would be a military like war, economic seems more feesable.

• Most countries treat economic hacking as a less serious attack (with less serious penalties) than a military attack. Most businesses are less IA aware than the military. I would definitely say economic attacks are a bigger long-term cyber threat to nations today. However, if military cyber-security ever drops their guard, the consequences on their readiness and ability to respond will result in more fatalities.

• When we are talking about Cyberwar, we can not say that the economy or the military will be the preferred targets. The more logical target is as always the weakest link in a system.

War is always a military operation, whether or not cyber. Like the Chinese hacked all they could, Americans, Russians and Israelis did and still do.
The effect of new weapon systems, offensive and defensive concepts can only be tested to a certain degree in a virtual environment. At a certain point they have to be used under real operational conditions.
Cyberwar is a holistic war. In a cyberwar we do not have the distinction between “your network” or “their network”, the whole targeted country becomes one sole network. The network will be mapped, vulnerabilities identified and exploited.
The most vulnerable part of a network is always the User, followed by the public sector and the communication media. From there it spreads.
A cyberwar attack first uses the tactics of sabotage, deception and misdirection.
We are still far away from AMF’s on nuclear power plants and such things.

• The Chinese are fighting a long term war for domination. They are sucking up all the rare earth elements, stealing intellectual property through computer warfare, and are starting to get into the copper and hydrocarbon production. However, other countries are engaged in exactly the same thing. We are in a highly competitive environment, and those that don’t step up their game are going to be left in the dust of history.

 • • • • gAtO oUt