Offensive Cyber Capabilities

Companies Need Offensive Cyber Capabilities

gAtO hEaR – about banks seek U.S Help on Iran Cyberattack’s. We hear about cyber attacks in the financial sector, the oil and energy sectors, then Leon Panetta warned perpetrators to cease hacking the US while we have all kinds of sanctions against Iran -/ this is insanity. Your telling unknown hackers (we suspected Iran) to  just stop, or what. What can we do to prevent them from launching cyber attacks against America.

So Iran has only 3 NAT-access points and 1 submarine cable (Al-Faw, Iraq submarine cable)


Then you have all these security people putting up defenses without building a firewall so bad-ass that they cannot do business. If we keep building these defenses it will get to a point where it defeats the purpose of the Internet. So what is the logical next move, offensive cyber weapons and capabilities. We can find these attacks and pinpoint the IP of where they are coming from then all we need is offensive tools to find them and do a seal-team 6 extraction of something like that and get the word out that we will find you and hunt you down.

One little hacker can keep a bank tied up for days in the middle of the desert. They could go after our traffic system, our rail system we know that SCADA is so messed up and in some cases open with defaults passwords. So we beat our chest like some mad gorilla and hope to scare these hackers.

My friends we must take initiative and find ways to counter these attacks no more just defense and I don’t mean a Ddos attack that can be circumvented. We need to plant Bot-nets on these people’s machines and monitor them and if we have to go physical and bring them to justice. Forget about Iran and let’s just talk about Chinese hacker attacks of our intellectual property. They just denied it and go about planning the next attack. We seen Skynet were thousands of computers were given a disk wipe and the blue screen of death. Why don’t we do the same to these hackers going after our infrastructure.

We must change our tactics and be a little more aggressive and become real cyber warriors not just defenders but attacking them and destroying their machines, their servers and routers. How about we just monitor the 1 submarine cable and 3 access points in Iran that should lead us to some of these people. The US monitors our own people then we stand by and allow other hostile countries to go and hack us. This is cyber insanity – gAtO OuT



The deep Dark Web -Book Release

gATO hApPy – 

AVAILABLE @ AMAZON – http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009VN40DU

AVAILABLE @SmashWords website  @http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/247146

I learned that I hate WORD: – but it’s the general format for publishing  – text boxes- get imbedded and you can’t format to EPUB or .mobi or anything – solution after going lOcO gAtO – was copy and paste into txt editor – save as RTF then copy paste back into a new WORD document and then reformat everything from scratch – and copy over the pictures – as you can tell I had fun-..-ugh mEoW F-F-F-F as much fun as a hairball but if it get’s the message out “FREEDOM OF SPEECH IN CYBERSPACE” then we done our job, anyway I hope you read it Thank you Pierluigi a best friend a security gAtO ever had – gATO oUt

This Book covers the main aspects of the fabulous and dangerous world of -“The Deep Dark Web” . We are just two cyber specialists Pierluigi Paganini & Richard -gAtO- Amores, with one passion and two souls we wanted to explain the inner working of the deep dark web. We have had a long collaboration in this efforts to document our findings we made infiltrations into the dark places inaccessible to many to give a you the reader a clear vision on the major mystery of the dark hidden web that exist today in the Tor Onion network..

The Web, the Internet, mobile cell devices and social networking has become commonly used words that identify technological components of daily Internet user’s experience in the cyberspace. But how much do we really know about cyberspace? Very, very little, Google / Yahoo / Bing only show us 20% of the Internet the other 80% is hidden to the average user unless you know were to look.

The other 80% of the Internet is what this book is about the “Deep Dark Web”, three words with millions of interpretations, mysterious place on the web, the representation of the hell in the cyberspace but also the last opportunity to preserve freedom of expression from censorship. Authorities and corporation try to discourage the use of this untapped space because they don’t control it. We the people of the free world control this network of Tor -Onion Routers by volunteer around the world.

The Deep Dark Web seems to be full of crooks and cyber criminals, it is the hacker’s paradise, where there are no rule, no law, no identity in what is considered the reign of anonymity, but this is also the reason why many persecuted find refuge and have the opportunity to shout to the world their inconvenient truths.

The Deep Dark Web is a crowded space with no references but in reality it is a mine of information unimaginable, a labyrinth of knowledge in the book we will try to take you by the hand to avoid the traps and pitfalls hopefully illuminating your path in the dark.

Cybercrime, hacktivism, intelligence, cyber warfare are all pieces of this complex puzzle in which we will try to make order, don’t forget that the Deep Dark Web has unbelievable opportunity for business and governments, it represents the largest on-line market where it is possible to sell and acquire everything, and dear reader where there is $money$  you will find also banking, financial speculators and many other sharks.

Do you believe that making  money in Deep Web is just a criminal prerogative? Wrong, the authors show you how things works in the hidden economy and which are the future perspectives of is digital currency, the Bitcoin.

This manuscript proposes both faces of the subject, it illustrates the risks but also legitimate use of anonymizing networks such as TOR adopted by journalist to send file reports before governments agents censored his work .

Here are some question we may answers to:

How many person know about the cyber criminals and their ecosystem in the deep web? 

How many have provided information on the financial systems behind the “dirty affairs”? 

How the law enforcement and governments use Dark Web?

Let’s hold your breath and start the trip in the abyss of knowledge to find answers to the above questions. We hope that with this book you can learn something new about – The Deep Dark Web.


The Deep Dark Web -Book

gAtO sAy -mEoW you all- we have a new book coming out soon “The Deep Dark Web” and just wanted to write this as the foreword for the book, I thought it was interesting …//looking for peer review of book…write us

This book is to inform you about “The Deep Dark Web”. We hear that it’s a bad place full of crooks and hackers, but it is more a place were you have total anonymity as an online-user and yes there are ugly places in the dark web but it’s a small part of it. What it really is all about it’s freedom of expression, freedom of speech worldwide, supported by “us/we” the users of the network. It’s not controlled by any government, but blocked by a few like Syria, Iran, Ethiopia, China to name a few governments that want to deny their own people free access to information, to speak freely about their grievances and unite to tear down there walls of oppression.

Pierluigi and I (gAtO) share a passion for cyber security we write different blogs Pierluigi has http://securityaffairs.co/wordpress/ and my site is uscyberlabs.com . We also write at other blogs and print media. We did’nt know it at the time but, we were writing cyber history as the 2011- 2012 cyber explosion took off we were at ground zero writing about Stuxnet, HBGrays, the LulzPirates, Anonymous but the Arab Spring was an awaking :

The recent revolution in Egypt that ended the autocratic presidency of Hosni Mubarak was a modern example of successful nonviolent resistance. Social Media technologies provided a useful tool for the young activist to orchestrate this revolution. However the repressive Mubarak regime prosecuted many activists and censored a number of websites. This made their activities precarious, making it necessary for activists to hide their identity on the Internet. The anonymity software Tor was a tool used by some bloggers, journalists and online activists to protect their identity and to practice free speech.

Today we have lot’s of anonymity communication tools I2P, Freenet, Gnunet and Tor to name a few. Why did the TorProject.org Tor-.onion network become the facto application to get free, private, anonymized Internet access. My conclusion is it’s humble beginnings with “Naval Research Project & DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) ” sponsored, maybe you heard of DARPA they kinda created the Internet a long time ago. The government wanted to have a communication secure media that would piggy-bak on the establish Internet. From my point of view when they saw how good this worked the government used it to allow it’s agents to quietly use the network for CIA covert operations (just to name a few alphabet soup government agencies that use it). For example a branch of the U.S. Navy uses Tor for open source intelligence gathering, and one of its teams used Tor while deployed in the Middle East recently. Law enforcement uses Tor for visiting or surveilling web sites without leaving government IP addresses in their web logs, and for security during sting operations.

Journalist got a hold of this tool and they too were able to file reports before governments agents censored their interviews and film footage. The EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) got a hold of the Tor-networks and promoted it to maintaining civil liberties online. When the common business executive visited a foreign country (like China know to monitor foreigners Internet access) they now had a way to securely connect to their corporate HQ data-center without being monitored and giving away IP (Intellectual Properties). The Tor-Network became to good and the bad guy’s moved in to keep their illegal business safer from the law. The Internet Cyber-criminal has used the claer-web since the start so of course they went over to the Tor-.onion network because it works if you use it right and keeps you anonymous online.

With all this happening and the “Year of the Hack 2011” you can see why security geeks like Pierluigi and I became intrigued with this subject and we teamed up to write this manuscript hoping to answer some of the questions our friends, and peers were asking us about this mysterious hidden world call the deep dark web. We outlined a table of content and started to write about it in our blogs and the story unfolds from here to you. We hope to educate you on how this network works without too much geek talk (ok just a little). We cover the cyber criminals and their ecosystem we cover the financial currency (bitCoins) that is replacing fiat currencies all over the world during this unstable financial times. We tried to cover all the good , the bad and the ugly of the .onion network. We hope it will answer some of your questions but I am sure that more question will come up so feel free to come to our websites and give us a shout and ask your questions about the deep dark web…. – gAtO oUT 


Some tested deepWeb Site –


Search engine: “Google” for Tor

TORCH – Supposedly indexes over 600,000 .onion sites:


DuckDuckGo – Also an awesome clearnet search engine that respects your privacy. This doesn’t actually search for Hidden Services, but it’s similar to searching with a proxy:


DeepSearch – An alternate search engine that indexes Hidden Services:


The Abyss – Search engine run by Administrator, updated often. Now accepts user-submitted links: http://nstmo7lvh4l32epo.onion/ 

Torgle – The old search engine has been resurrected!:



Bitcoin Laundry: Services for Bitcoin, a decentralized FIAT anonymous currency used in Tor. Obscure your Bitcoins’ history.

BitMix Bitcoin Laundry – Untested, http://vzpzbfwsrvhfuzop.onion/

Bitcoin Fog – I had a chance to test this out and it is legitimate. It’s a great automated washing service:



File services: 

SquareBoard – A public gallery of high-res images under 4MB:


Onion Fileshare – 2GB upload file size limit!!!:


qPasteBin – Hosts txt files, just like clearnet Pastebin:


sTORage – Public file hosting. No CP. Anyone can delete files:


ES Simple Uploader – Hosts images, docs, etc:


TOR Upload Service – A private place to hold files. Randomized URL and file name:


Tor Upload – Public file hosting:


Onion Image Uploader – Hosts image files:


AnonyShares – Hosts rar/zip/etc archives:


ImgZapr – Hosts image files:



Hosting websites: Information for .onion websites.

Freedom Hosting – Attacked by Anonymous, hosts a huge portion of .onion sites. Currently, invite only. Excellent uptime:


SnapBBS – Hosts forums:


Tor WebDesign Guidelines – Doesn’t host content, but has basic guidelines for making a site:


Chans/Imageboards – Kind of like 4chan and the likes. MAY CONTAIN QUESTIONABLE CONTENT, none right now though. USE WITH YOUR OWN DISCRETION!!!

Torchan – Birthday December 2011. Intelligent discussion, good admins, many boards. Reincarnation of the original Torchan. Moderated for child porn:


Anonchan – Birthday November 2011. Went viral after conception. Over 1000 posts in first month. Kind of cancerous now. Russians attacked the board, 404ing most threads. Vulnerable to CP:


Hidden Image Site – Moderated for CP:


TriChan – Good for bronies. Hosted by TriPh0rce. Non-CP:


Thorlauta – Successor to Torlauta. Primarily Finnish, but has some nice added board features like a search bar. Has an International (/ib/) board for English/other speakers:


Lukochan – A Russian/English discussion board in imageboard style. Extremely inactive but I noticed it has potential so I stuck it in here: http://562tqunvqdece76h.onion/Lukochan/

Deaths: Thieves, Assassination and what-nots -> Boards: Mostly SnapBBS and phpBB. Normal forums.

Thieves Market – Cheap prices, nice goods:


Onion Site Reviews – Review .onion sites in an organized way:


Assassination Market – Famous SnapBBS board; mercenaries for hire:


Underground Market Board – No escrow marketplace:


Onionforum – Forums for discussions:


RedditTor –  Reddit for Tor!:


Safety101 – Hobby safety for Dummies. Last post is March 2011, totally dead but it has potential…:


Tor Help Forum – Basic convos and helpful for newbies:


Torum – Discuss anything. IT’S DOWN RIGHT NOW:


Talk.masked – Very famous discussion board. Anon-posting:


Networking: Social networking.

Torbook – Facebook for Tor. Has a public square for discussions:


Questions and Answers – A cool truth game:


TorStatusNet – Similar to Twitter:


Anonymoose Chat – Plain HTML chat:



Blogging/Revolutionary:  Blogs on Tor. May contain some Revolutionary information. They pretty much go hand-in-hand in Onionland.

My Hidden Blog – Administrator’s site. Frequently updated and has some interesting information. Also supports comments:


Tornado – User-supported blog. Polls, comments, and a forum:


Censor This! – A blog talking about censorship. It’s not updated too often, but interesting nonetheless:


ParaZite – Incredibly strange but well-made:


FREEFOR – A blog-ish site that contains a Wiki, forum, chat, and a couple more features:


Against Servants – A tl;dr about terrorism, foreign affairs, and fascist leaders:


Croat’s Blog – Dead whistleblowing blog from Croatia. Shame:


Nekro’s Onion Shanty – My blog! I use it as an update for Tor/General news, my list of Hidden Services, and I include some files you can download:


Area 51 Archives – A site that allegedly will be soon setting up a Wiki to mirror some of area51archives.com’s content:



Email/Messaging: Communication.

TorPM – Tor private messaging:


Tor Mail – Email services. *@tormail.net:


PrivacyBox – The Tor version of PrivacyBox.de. Seems like a great e-mail service:



Hacks: Hacking, cracking, phreaking, doxing, security, etc.

Hashparty – Cracking site:


HackBB – Forums for hacking, hosts some content:


Weird and Wonderful Old Stuff – Collection of old DOS and Windoze software:


Doxbin – A large index of personal identifying information. User-submitted. Similar to /i/ or personal army or the trends you see on Pastebin: https://doxbinumfxfyytnh.onion/

Requiem – Remove Apple’s DRM security. Confirmed by many users as legitimate:



Media: Hosts media content. May want to see “Hosting file services” for misc.-related content.

Newzbin – Warez site:


LiberaTor – Military, anarchy, weapons, etc stuff:


The Tor Library – Over 48GB of books on all kinds of subjects:


Unnamed Warez Site – Has loads of content, a nice new site:

http://qlzkoetmfgl3vgjf.onion/  (Username is webuser; password is L0L******)

NoReason’s Site – Has loads of info and pdf files on different subjects:


Lossless Audio Files – Music; great sound quality:


Fenergy – Has some ebooks and links on energy resources:


The Pirate Bay – The .onion mirror of The Pirate Bay. If TPB is censored in your country, use this!:



Marketplaces: Places where you can buy stuff! Or research a particular illegal subject (ahem, drugs).

Silk Road – Infamous on the news. Excellent products and (mostly) reliable sellers. This is the REAL AND ONLY LINK!!!:


Black Market Reloaded – Excellent products, smaller than Silk Road. Doesn’t require a fee to be a seller:


BMR Forums –  Discussions:


Silk Road Forums – Discussions:


TorDrugResource – Chemistry, pharmacology, cultivation, and lots of other information on different types of illicit substances. Mostly PDFs: http://y47ylcppnh3afqk4.onion/

The Armory – Silk Road’s new market for guns and ammunition. Buy Sasha (TF2 reference):



Misc: Cool websites that don’t fit any of the above.

SFTP Server – An SFTP server! Download files using the “FTP” protocol. Set up by Administrator:


Long Live the enV2 – A beautifully weird site about the LG enV2. I’ve got no idea why this was created in the first place, but…:


Carson – It’s a poem. But a good poem. Yep:


C’Thulhu – Infamous assassin group on Tor. *Highly* doubt it’s legitimate, but interesting nonetheless:


Beneath VT – Information on the tunnels under Virginia Tech:


Indymedia Keyserver – A place to distribute your PGP public key:


Therapy – Talk about your problems with this cleverbot-esque robot. It used to be named “Eliza”, but now the “primary therapist” is a Dr. Robert:


Human Experiments – “We go, where few dare”. Supposedly collects data from torture sessions. Obviously fake, but still a famous landmark:


Exit The Matrix – Currently the only browser game on Tor! Take the red or blue pill. Unfortunately, we still need to find a home for it, so for now, it will be hosted on sTORage:


Mariana’s Web – Experience the forbidden:


Gateway – An i2p proxy! It routes you through the i2p network and allows you to visit eepsites. Read more about i2p @


 – gAtO oUt


Russia’s Million Dollar Hackers

“Few nationalities are as good at making money from hacking than the Russians. Their share of the global cyber crime market, an estimated $12.5 billion black market, doubled last year to $4.5 billion, according to Moscow-based Group-IB, a cyber security services firm working mainly with the Russian government and banks to help reduce online fraud (See infographics here*). The Russians are hacking into your computer and your cell phone and they’re making millions as a result… Not all hacking is intolerable, or illegal. But a lot of it is, and the Russian computer geniuses walk the red carpet within the international hacker community. On the A-list of Russia’s multi-million dollar spammers and online fraudsters include the talents of Koobface members Stanislav Avdeyko (aka leDed); Alexander Koltyshev (Floppy), Anton Korotchenko (KrotReal), Roman P. Koturbach (PoMuc), Svyatoslav Polichuck (PsycoMan). That’s just the now defunct Koobface posse. There’s also Vladislav Khorokhorin (aka BadB), the 30 year old Russian who lived in Israel and ran the online stores Dumps.name and BadB.biz specializing in sale of compromised data of bank card users. He’s been at it for more than 8 years on the front lines of credit card fraud… Traditional crime syndicates are beginning to organize the previously disorganized Russian cybercrime market. In addition, these crime syndicates are beginning to work more closely together, sharing compromised data, botnets, and cashing schemes… in 2011, the largest type of Russian cybercrime was online fraud valued at $942 million; followed by spam at $830 million; cybercrime to cybercrime, or C2C (including services for anonymization and sale of traffic, exploits, malware, and loaders) at $230 million; and Denial of Service attacks, or DDoS, valued at $130 million.”

– http://www.forbes.co…dollar-hackers/


272 Hackers Groups

gAtO hAs a (fUnNy) -nOtEbOoK of crazy stuff – this is one of the pages – http://cyber.uscyberlabs.com/ – If you want to add to the (old) list gAtO would wElCoMe iT mEoW

List of Hacker Groups -272 resource(s)

 BlackCode.com – Comming Back Soon –
One of the best and well known hacking groups on the net. Also we have VERY good and informative magazine. You just need to subscribe in the mailing list to receive it. Check why BlackCode is #1
http://www.blackcode.com/ (6kb)

 Chaos Computer Club e.V.
Famous german hacking group.
http://www.ccc.de (15kb)

 Cult of the Dead Cow
This is the home page for the Cult of the Dead Cow.
http://www.cultdeadcow.com (3kb)

Welcome to RootAccess! The Computer Underground where British H@ckers/Crack3rs r001
Hey all!, Were a group of British Hackers, if you would like to see what we have and done then come in. Newbies and Advanced Hackers welcome.
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(c)º°¨¨°º(c) CrewX NetWork Productions (c)º°¨¨°º(c)
The CrewX site…enter at your own risk…we know where you live…
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* * HackeR CreW * *
The Best Hackers Crew All Around The World, Members Only.
http://www.hackercrew.org/ (11kb)

– =[ Knowledge’s Slaves Hacker ]= –
kSh es una grupo Dominicano, que tratara temas relacionados con el Under Hispano…
http://www.kshezine.org/ (2kb)

– [ S y s t e m E r r o r ] – Your Number 1 Hacking Resource
It is a really good group. it is still under alot of construction. it has the troja and the txt areas up
http://system-error.virtualave.net/ (16kb)

—[ : The X_TeaM : ]—
The X-Team
http://hellfyre.cjb.net/ (1kb)

–={ThE ~DaRk~CoRp}=–
——–[DaRkcorp]———— -windows progs linux/unix-progs /crackers / nukes / trojans / hacked sites / dos/
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-= DHW 2000 =-
El grupo DHW, hay cosas de hacking, phreaking, anarchy, y cracking.
http://DHW2000.cjb.net/ (1kb)

-= DHW 2000 =-
DHW. Hacking,Cracking,Anarchy,Phreaking. Programas,Boxes,Cookbooks,textos,links,busqueda y mas. Esta en español.
http://www.DHW2000.cjb.net/ (1kb)

-= E z k r a c h o  T e a m =- – Seguridad Informática
Sitio Argentino de Hacking, Phreaking & Cracking. Home del Ezkracho Team. Forum de discusiones.
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-=Hacker’s Ministry=-
Looking for members! We have tons of hacking textfiles, personal hacker chat, file upload, and much more.
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-=Orky’s Page=-
Orky’s Page, this site is Orky’s Homepage and contains resources relating to hacking , phreaking and computer sercurity (programs, texts, guides etc). Also available are images, free graphics, programs, links etc.orky’s page is currently located in the UK
http://www.orky.co.uk/ (5kb)

-[ Lemon-And-Lime ]-
Hacker-Supreme contain a large variaty of filez and txt related to Hacking/Phreaking/Security . For Linux and Windows .
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…::: DC2600.org :::…
Hacking, Phreaking, Cracking, Files, all the good stuff that all you haX0rs need. Awesome board, where newbies and all ppl can ask/answer question. Come and see the light:)
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.:: 1999.2000 DarkVice ::.
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0ri0n Team Venezuela
0ri0n Team Venezuela – El Sitio Web para el hacker serio… con noticias sobre seguridad, criptografia, virus, linux, etc … totalmente en español
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2600 Australia
2600 Australia, the local chapter of the New York group.
http://www.2600.org.au/ (9kb)

3V Team Homepage
Best croatian HPVCA site. we have it all. from warez to tutorials and wordlists. The best on croatian. Some people say “you won’t get any audience”, but people come, and language is not a barrier, soon, maybe even on english.
http://3vteam.cjb.net/ (1kb)

Hacking Cracking Jagged T100 Unix hacking Downloads texts Security email thesaint1@mail.com
http://jagged.cjb.net/ (66kb)

:: United Hackers Association : Infomation Database ::
UHA is a GREAT resource for all your underground needs! A huge archive for trojans, keyloggers, NT, Novell, Phreaking, Cracking, IRC, ICQ, Nukers, Mailbombers, Texts, Serialz,Sniffers, AOL tools, Compuserve Tools, BBS, Interviews with real Hackers, Crew Programz, Hackers Story, and more. Tons of stuff here! We even have their own unique proggies.
http://www.uha1.com (4kb)

::: r00t-access crew official website ::: New
r00t-access crew- defacing crew with downloads for unix/windows, mirrors of our past defaces, our texts, well organized exploits organized by OS, local/remote, #r00t-access on irc.dugnet.net
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Wildcards Hacking Group online from 25.7.2000 Oni&Blade
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abuselabs: welcome
You make it, we break it.
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adi_h8 First Homepage
Gostivar Hack Force
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ALPHA – Australian Legion of Phreakers Hackers and Anarchists
ALPHA – Australian Legion of Phreakers Hackers and Anarchists.
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Altered Reality
Altered Reality is an organization of hackers and other people with various talents. It is run by RebelX.
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AntiOffline removing the Dot in Dot.com
AntiOffline — They Have Pokeman and other weapons of Mass Destruction
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Asgard is a Spanish group about programming and security, with our own programas ,articles and more security related information. This Web is in Spanish
http://asgard.connect.to/ (3kb)

Crackz, keygenz, virii, drugs, anarchy
http://association.cjb.net/ (1kb)

atitude urgente
Brazilian hack and security website. Informations about security on linux and windows nt. Hacking and security tools for download.
http://www.hackcore.cjb.net/ (9kb)

Site designed for the uk hacker/phreaker and beginners (neophytes)
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Computer security hacking, cracking, exploit, free call, phreaking, netcard hacking, jammerkillah and techno phone Bad Scorpions.
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Este sitio es del Bad Industry ® hacking latino encorntraras de todo nuñerz, troyanos, linux, proxys …
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German Hacking Page
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The because-we-can.com website started on a group of crappy, old 486-class computers with old disks and broken face plates running FreeBSD. Our ADSL router was a 386. Most of our CPU cycles are still spent cracking RC5 keys, but the site is now served from… faster boxes running FreeBSD. Y? Because we can.
http://www.because-we-can.com/ (4kb)

Bienvenue sur le site du groupe XplosiF. Vous trouverez ici toutes les nouveautés du groupe, les archives, les projets, etc…..
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Black Sun Research Facility
Learn how to become a real hacker
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BlackGate Hacker’s Team Home Page
BlackGate Team Home Page – Pagina Web del grupo BlackGate.
http://www.arrakis.es/~ffortega/ (3kb)

this is an cool hacking site whith all you need
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botb.cn.st – BOTB Hackers
http://botb.cn.st/ (1kb)

Brain Storm Elite
jeder hat seinen Preis, niemand ist frei!!! german hackz fake e mail @ icq irc bots trojans portlist aol progz texte anarchy MP3 forum password serialz crackz melissa virus viruii DVD premiere nuker java perl webshells bombenbauanleitung atombombe deutsch english scanners pinger firewalls
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buha-security.de : hacken – cracken – coden
One of the best German Hacking Groups! These people really help.
http://www.busch-hacker.de/ (1kb)

by the reason… or the force…
The Kapz wish Project
http://www.krakhen.com/ (11kb)

Bytethieves Online
Join our crew, we offer toolz for members check our hackchat every monday at 3 p.m.
http://www.bytethieves.de.vu/ (1kb)

C y b e r – S t r i k e /* just r00t it */
A:hover { color: white; text-decoration:underline; } [ k 0 d e ] [ t e x t j u a r e ] [ w w w b o a r d ] [ n e t  u t l s ] [ o u r  s h 3 3 t ] [ l i n k x ] [ n f 0 ] [ c o n t a c k e d ]
http://www.Cyber-Strike.com/ (5kb)

Chaos Computer Club e.V.
Chaos Computer Club e.V.
http://www.ccc.de/ (15kb)

Chaos Legion is a european\american group, which does much in the hack scene. We have many fun files. Texts\Trojans\Amail\Virii\D.O.S\Phreaking files\Unix\ and XXX passes
http://www.chaoslegions.cjb.net/ (1kb)

http://www.checksum.org/ (4kb)

Chops’s Best and The Latest Up to date Warez Links
Chops’s Best and The Latest Up to date Warez Links – links to other password crackers – Links to Key Recovery Utilities and Resources -links to cryptanalysis tools and lessons – LINKS to Cracks, Warez, Serialz – links to Cracking Tutorials – Links to Cracking Tools –
http://www.icon.co.za/~chops/cracks.htm (3kb)

Círculo Negro
Circulo Negro Home Page: Cracks, dll’s, ocx, information, FFA links, groups, e-mail, and much more.
http://www.circulonegro.cjb.net/ (1kb)

La comunidad hacker mas poderosa en venezuela
http://www.cltve.cjb.net/ (1kb)

Get all the latest hacking tools, hacking games, xxx passwords, learn how to programme, and chat all about it
http://www.geocities.com/codemastersuk/ (2kb)

Crewl Underground Madness (cum) .-. Network Security & Hacking
crewl underground madness – www-HQ – cum is a belgian h/p/a/v/c group specialized in hacking/coding – downloads, links, hire us, …
http://www.securax.org/cum/ (6kb)

Cucaracha Hackers Team :::::…:::..—by choyero..:::….:::::
El gobierno mexicano, nuestro enmigo. Si buscas informaciòn de hacking aqui lo encontraras somos pura plebe mexicana, y el hacking es nuestra vida….que chingue su madre el gobierno mexicano!!!!!!! viva mexico cabrones
http://fly.to/cucaracha (3kb)

Security Archivez & Linkz
http://www.c-y-b-e-c-s.org/ (4kb)

D2 – Damatrix 2.0
A new perspective on hacksec. Including UNIX information, software, text, anti-virus, and denial-of-service protection. Is your system secure enough?
http://www.damatrix.cjb.net/ (2kb)

Da Breaker Crew – Cracking for all we teach to crack manny releases and frendly member 😉
http://kickme.to/dbc (1kb)

Hack, crack, dvd, cdr, burning, mrbt …
http://dabcorp.webjump.com/ (4kb)

GV is the best bosnian hacking group on the internet. they have a channel on dalnet. #gv
http://www.dalgv.cjb.net/ (1kb)

We’ve been around in the scene since 1993, release a zine, scans, seperate h/p texts, Phreaky Field Phreaking List, interview hackers and phreaks, etc.
http://surf.to/damage_inc (3kb)

http://www2.50megs.com/darkclaw/ (2kb)

Darktide, Inc. – Internet Media
Darktide, Inc. is a company bringing you everything from the neatest clothing and web sites to the fastest race boats and the best home theater systems.
http://www.darktide.com/ (7kb)

DeadlyGods Hacking Empire|DeadlyGods Hacking Empire|DeadlyGods Hacking Empire|DeadlyGods Hacking Emp
For all the Hackz, Warez, Crackz, DDLZ, Hack TXT, Appz, Progz, Gamez, Mp3z, 2_Pac Picz, Chat, and Linkz come to Deadlygods Hacking Empire|
http://HackingEmpire.cjb.net/ (1kb)

Deathstar2000`s Lair
One of the best hacking sites on the net…
http://www.deathstar2000.co.uk/ (3kb)

This site is maily based on hacking cracking and phreaking information. If your just here looking for intresting warez, feel free to look at anything i have listed, and tips on using them. There will also be add ons listed such as word lists updates tutorials ect. So please come back when you have the time to check for updates.
http://www.delacroix.cjb.net/ (1kb)

Demon Industry
Demon Industry
http://udemon.hypermart.net/ (4kb)

DevilSoul Team
http://devilsoul.com/ (3kb)

digital access
tons of apps, games, mp3’s, lot more to come 150% free no pops and no bs
http://zip.to/digitalaccess (3kb)

DigitalAggression.Com – [ Word of the Day: LINKAGE! ]
Digital Aggression is not just about learning what a hack is but showing how to defend yourself from one. We also want to teach new styles of web design like DHTML or FLASH. These are the newest and most affective ways to make a webpage and soon they will be one of the only ways. HTML may become something of the past!
http://www.digitalaggression.com/ (30kb)

Security related material in italian.
http://dnfcrew.cjb.net/ (1kb)

Sitio hack en español defendiendo los ataques a usarios por parte de compañias como Telefonica
http://www.achteam.com/ (1kb)

Drink Or Die Entertainment
Drink Or Die
http://www.drinkordie.com/ (4kb)

dr_rappa – Ph33r my HUGE p3nis!
OHA – Online Hackers Association, Ph33jr
http://www.o-h-a.org/ (1kb)

DS-ISRC–DarkSide-Italian Security Research Crew
DS-ISRC–DarkSide-Italian Security Research Crew
http://m-a-t-r-i-x.gq.nu/ (8kb)

http://www.thing.net/~rdom/ecd/ecd.html (10kb)

echo root
echo root hacking group – don’t worry it’s not porn, you won’t go blind.
http://www.echoroot.com/ (2kb)

EliteHacker.br A informação ao seu alcance.
EliteHacker.br A informação ao seu alcance.
http://www.elitehacker.com.br/ (17kb)

We are back and stronger than ever! with one of the Largest databases of files and descriptions. Online books, Texts, asm virri files, rainbow collection, phreak progs schematics. And our own production of programs..! VISIT US NOW.
http://www.emc2k.com/ (1kb)

Hacking Group. Essays, Cracking, Phreaking, Virii, Back Office, Remote Control Trojans, ZeroCool
http://www.geocities.com/legacyofa/ (3kb)

Entrance to the HackerZ Hideout
The HackerZ Hideout – Website dedicated to bringing the world the latest information pertaining to computer system security.
http://hackersclub.com/km/ (3kb)

Excite Clubs
http://clubs.excite.com/thecollective/ (1kb)

http://www.fatihnet.8m.com/ (5kb)

felons dot org
Just your average everyday technocriminals.
http://www.felons.org/ (3kb)

FergeNET Networks Inc.
~M Krew~ Masterson’s Krew
http://www.fergenet.net/ (6kb)

File Not Found
We only hack mIRC, but the thing is – WE DO IT GOOD ! ! !
http://www.crosswinds.net/~hackedweb/ (16kb)

FortuneCity > 404 Error
SHN – Hail the Underground !! Make thoz guyz FEAR ya …
http://www.fortunecity.com/skyscraper/bugfix/1280/ (11kb)

FortuneCity > 404 Error
Untitled5 contains versatail information on variouse subjects…
http://www.fortunecity.com/skyscraper/basic/1002/ (11kb)

GenocideX – We Are What You Think We Aren’t
We ahjve info related to hacking, security, phreaking, linux, unix, telnet, and much much more.
http://home.cyberarmy.com/genocidex/ (4kb)

GiN Hackers Site
Recently created hacking group. All programs have been checked for trojans and bugs. Site has best projects and good tutorial files that are recently updated. Come and see for your self.
http://gin.hotmail.ru/ (1kb)

GitS-Network – we rule AUSTRIA
GitS-Network Change Your Mind! 1st Austrian Hacker Group! Virii Cracks Hacks Labor’s all in German! Ghost in the Shell rulz!
http://gits2501.virtualave.net/ (2kb)

Gloodynox Progy site!
Gloodynox’s Proger site with lots of own viruses and progz, great hacker stuff and lots of Fun. You have to visit it!
http://www.gloodynox.de/ (2kb)

Group[Shadow] Homepage Login
Group[Shadow]Homepage everything on Hacking, Trojans, Viruses, Defence, FTP, HTML, IP, Texts, Programs its all here!
http://www.groupshadow.co.uk/ (4kb)

hacking cracking trojans texts mail bombers nukes and a load of pther stuff i can’t be bothered typing
http://www.h3llrazerz.wxs.org/ (1kb)

Hackers. Against. Code. Cops. The new Godz of tha net. Even more mightier than Bill Gates.
http://www.HACCs.homestead.com/ (10kb)

Just believe in your self
http://hackunite.8m.com/ (2kb)

DuA hacking/cracking/programming one of the biggest and best hacking groups!
http://welcome.to/DUA (3kb)

Sito tutto Italiano: Hacking, Phreacking, Hacking Satellitare, Crack, ICQ Tools, IRC… All!!!
http://mov.to/newhacker (1kb)

hackerhq New
Resorces, News, Info., We Got It All Covered!!!!!!
http://www.hackerhq.homestead.com/ (79kb)

Hackers & Security
hackers & Security in Seoul Korea
http://hackers.joins.com/ (2kb)

The best arabian hacking around the fuckin world.
http://arabcrack.homepage.com/ (3kb)

http://www.hackers-online.com (3kb)

massive file archive for unix,linux and windows covering all aspects of the computer underground. Also members needed for an elite group of hackers
http://www.H2k.co.uk/ (11kb)

Hacking cracking program virus and much free links entertainment etc.
Great news for newbies I have a cool site where you can download some nice trojans like bo2k you should download schoolbus this program works much better then bo2k and has capabilities to scan the hole internet to find some infected people with trojans
http://virus.hacking.webjump.com/ (4kb)

Hacking Phreaking Cracking…
German Hacking Site!!!
http://www.rivendu.de/ (2kb)

this is just you normal hacking site
http://hacking4ever.homestead.com/hacking4ever.html (14kb)

hackinthebox.org – hackinthebox.org
A site with news on the hacker/phreaker scene also with a monthly zine dedicated to hacking/phreaking. The zine is available for Avantgo users as well. Filez section to be added soon as well.
http://www.hackinthebox.org/ (39kb)

We are a small german Group, with only own Programs and Tutorials.We also have german and english books!
http://hackitteam.cjb.net/ (1kb)

HAO was founded to create a safe arena for information exchange between computer users with the common bond of a thirst for knowledge.
http://www.hao.org/ (18kb)

Hell Of Web
Seite rund um IT-Security und andere Computerspeziefische Themen wie z.B. Programmieren usw.
http://www.geocities.com/hellofweb/ (3kb)

A site that had it all! no more to say
http://www.hellhackerz.com/ (3kb)

HFX International Org. – “Before the beginning of great brilliance, there must be chaos…”
Worldwide hacker unification group.
http://www.hfactorx.org/ (8kb)

HiSpeed Technologies – Account Disabled
http://post-mortem.org/ (26kb)

Holy Shit!!!!!!!!!!
As it stands right now, we are only three strong, but are currently looking for new members to join the crew.Let’s get one thing straight though. If your a lamer, don’t bother. We got enough of you cretins running around as it is without adding you to our ranks as well. We are interested only in serious minded individuals, and people who aren’t going to make alot of noise,so to speak.
http://hackerz-r-us.4t.com/ (2kb)

Home page ITSWEB.ORG
Ultimate Site for all Your Hacking Needs
http://www.itsweb.org/ (5kb)

Hacktivist unite team
http://www.huteam.net/ (2kb)

HäçKiÑg W@RÆz
Everything You Need To Know About Hacking And More!
http://www.hackerwarez.homepad.com/ (1kb)

I . H . F
We are staring the israeli hacking group – everyone can join us . we are under construction but some categories are working
http://ihf.da.ru/ (1kb)

ic3d inc security
A group of programmers with new and original programs and source code for the.
http://home.cyberarmy.com/icer/ (3kb)

IIRG Home Page
The International Information Retrieval Guild. Since 1982 involving Hacking Phreaking and Survivalism.”
http://www.iirg.org/ (6kb)

Image From C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\Untitled-1.jpg
Hacking, Phreaking, ETC
http://www.phreak2000.com/ (1kb)

Webcams, Games, Downloads, celebpics, hackfiles, hackingclan! (link page).
http://www.tahg.homestead.com/ (17kb)

http://osc.inetg.bg/kgb-neon/ (7kb)

We are the Scottish hacking group will give software out
http://geocities.com/psg_354 (10kb)

Index of /
Italian Collaboration Unix Hacking Gruppo Italiano
http://itcuh.tripod.com/ (2kb)

Index of /ehack
Elite Hackers Association
http://members.tripod.com/ehack/ (2kb)

Index of /ehack
Elite Hackers Association
http://members.tripod.com/ehack/ (2kb)

Index of /htwx
Best belgium hackers site.
http://bewoner.dma.be/htwx/ (1kb)

Index of /thelastcomp
The name of the site is The Last Computer War Hacking and hacking archives for advanced and new hackers..
http://members.xoom.com/Thelastcomp/ (15kb)

Index One By Kozlik & Tesil New
Czech hackers……
http://www.kat.fbi.cz/ (6kb)

http://www.hackerlink.or.id/ (1kb)

International Hackerz Union
Inernational Hackerz Union.
http://ihu.cjb.net/ (1kb)

Intro Screen…
Statik code is a new up and coming hacker/phreaker group. visit us on dal.net in chan #statik
http://www.angelfire.com/scifi/statikcode/ (7kb)

JAGGED ALLIANCE HACKING — Http://jagged404.cjb.net
New Improved Hacking Site … Virus, torjans,CGI,Unix Texts Nukers, Spoffers, Exploits, security, proxies, Mp3″s Downloads . Top100. News , Chat, ANd Many Many More JAGGED ALLIANCE HACKING
http://jagged404.cjb.net/ (1kb)

h/p/v/c/a files/articles/alliances/e-zines to come check it out
http://www.kaosteam.org/ (2kb)

KryptoCrew v2.0
Security related Informatins about hacking, cracking, phreaking, virii and trojans!
http://www.KryptoCrew.de/ (1kb)

La Taberna de Van Hackez – HOMEPAGE
Underground archives: password crackers, trojans, scanners, ezines, virus, tools, etc, etc. + 300 MB on line.
http://www.vanhackez.com/ (49kb)

LastArmy’s Inferno
We are a fairly new group. We’ve hacked some basic shit. Come to us and find out just how good we are.
http://www.lastarmy.cjb.net/ (1kb)

http://latinowebmania.cjb.net/ (2kb)

le portail des lascars francophones
French speaking hackers’ portal however 80% url are english speaking
http://surf.to/lascars (3kb)

Hacking files, doc’s, news & info. All the secrets of the web on or linked to this amazing site. Section for newbies, Download arcade, Hacked pay sites & Government misc. Hotmail, IRC, IRQ, AOL, mailbomers, nukers, passwords, phisers, virii ~ all the usual stuff here but from a fellow hacker & UK org. The Eastern Forces ~ LiQuId ~
http://321website.com/members/home/data/malcy/homepage.html (18kb)

The New Eastern Forces Frame based Website is finally up & running | ICQ | mIRC | Hotmail | Firewalls | Security | Assault | Hacking essentials
http://www.321website.com/members/home/data/malcy/homepage.h… (18kb)

Good site i need hackers and good programers..please click on my sponcer.
http://www.homestead.com/stoner2/hackersgroup.html (22kb)

we are starting ahcking gruop up and we ahve alot of the best trojans out.if you would be interested in join let us know at fbi_killa911@yahoo.com
http://The_Elite_crew.homestead.com/main.html (15kb)

Macedonian Hacking Crews are talking there… Take a look of that page. I thing there is the best forum of all !! CE YA DUDS 🙂
http://www.makhack.net/ (1kb)

Masters Of Darkness
The Masters of Darkness
http://www.mastersofdarkness.com/ (4kb)

MetaL TeaM Page WeB
MeTaL TeaM Pagina OficiaL DeL MetaL TeaM #Espa-MetaL irc.msn.com tb IRC UneTe A NosoTroS.
http://www.gratisweb.com/MetaL_TeaM/ (2kb)

Mystic Mayhem HQ
Mystic Mayhem´s official homepage with tons of H/P/V/C/A files.
http://www.flashback.net/~mm/ (2kb)

Mystifying Angels
New group…trying to learn. Were in canada, come and visit us….
http://crash.to/ma (3kb)

NBCi 404 Error
Hacking Cracking Security Downloads Software Tools
http://members.xoom.com/inhaas/ (14kb)

NetSphere Inc. ® 2000
Computer Security,Programing ,lots of computer security programs, trojans etc….
http://netsphere.cjb.net/ (1kb)

Neue Seite 1
Hier könnt ihr alles downloaden !
http://members.xoom.com/mrproof/ (3kb)

Security and more…
http://beam.to/nosferatu (1kb)

Nu Omega Tau Security
Site with info on hacking, WinU hacking, with homemade programs & texts! Visit!
http://homepages.hack-net.com/ghetto/nuomegatau/ (3kb)

Order Of The Hack
A small hacker’s group, including MANY text filez.
http://www.ooth.8m.com/ (8kb)

Overloaded is Dead!
o v e r l o a d e d . o r g
http://www.overloaded.org/ (1kb)

Page has moved
Crewl Underground Madness – [CUM] – Belgian h/p/a/v/c group – hack requests, downloads, links, news, …
http://bewoner.dma.be/cum/ (1kb)

Payback Productions – mindrape, mindr4pe, payback, productions, paybackproductions, naked, women, nu
A huge site filled with icq hacking downloads, hacked websites, the truth about drugs, and rants from america’s disgruntled youth.
http://www.paybackproductions.com/ (3kb)

PC Network
One of the most promising teams of 2000.
http://www.psi-corps.f2s.com/ (1kb)

Phantom Power in association with the Cybernetic Enforcers
A United Kingdom based organisation. Collection of programs and info to help all people to hack phreak etc… especially good for people in uk.
http://www.phantompower.co.uk/ (2kb)

Planet Hack
http://www.planethack.org/ (1kb)

Vertigon Vertigon Labs Vertigon Labs ltd. VLL Digital Underground Team Website Design Latest Exploits Latest UNIX Exploits IRC Hacking Hacking Programming illegal programming illegal
http://www.iol.ie/~aomeara/ (1kb)

Psychotik Hacking Team Webpage
http://www.psychotik.org/ (2kb)

The site about the q72 hackers group
http://q72.hyperlink.cz/ (1kb)

Quebec Hacker’s Alliance Web Network
Internet Security, Programmation, Hacking Software, Free C/C++ and Internet Security Teaching, Proxy, and a lot more you’ll like!
http://www.qha.cjb.net/ (1kb)

R a i n F o r e s t P u p p y
http://www.wiretrip.net/rfp/1/ (8kb)

RAIS – Root Access
A webpage from a hacking group called root access information security (RAIS). Check it out.
http://www4.bcity.com/rootaccess/ (1kb)

rebeli0n :mx komputer underground:
Mexican computer underground team.
http://rebelion.cjb.net/ (1kb)

The best hacking group on the net.
http://browse.to/roa (3kb)

Root Hackers Version 2.0a
Root Hackers: A white hat hacker group.
http://www.roothackers.com/ (2kb)

s0ftpr0ject 2000
s0ftpr0ject2000 – Security for Y2K
http://www.s0ftpj.org/ (5kb)

100% security Anti Virii-Firewalls-Port shit-Misc-T scanners and much more
http://www.securepc2k.com/ (2kb)

Security Horizon/Security Tribe
Site offering tutorials, exploits, explanations, original content, and lots of cool FREE stuff.
http://www.ducktank.net/ (1kb)

SGP Web Hosting & Design
texts and progz to help newbies learn to hack, and advance information for exprienced hackers. MP3’s, cracks, webmaster resources, downloads and more.
http://www.sgpsystems.com/ (20kb)

Site Status
Information, technology, programming
http://www.darkmodem.org (4kb)

H/C/P/A/V/W and Lammahs Icq tools, trojans, Linux, Os and Brazilian Hackers….The power of Hackers is the Brazil.
http://www.smalhack.cjb.net/ (7kb)

Home of SmithKlan – hacking group.
http://www.smithklan.com/ (2kb)

SOLDIERX.COM – Nobody Can Stop Information Insemination
A group bent on spreading information and reuniting the underground to its former status.
http://www.soldierx.com/ (4kb)

learn all the ways of hacking and check out our forum
http://hackerschool.homestead.com/start.html (8kb)

Statik Code
Statik code is a new hacker/phreaker group.
http://statikcode.cjb.net/ (1kb)

Stupid shower of dumb american fucks
Ruthless Hacking dot com is a new and rapidly growing computer security site. We are expanding our archives and updating the site daily. *We do not have warez/porn/serials/etc.* Come check it out.
http://www.ruthlesshacking.com/ (2kb)

Hacking,Cracking,Text Files,Linux,Unix,Programming,& Exploits
http://www.subartic-x.8m.com/ (3kb)

If you wanna fuck somethin up, come on in
http://subseven.slak.org/ (1kb)

Swing-Youth Hacking
The Swing-Youth hacking group, phreaking and hacking.
http://go.to/swing-youth (3kb)

Swing-Youth Hacking
White hat hacking group, old school, we are into learning and gaining more knowledge…not destruction.
http://go.to/swing-youth/ (3kb)

SysSoft Web Services
Programs made by us and much more, this is not a crap site like many other sites on the net, check it out
http://system33.cjb.net/ (1kb)

hacking, cracking, codeing, networking, anarchy, email us at webmaster at thunderground.org
http://www.thunderground.org/ (9kb)

Tactical 13
A growing hacking group based in Canada
http://welcome.to/tactical13 (3kb)

Hacks, cracks, anarchy, phreaking, webcams, security, virus, trojans, hackerzclan, forum, store, free stuff, free sms, gsm melodies and more and more and more
http://come.to/tahg (1kb)

Il sito del Tank Commandos: testi, programmi e quant’altro dedicato all’hacking e alla programmazione.. IN ITALIANO !!!
http://go.to/tankcommandos (3kb)

TCF – The Cracking Factory … ready to crack the new millenium
The official TCF site. Our Cracks are not bigger than 4KB!!! Download in 1 second!!!! Cracks, Tutorials, TCF Patch Installer v1.4b, …
http://www.tcf99.cjb.net/ (1kb)

Team Moohaha!
Team Moohaha is a team in the distributed.net effort. We intend to prove that cows and cow lovers can join forces to rule stats.
http://moohaha.bovine.net/ (2kb)

TeamHex… Cause were that damn good
we need hackers,programers,artist to join my new clan
http://www.homestead.com/h4ckers/ (2kb)

Text Script Example
Hackers Mexico
http://members.tripod.com/Radikall/StartHackers.html (4kb)

ThaGodFather’z Home – http://ISNO.away.ch
Internet Security Network Organisation
http://ISNO.away.ch/ (1kb)

The Alliance Network
Computer Manipulation
http://www.thealliancenetwork.org/ (2kb)

The brotherhood of Enclave
The brotherhood of Enclave. Hackers against child pornography and internet stalking.The brotherhood needs you…If you are a newbie, we will train you. Join the brotherhood and rise to be one of our elite guard! Come join our effort.
http://TheGovernment.com/enclave/ (2kb)

The Digital Underground Assassins
{DUA} The Digital Underground Assains – The Best Elite Hacking/Carding/Phreaking group in the scene… Fear us!
http://thedua.com/ (1kb)

The Game Galaxy
Welcome to codekids, i have done a bit of redesigning. Take a look around, there is a lot of hidden crap around, odd scripts odd pages, and the sort. -reb0rn
http://codekids.the-game-galaxy.com/ (1kb)

The Hack Shack
Elite Underground Search Engine
http://www.hackshack.tsx.org/ (2kb)

The Hacker’s Defense Foundation
The Hacker’s Defense Foundation is a Not-for-Profit foundation dedicated and committed to the advancement of the hacking community, through education, of the social, political, and legal implications of the uses of technology, and seeks to enlighten the public and law enforcement about hacking community, through education, that hackers are not the lawless goons that law enforcement, the news media, and Hollywood would try to portray them as.
http://www.hackerz.org/ (5kb)

The Rebirth of TDYC!
Technological Education Group
http://www.tdyc.com/ (1kb)

The Satanic Bible – Anton Szandor LaVey
The Brotherhood of Warez new home on the net. Phear BoW
http://www.bow.org/ (1kb)

The SBHC Global Networks, L.L.C.
Welcome to The Southbendh Hackers Club Homepage! The new hacking protal for the new millennium! Southbend, IN 46545
http://southbendhackersclub.com/ (17kb)

The SBHC Global Networks, L.L.C.
Welcome to The Southbend Hackers Club Homepage! We have many features on our site, including an online store, supplying hackers, phreaks, anarchists and terrorists!
http://www.southbendhackersclub.com/index.html (17kb)

The south african Hacking page
Simply the best hacking group around!!!
http://www.binaryoutlaws.warez.net/ (1kb)

The Toxic Crisko Network
Toxic Crisko Network – Hacks Cracks Cheats Death Obituary Serialz Warez Plus A Kick Ass Mall
http://www.toxiccrisko.net/ (11kb)

The WebAlias Network presents: hackercentral at browser.to/hackercentral
Hacking and Cracking for the newbie who wants to learn. Texts, progs and much more.
http://browser.to/hackercentral (8kb)

The X-Hackers
X-Hackers Network Security
http://xhackers.cjb.net/ (1kb)

Triad Security
Linux, Exploits, News, everything for your security needs. Were not underground anymore, were everywhere, from your next door neighbor to your boss, were here!
http://triadsecurity.sacone.com/ (1kb)

TriForce Hackers
We are a new group for beginners and for experienced hackers. Linux is the only operating system that we will use for out projects.
http://www.triforce.genxer.net/ (1kb)

OVER 600 MB OF HACKING STUFF… Come to see us..
http://members.tripod.com/minville/qha/index.html (8kb)

The Legion of the Red Skull’s hacking orginization homepage. Files avalable for the elite hacking and newbie alike.
http://members.tripod.com/gretchensplice/ (9kb)

A site i made has a couple of links and a download archive. weekly news.
http://ceaserb.tripod.com/q80hackers/ (9kb)

Hacking groups, phreaking and downloads.
http://www.angelfire.com/bc/theUC/ (5kb)

?Hacking group UkR? about team and a lot of interesting articles.
http://www.ukrteam.com/ (8kb)

United Hack3rs
United Hack3rs: there are many tutorials, exploits, we are accepting members, here is everything u need to know to become a hacker, or should know if you already are
http://www.unitedhack3rs.cjb.net/ (2kb)

United Hackers
New SPANISH web for rookie hackers.
http://unitedhackers.miarroba.com/ (2kb)

universal vault
http://hacked.at/universalvault/ (1kb)

Unique stuff comming soon, check as out, we at [HCA]- HackCode Association well bring you the best hacking/security resource at our best.
http://www.angelfire.com/mb/hackcode/ (5kb)

http://www.angelfire.com/punk/crimewave/ (1kb)

An old time hacking group that started in 1992. We have one of the largest file archives on the internet and are a great source for viruses and unix driven systems.
http://www.h51.com (1kb)

Hack,crack,free stuff…
http://www.apache.prv.pl (1kb)

Underground Resistance web site.
http://members.tripod.com/flexus91/ (1kb)

Hacker Related
http://www.finris.da.ru/ (4kb)

CyBeR-TeK click for HACKING phreaking TXT program ICQ toolz IRC tollz nukers novell firewalls scaners and more…
http://www.cyber-tek.8m.com/ (4kb)

Cyberx-team website –>> hack ,linux ,security
http://www.cyberx.interweb.pl/ (1kb)

A new security site, text files and links -with a forum chk us out much more and email us with stuff you want!!
http://home.cyberarmy.com/3rdlegion/ (5kb)

Underground Technology is a Danish hacker group
http://www.under-tech.com/ (2kb)

Welcome in to the x2k crew’s website! We host many and good hacking/security related files. We dont host 3000 OOB nukers and 4000 portscanners, we have the best to satisfy your needs. If you can’t get to our site by this link then try www.x2k.co-inc.net or download the HTTP2-plugin for Internet Explorer!
http://x2k.abstractzero.org/ (1kb)

hacking, cracking, viri, trojans, portal, ffal,
http://www.cotbs.com/ (1kb)

Programas, textos y mas. Todos contra el gobierno mexicano
http://www.geocities.com/h4mst3rz/ (1kb)

The Dark Side Hackers
http://nettrash.com/users/dsh/ (2kb)

Untitled New
Underground Security Site for Malaysian Political Reformation Movement Supporter.
http://www.hackerzparadize.f2s.com/ (1kb)

the electrohippies Electronic Activism & Electronic Civil Disobedience website
http://www.gn.apc.org/pmhp/ehippies/ (1kb)

Untitled Document
Everything to do with the underground internet
http://www.teamlie.com/ (3kb)

VdC inc. – The whole gamma of Underground Topics
http://vdc.tsx.org/ (2kb)

COOL HA everthing a hacker needs!!!
http://www.gejat.com/ (47kb)

welc0me to @_2500Hz – Underground Scene – [ I+D Research ]
http://pagina.de/2500Hz/ (3kb)

Welcome 2 DILA’s domain…
Drinking_in_LA’s hacking lair. Trojans, mass emailers ‘n’ more!
http://misc.4mg.com/ (2kb)

GitS-Network Austrian Hacker Group -New-Age-Hackers- Deutsch und English.
http://gits.virtualave.net/ (4kb)

Welcome To Egyptian Hackers Society
Egyptian Hackers Society – Dedicated For Both Professional And Amateur Hacker
http://egyptianhackerssociety.virtualave.net/ (5kb)

Welcome to The Cult Of Universal Chaos
On this site you can find nearly everything (cracks, warez, xxx, toolz) and many more.
http://www.tcouc.de/ (6kb)

Welcome to the Sub PhreakZ ZoNE!!
A new group of hackers looking for new members..so check us out.
http://www.subphreakz.cjb.net/ (1kb)

Welcome To TheUnderground Headquarters
A hacking, programming and computer related texts based page.
http://kickme.to/uhq/ (1kb)

Welcome……………………………..Egyptian Hackers Association.
Best, Newtest Hacking Files On the Net, Services such as Hosting, etc, Check It OUt………….Art Of Hacking
http://www.eghackers.com/ (4kb)

WeLkom To BlacK BraiN’s Hackers Area
BlacK BraiN’s HacKerS Area
http://blackbrain.freeservers.com/ (19kb)

while(1).org :: “Our social lives are as pathetic as our code.”
Geek Mafia is a a band of intellectual ruffians defiling the proverbial tuckus of our American corporate police state. Home of the Providence, RI 2600 meeting, and the Phone Losers 401. And lots of cool hacker / computer security stuff.
http://geekmafia.dynip.com/ (4kb)

Windows bug!
This is Hategate’s great Hacker page in Germany! Very good downloads and news!
http://www.Hategate.de/ (2kb)

WWW. – Coming Soon
Hacking for the next millenium, HUTEAM, A to Z trojans, binders, icqskin, icq war, irc war, scanners, sub seven page, pldt.com, bo, deep throat, nukes, hack, hacking, linux, trinux, cracking, carding, phreaking, cellular, isp, password files, hacking tutorials.
http://www.huteam.com/ (1kb)

www.psg.home.ro >> PureSoft Garden Homepage
a brand new romanian user-group based mostly on developing (there are some brains there), but also on hacking\trojans.
http://www.psg.home.ro/ (4kb)

–= ¤·XëÖ·¤ web® 2000-2001 =–<
http://xeo.webjump.com/ (3kb)

Heavy Force
http://suse.unixcity.de/hfc/ (5kb)

Zeon Underground
Hacking and security site from a new and upcommin group in the HPVCA community. We speciallize in exploits and linux distributions..members wanted.
http://www.zeonunderground.cjb.net/ (1kb)

ZweH -= Zwickauer Excellence Hackers =-
Zwickauer Excellence Hackers
http://www.zweh.de/ (3kb)

[ Forbidden Security Resources ]
http://forbidden.net-security.org/ (14kb)

[ L 0 T – S e c u r i t y ] – [ Security-Downloads.Com ]
We have everything you need to wage cyberwar!
http://securax.org/l0t/ (2kb)

[ w e . 0 w n z – u . o r g ] – Who Owns You?
A cyber nation created and run by hackers to shine a guiding light thru the internet and demonstrate possible uses of bleeding-edge technology to enhance life for the masses.
http://we.0wnz-u.org/ (1kb)

[: hacktivism = hacking x activism : hacktivism@tao.ca : hacktivism.tao.ca :]
[: hacking/ the of and /activism :] fusion hacking activism
http://hacktivism.tao.ca/ (22kb)

[THC] – The Hacker’s Choice – Official HomePage
We are probably German’s best group involved in hacking, phreaking and of course anarchy, in short words H/P/A.
http://www.infowar.co.uk/thc/ (2kb)

_EhZ_ Crew And Staff _EhZ_
[EHZ] hotmail [EhZ] 5 words needed typing and thats all. you WILL get a reply back from your hack request.
http://home.beseen.com/internet/urb4n/members.htm (14kb)

__Nordic HackerZ Association__
A place for everyone
http://welcome.to/nha (3kb)

_¸,.»¬=椺²°`¯[Global Hacking Alliance]¯’`°²º¤æ=¬».,¸_ – Real Hackers Unite –
The Global Hacking alliance, a hacking community of over 100 hackers crackers phreakers programmers etc. We offer a zillion of downloads, good text files, good progz, toolz…..
http://gha.cjb.net/ (1kb)

We are a german elite GFX Site Our Topics are Hacking / gfx / tutorials.
http://www.cs2000.tsx.org/ (2kb)

†† Z.S.S2k ††/~/~/~/~The Zamial Security Server~\~\~\~\†† Z.S.S2k ††
http://Zamial.com/ (14kb)

©º°¨¨°º© Regno di RaulKen ©º°¨¨°º©
Felice 2000
http://www.chiaiese.cjb.net/ (22kb)

µðÁöÅÐ ÇØÄ¿ Çùȸ
digital hacker network in korea
http://www.2600.co.kr/ (28kb)

·•ø•· Grøüñd Zérø Ëlîtê
ø.· Grøüñd Zérø Ëlîtê “Know it..Phear it” Join Today..DownloadZ..Hacking Tips..and more
http://www.groundzero.mainpage.net/ (1kb)

¸.·´¯`·.¸.·´¯`·.¸ The Unofficial Dutch [DBG]© Website. ¸.·´¯`·.¸.·´¯`·.¸
dutch dbg psp audiograber hack drunk bier
http://go.to/DBG (3kb)



Cyber Security LinkedIn Groups

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A Legal Company is paying Hackers Legal Fees –

Murdoch Organization Still Paying Phone Hacker’s Legal Fees? Amazing


Mr Murdoch said: “I asked the question myself and I was very surprised to find the company had made certain contributions to legal settlements.

“I don’t have all of the details around each of those – not legal settlements sorry, legal fees – I was surprised, I was very surprised to find out that had occurred.

“They were done, as I understand it, in accordance with legal counsel and their strong advice.”

Asked who signed the cheques, Rupert Murdoch said “it could have been” Les Hinton, head of News International at the time, or, alternatively, the chief legal officer.

It was put to the Murdochs that their company had been paying legal fees for Mulcaire, a “convicted felon” – a charge James Murdoch admitted.

He said: “I do know certain legal fees were paid for Mr Mulcaire by the company and I was as surprised and shocked to learn that as you are.”

But he denied the fees were paid to buy Mulcaire’s “cooperation and silence”, saying: “When the allegations came out I said: ‘Are we doing this? Is this what the company’s doing?’

“The strong (legal) advice was that from time to time it’s important and customary even to pay co-defendants’ legal fees.”

Read More Via –http://crooksandliars.com/karoli/murdoch-organization-still-paying-phone-hac