Bitcoin 2.0 and the Segway Bike

Bitcoin 2.0 and the Segway Bike

gAtO Imagine – some of the business side applications we can build with future triggered events being executed by Autonomous Cyber Robots. All build on the basic Bitcoin 1.0 code but not using the coins but the blockchain – there be treasure in that blockchain but it’s all math ugh!!!.


Ok first what is Bitcoin 2.0? Basically it’s a new way to have a cyber robot or a cyber drone that can do what you instruct them to do. It is a timestamp triggered event and you can now just add business rules to it that will work in cyberspace.

What do you do online today?

  • Shop for things and have them delivered
  • Online banking
  • Buy and sell stocks and bonds
  • Send donations to Charities or political organizations

So now you can build cyber-business rules to be execute on the web and put them into one of these cyber robot or a cyber drone. I use these 2 terms because when people hear drones they think attacks and such and yes you can now build digital FINANCIAL  warriors that can execute based on events, millions of them and they can be used for good and evil.

timeStamp- or -blockchain-trigger event – robots with business rules- example//

  • Send 100 Bitcoins to my family every 6 months after I die.
  • Buy or sell stocks ambiguously  – Digital Business Contracts – or Personalities
  • Any transaction that can be performed on the web!
  • Set up a corporation by an Ethereum digital actors
  • Any Business rule that can executed digitally 

gAtO lOvE Ethereum //= it is a platform and a programming language that makes it possible for any developer to build and publish next-generation distributed applications. https://www.ethereum.org/  Next Generation Smart Contracts and a Decentralize Application Platform. Non-geek cyber-business rules OK…

GAtO used to lug around an Osborne luggable computer… 1.0 laptops – but gAtO was cool aligning 10MB (yes 10 Mega Bytes) hard rives the size of a large home freezer. The good old computers days… Out of hardware back to Biz -mEoW

MasterCoin – The Master Protocol facilitates the creation and trading of smart properties and user currencies as well as other types of smart contracts. Mastercoins serve as the binding between bitcoins (BTC), smart properties and smart contracts created on top of the Mastercoin Protocol. Non-geek cyber-business rules OK…

Similar Alt-coins but both the same (going after the business side) in a way but these seem to be a new wave of Bitcoin 1.0 off shoots. Now NameCoin and Trusted coin are on a different course, since they are more into the digital Notary service that can be done with any blockchain type Bitcoin off shoot. And LiteCoin 84 Million -versus- 21 Million in Bitcoins another fight but of a different financial play on this alt-coin. LiteCoin is around $10 bucks Per so we have to keep an I on them too.

Once again these another development are being built on the shoulder of the great Satoshi Nakamoto work. GaTo as a technologist love all these new and exciting toys to play with. Then I think about the Segway Bike I alway wanted one but then again really, I’m I really ready to give up walking? Back in 2001 it was so cool, it was the evolution of the bicycle or was it???

13 years later this evolution the revolution of the bicycle is seem by most as the Mall Police ride by. Ok maybe in Seattle or San Francisco I can see that but really. Now Bicycle Cops are everywhere but real cops on a Serway Bike – you know maybe I don’t really want one anymore. But I wonder if I can buy one with Bitcoins? ummm

DogE-Coin is hot with the young bloods as a NEW digital currency that’s taking Reddit and other places by storm- I know gAtOCoin, maybe I’ll start one of my own, there only about 500 Alt-Coins around and growing all built on the Bitcoin core code. Bitcoin is only 5 Years Old -Wow- Imagine in another 3-5 years // world wide currencies all over doing different things creating the NEW Cyber-System D-(system) that no government can controls, of the people and by the people. Double -Wow

gAtO’s bet is on Bitcoin, simple it has payed it’s dues, from an underground play toy to International financial deals like flying to the Moon on Virgin Air, I wonder if I can buy that with Litecoins- you listening Richard Branson I’m mining Namecoin too Richard.

The new Bitcoin business Investors and Incubators are hopping with new Bitcoin 2.0 ideas, but is it different if it’s control by the users, not the sole players like the bankers and older financial players. But truth be told these will bring newer workable solutions that will trickle down to the normal person. We must be careful because these new worldwide cyber solution will have little government controls so the game is changing and the ability to jump on this but NOT to give up privacy with government toys like TPM – Trusted Computer Platform – yes July 2015 all Windows 8 devices will have TPM 2.0 in control of your devices. The US solution cyber Kill Switch.

AT least Apple has not added TPM into it’s hardware but they banned against Bitcoin -Steve told you to Innovate Apple- But that’s another battle.

You can trust your government spying on you IF you have nothing to hide RIGHT!!! – gAtO oUt

Digital System D

System D is a slang phrase pirated from French-speaking Africa and the Caribbean. The French have a word that they often use to describe particularly effective and motivated people. They call them débrouillards. To say a man is a débrouillard is to tell people how resourceful and ingenious he is. The former French colonies have sculpted this word to their own social and economic reality. They say that inventive, self-starting, entrepreneurial merchants who are doing business on their own, without registering or being regulated by the bureaucracy and, for the most part, without paying taxes, are part of “l’economie de la débrouillardise.” Or, sweetened for street use, “Systeme D.” This essentially translates as the ingenuity economy, the economy of improvisation and self-reliance, the do-it-yourself, or DIY, economy.



Cyber Illuminate – Prism

gAtO lOcO-  I know conspiracy theory’s but this one stop me cold.  I was looking at a newscast and the NSA Prism illuminate_dollarlogo came on, OK pink Floyd – dark side of the moon rip-off but something caught my eye – the triangle on the dollar bill and the Prism logo triangle ummmm…. – an all seeing triangle -what every one tells about the Illuminate logo. If you apply a prism to data -it’s the same thing you grab all the light/data and filter it down to different data streams, categories -colors. I can see the meaning of the logo for prism now, wonder how much they paid a no-bid contractor for that logo.  prism-logo-61013

—a new world order – cyberspace —

Then I remember the CISPA fight we had a while back and on one of them it said. “Cyber Intelligence Sharing & Protection Act” that was pretty much the same thing we find now in what Prism does with phone and data collection. So my question is, if Prism has been going on since the Patriot Act and the NSA has been doing this legally.

Why CISPA? Why SOPA? Why PIPA? Come on Prism is legal so why all this data sharing when the government was doing it under our nose. I think what this kid Shoden did was stupid, but it’s his choice and he will live with this one way or another. What he showed us has opened a discussion that I think was needed in the cyber world. cispa

Cyber society is the new norm and we older-people must accept that these young men and women know this technology and how to use it better than we do. Cyberspace belongs to everyone today and I hope we together can change things for the better. But I don’t think the powers that be will give over so easily. Prsim is a perfect example of how the cold war mentality has change with the digital domain becoming more real. We will not recognize the Internet 10 years from now, but if the Illuminate have there way they will be watching us –  gAtO lOcO oUt…      Illuminate



Government use of Cyber Weaponized Exploits

gAtO rEaD- The government is buying hackers exploits – not to stop these sophisticated cyber exploits but to use these tools against it’s own people- they are using the tools to infiltrate computer networks worldwide, leaving behind spy programs and cyber-weapons that can disrupt data or damage systems.network

The core problem: Spy tools and cyber-weapons rely on vulnerabilities in existing software programs, and these hacks would be much less useful to the government if the flaws were exposed through public warnings. So the more the government spends on offensive techniques, the greater its interest in making sure that security holes in widely used software remain unrepaired. So your computer is vulnerable and the governments knows it and will not disclose this information, but use it against you to place cookies,RAT’s or other spyware into your computer -maybe- I trust our government don’t you?

If you got nothing to hide, you should not be worried… right????

So our Tax dollars are going to Hackers and cyber criminals that sell these exploits all over the world. As a tax payer I don’t like this part at all. But the worst part is by us taking the lead of cyber offensive cyber tools -example.. Stuxnet – it is a plan book for other countries to do the same. So what we do in cyberspace has become socially acceptable to do in cyberspace and then we bitch about China. I don’t get it – mEoW

Officials have never publicly acknowledged engaging in offensive cyber-warfare, though the one case that has beenmost widely reported – the use of a virus known as Stuxnet to disrupt Iran’s nuclear-research program – was lauded in Washington. Officials confirmed to Reuters previously that the U.S. government drove Stuxnet’s development, and the Pentagon is expanding its offensive capability through the nascent Cyber Command.

Then you have the Prism disclosure and PoW- US Cyber Agents Disrupt Publication of Popular Al Qaeda Magazine – This means that Obama’s cyber military is potentially capable of more targeted attacks, specified at damaging particular pieces of information or infrastructure. I wonder where they got those vulnerabilities? maybe some bad guys—/Nato_cyber_plat

What worries me is as the U.S engages in these attacks our enemies are learning what is acceptable in cyberwar. So we must be careful not to lose the fact that everyone is watching what we do and how we treat cyberspace and others governments will follow, defensive and offensive, they are learning from the best the U.S. Government -gAtO oUt

ref: http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/05/10/us-usa-cyberweapons-specialreport-idUSBRE9490EL20130510






Latino Hacktivist on the Rise

gAtO cHeKs —  http://pastebin.com/trends“>http://pastebin.com/trends  – every day or so just to get a pulse on the hacktivist movement. One thing has change I see more and more Latinos getting involved in social cyber activist. Below is a break down of what I saw it’s good to see Latino nation using the social media for political dialog. As more of the world understands the importance of the new ways of connecting via the matrix, we will have more freedom of speech in cyberspace for everyone.

Let’s take a look at what my Latino brothers and sisters, si – Latina women are very much in the hacktivist roles all over Twitter sphere (#tangodown #dos ). Let’s take a look at today Sunday 1407 July,8 2012 –

A few post – goes out to the new cyber latino hacktivist and of course give thanks to Sweden and Italy brothers and sisters that have help the education of the spanish crowd-source with cyber hacktivist 101. But this was a big hit to -.MX Mexico is becoming a new cyber hot-bed for these cyber strikes –/ I have seen more and more hacktivist attacks at the Mexican politicals like MEGAMARCHA- against  “Public Radio International” or their message../ mAyBe nO-sI —  it’s about the PRI Mexican Party, corruption and the protesters went for both, that party and the Radio noise that helped them.

Besides Mexico, you have a push at UASD from a few sources with the Spanish hacktivist–/  a -DoX from Columbia I think  and a plan for the Olympics cyber lulz. From the Latino community this is a big show and tell on pasternBin.com  — gAtO oUt


.02.) Mexico 1. http://pastebin.com/CRu8raYU #PrimaveraMexicana—— #Anonymous #Opmexico #Megamarcha #ExigimosDemocracia #PrimaveraMexicana#PrimaveraMexicana


.01.) Mexico MEGAMARCHA –MEGAMARCHA! this was the new dump: http://pastebin.com/HcCN7kCv

  2. MEGAMARCHA VS el pri a le horas que usteden quierena empezamos:


Latino Hacktavist- gAtOmAlO2

Latino Hacktavist- @gAtOmAlO2


1.) Mexico 1. #Anonymous México. #OpMarchaPacifica – Untitled  http://pastebin.com/S8kZ02Ua

2.) Operación #OPSalvemos a la #UASD, Gracias por Leer esto #Op Salvemos la UASD. —http://pastebin.com/z1qTzz3n

3.) FALSA BANDERA OLIMPIADAS 2012 (NUEVOS AÑADIDOS) -Olympic Plans Overview — This is a planing stage Olympics latino based in London http://pastebin.com/T5Gu6p6s

4.) A spanish DoX – DOXEO JUAN PABLO FRANZONI http://pastebin.com/2WGmPgcx 

5.) Dominican Anonymous.-Anonymous Explica como esta hackiando la pagina de la UASD. http://pastebin.com/G5yE6uGr  — Administrators or webmaster of the site of the #UASD

6.) Mexico – Leaks Name & Password http://pastebin.com/GjTGdC6k -@Anonymousbr11  @Anon_central @AnonymousOIC  Target:http://www.isc.gob.mx


Huawei Spying on Customer

Huawei - Mitt Romney's Bain Capital sold out 3Com to the Chinese

gAtO wRoTe – about the Chinese company Huawei (Shenzhen, China-based company) a long time ago with it’s ties to Rick Perry the governor of Texas and ex-Presidential bid and Mitt Romney’s company Bain Capital that sold out 3Com and sold our national secrets to them. Now it finally falls on Australia to take the first step WHEN electoral fortunes are fading a good “reds under the beds” story can boost political stocks, but the row about Chinese telecommunications equipment supplier Huawei being barred from supplying equipment to the National Broadband Network puts a new twist on an old tactic. Generally it’s the Right that beats the red peril drum. Here in Australia it’s a Labor government claiming the NBN is too vital a piece of national infrastructure to be put at risk by buying equipment from China.

Huawei, which is second only to Sweden’s Ericsson in telecom equipment sales, was blocked on Monday from bidding on a $36 billion Australian national broadband contract. Security firm Symantec (SYMC, Fortune 500) ended in November because of Symantec’s concerns that its relationship with Huawei would prevent it from getting a sensitive U.S. government security contract.

Will this be the tipping point were we America stands up and see’s pass the profits and starts with looking at our nations cyber security survival. We hear that DHS and NSA and everyone is pushing for dollars $$ to fix our infrastructure but when will we start to stop the Chinese from stealing our intellectual capital that has made America great. Politicians need to take a look at what is the real problem like Rick Perry allowing dozens of Chinese companies to set up shop in Texas and claiming that they have such a great employment record at the cost of our national security.

gAtO is sad that we see the veterans of our great country without a job when we could be investing in Cyber Security training our young veterans in this field. Veterans have vital experience but as gAtO has found out personally the VA has a problem with allowing our veterans to get an education in this vital field of Internet Security. I like China don’t get me wrong and some of the accusation about China I suspect is nothing more that a scare tactic to get funding for political pet project. But if we start to training our veterans and anyone who wants this training we will not lose the cyber war- gAtO oUt 


Companies Financially Supporting SOPA PIPA Internet Bills

The following companies are financially supporting the SOPA and PIPA internet bills.
GaTo No LiKy
    1-800 Contacts, Inc.
    2b1 Inc
    3M Company
    ABRO Industries, Inc.
    Acushnet Company
    adidas America
    Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed)
    Allen Russell Photography
    Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers
    Alliance of Visual Artists (AVA)
Altria Client Services
    American Apparel and Footwear Association
    American Association of Independent Music (A2IM)
    American Board of Internal Medicine
    American Federation of Musicians
    American Gramaphone LLC
    American Made Alliance
    American Mental Health Counselors Association
    American Photographic Artists
    American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP)
    American Society of Media Photographers
    American Society of Picture Professionals
    American Watch Association
    Anatoly Pronin Photography
Andrea Rugg Photography
    Anti-Counterfeiting and Piracy Initiative (ACAPI)
    Applied DNA Sciences
    Art Holeman Photography
    Association of American Publishers (AAP)
    Association of Equipment Manufacturers
    Association of Independent Music Publishers (AIMP)
    Association of Test Publishers
    AstraZeneca plc
    Australian Medical Council
    Autodesk, Inc.
    Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association
    Baker & Taylor Ent.
    Bay State Psychological Associates
    Beachbody, LLC
    Beam Global Spirits & Wine
    Blue Sky Studios, Inc.
    Bose Corporation
    Braasch Biotech LLC
    Brian Stevenson Photography
    Brigid Collins Family Support Center
    Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI)
    C. F. Martin & Co., Inc.
    Callaway Golf Company
    Cascade Designs Incorporated
    Caterpillar Inc.
    Caveon, LLC
    CBS Corporation
    Cengage Learning
    Center for Credentialing & Education
    Center Stage Photography
    CFA Institute
    Chanel USA
    Christopher Semmes Photography
    Church Music Publishers Association
    CMH Images
    Coalition Against Counterfeiting and Piracy (CACP)
    Columbia Sportswear Company
    Comcast Corporation
    Commercial Photo Design
    Commercial Photographers International
    Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System
    Consumer Healthcare Products Association
    Copyright Alliance
    Copyright Clearance Center (CCC)
    Coty Inc.
    Council of Fashion Designers of America
    Country Music Association
    CropLife America
    Cross-Entertainment LLC
    CSA Group
    CVS Caremark
    D’Addario & Company, Inc.
    Dan Sherwood Photography
    Danita Delimont Stock Photography
    Dayco Products, LLC
    Deluxe Entertainment Services Group
    Derek DiLuzio Photography
    DeVaul Photography
    Direct Selling Association (DSA)
    Directional Insight
    Distefano Enterprises Inc.
    Doriguzzi Photographic Artistry
    Dolby Laboratories, Inc.
    Dolce & Gabbana USA, INC.
    Dollar General Corporation
    Don Grall Photography
    Dunford Architectural Photography
    Eagle Rock Entertainment
    Ed McDonald Photography
    Educational & Industrial Testing Service
    Electronic Arts, Inc.
    Electronic Components Industry Association (ECIA)
    Eli Lilly and Company
    Englebert Photography
    Entertainment Software Association (ESA)
    ERAI, Inc.
    Eric Meola Studio Inc
    Evidence Photographers International Council
    Ex Officio
    Exxel Outdoors
    FAME Publishing Co., LLC.
    FAME Recording Studios
    Far Bank Enterprises
    Fashion Business Incorporated
    Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy
    Fender Musical Instrument Company
    Footwear Distributors & Retailers of America (FDRA)
    Ford Motor Company
    Fortune Brands, Inc.
    Fred J. Lord Photography
    GAR Associates
    Gelderland Productions, L.L.C.
    Gemvision Corporation
    Gibson Guitar Corp.
    Gospel Music Association
    Governors America Corp.
    Graduate Management Admission Council
    Graphic Artists Guild
    Greeting Card Association (GCA)
    Greg Nikas Photography
    Guru Denim
    H.S. Marketing & Design, Inc.
    Harley-Davidson Motor Company
    HarperCollins Publishers
    Harry Fox Agency
    Hastings Entertainment, Inc.
    ICM Distributing Company, Inc.
    IDS Publishing
    IEC Electronics corp.
    Images Plus
    Imaging Supplies Coalition (ISC)
    Independent Distributors of Electronics Association (IDEA)
    International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition (IACC)
    International Trademark Association (INTA)
    IPC-Association Connecting Electronics Industries
    Ira Montgomery Photography
    J.S. Grove Photography
    James Drug Inc.
    Jaynes Gallery
    JCPage Photography
    Jean Poland Photography
    Jeff Stevensen Photography
    John Fulton Photography
    John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
    Johnson & Johnson
    Juicy Couture, Inc
    Julien McRoberts Photography
    K&R Photographics
    kate spade
    Kekepana International Services
    Kenneth Garrett, photographer for National Geographic
    Killing Jar Productions LLC
    Lacoste USA
    Leatherman Tool Group, Inc.
    Lexmark International, Inc.
    Light Perspectives
    Linda Olsen Photography
    Little Dog Records
    Liz Claiborne, Inc
    L’Oréal USA
    Lucky Brand Jeans
    LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton
    Major League Baseball
    Marcia Andberg Associates LLC
    Mark Niederman Photography
    Marona Photography
    McLain Photography Inc
    Merck & Co., Inc.
    Messy Face Designs, Inc.
    Michael Stern Photography
    MicroRam Electronics, Inc.
    Minter Works of Art
    Mira Images
    Monster Cable Products, Inc.
    Moose’s Photos
    Morningstar Films LLC
    Motion Picture Association of America, Inc. (MPAA)
    Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association
    MPA – The Association of Magazine Media
    Mr. Theodor Feibel (sole proprietor)
    Music Managers Forum-U.S.
    Nashville Songwriters Association International
    Natalie Neckyfarow Actor/Dancer/Singer
    National Association of Broadcasters
    National Association of Manufacturers
    National Association of Recording Merchandisers (NARM)
    National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO)
    National Basketball Association (NBA)
    National Board for Certified Counselors
    National Board for Certified Counselors Foundation
    National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA)
    National Football League (NFL)
    National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA)
    National Retail Federation (NRF)
    Nervous Tattoo Inc., dba Ed Hardy
    New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc.
    New Era Cap Co Inc
    New Levels Ent. Co. LLC
    News Corporation
    Next Decade Entertainment, Inc.
    NHL Enterprises, L.P.
    Nicholas Petrucci, Artist, LLC
    Nike, Inc.
    Nintendo of America Inc.
    Nissle Fine Art Photography
    North Dakota Pharmacists Association
    North Dakota Pharmacy Service Corporation
    Oakley, Inc.
    One Voice Recordings
    OpSec Security, Inc.
    Outdoor Industry Association
    Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI)
    Outdoor Research, Inc
    Pacific Component Xchange, Inc.
    Party Killer Films LLC
    Pearson Clinical Assessment
    Peavey Electronics Corporation
    Perry Ellis International
    Personal Care Products Council
    Peter C. Brandt, Architectural and Fine Art Photography
    Peter Hawkins Photography, Inc.
    Petzl America
    Pfizer Inc.
    PGA of America
    Philip Morris International
    Photojournalist Dave Bartruff
    Picture Archive Council of America (PACA)
    Pigfactory Music
    PNW Images
    Premier League
    Production Music Association (PMA)
    Professional Photographers of America
    Quality Float Works, Inc.
    Raging Waters Music
    Ralph Lauren Corporation
    Ramsay Corporation
    Rebel Photo
    Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)
    Red4 Music/Doogs Rock Inc
    Red Wing Shoe Company
    Reebok International Ltd.
    Reed Elsevier Inc.
    Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA)
    Richard Flutie Photography
    Rite Aid
    Robin Davis Photography, Inc.
    Rodger Scott Craig, a member of Liverpool Express, The Merseybeats, Fortune, Harlan
    Cage, 101 South, and Mtunz Media
    Roger Smith Photography Services
    Rolex Watch USA Inc.
    Romance Writers of America (RWA)
    Rosetta Stone Inc.
    Saddle Creek
    Sage Studios LLC
    Sam D’Amico Photography
    Schneider Electric
    Sean McGinty Photography
    Secret Sea Visions (Photography)
    SESAC, Inc.
    SG Industries, Inc.
    Shure Incorporated
    SIGMA Assessment Systems
    Six Degrees Records
    Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council
    SMC Entertainment
    SMT Corp.
    SoBe Entertainment
    Society of Sport & Event Photographers
    Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA)
    Sony Electronics Inc.
    Sony Music Entertainment
    Sony Pictures Entertainment
    Soul Appeal Records and Music
    Southern Gothic LLC
    Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA)
    SPI (The Plastics Industry Trade Association)
    Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association
    Sports Rights Owners Coalition
    Spring Fever Productions LLC
    Spyder Active Sports, Inc
    Stenbakken Photography
    Stephen Dantzig Photography
    Stock Artist Alliance
    Stuart Weitzman Holdings, LLC
    Student Photographic Society
    Studio 404
    SunRise Solar Inc.
    Taylor Glenn Photographs
    Taylor Guitars
    Taylor Made Golf Company, Inc.
    Tednologies, Inc.
    The Cambridge Don
    The Collegiate Licensing Company/IMG College
    The Donath Group, Inc.
    The Dow Chemical Company
    The Estee Lauder Companies
    The McGraw-Hill Companies
    The Music People! Inc.
    The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)
    The Recording Academy (National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences)
    The Timberland Company
    The Walt Disney Company
    Tiffany & Co.
    Time Warner Inc.
    Tony Bullard Photography
    Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc.
    TRA Global
    Tricoast Worldwide
    Trio Productions, Inc. / Songscape Music,
    Twist & Shout, Inc.
    U.S. Chamber of Commerce
    Ultimate Fighting Championship
    Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
    Universal Music Group
    Uniweld Products Inc.
    VF Corporation
    Vibram USA, Inc
    Virtual Chip Exchange USA, Inc.
    Voltage Pictures, LLC
    W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co.
    Walcott Studio, LLC
    Warner Music Group
    Wendy Kaveney Photography
    Western Psychological Services
    Westmorland Images, LLC
    Wild & Associates, Inc.
    Wild Eye Photos LLC
    William Sutton Photography
    Willis Music
    WindLegends Ink LLC
    Winestem Company
    Winslow Research Institute
    Wolfe Video
    Wolverine World Wide, Inc.
    Woolrich, Inc.
    World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.
    Xerox Corporation
    Zippo Manufacturing Company
    Zumba Fitness, LLC

Political Cyber Warfare | cYbEr pOliTiCs

gAtO sAy-  so the cyber war begins Mitt Romney campaign brought $2,851 worth of domain names at GoDaddy.com Some of the domains have no content but it a strategic plan to raise hell on Rick Perry. Then you got the Prez Obama buying $3,958 at GoDaddy with 70 sites that containing Perry’s name and of course a few more for Romney. The fact of the matter even in the gubernatorial battle against Republican Kay Bailey Hutchison, in which Hutchison’s campaign website was juiced with the possible intent of spreading rumors about Perry being gay. Within the site’s juicing program were 2,200 hidden phrases, one of which was “rick perry gay”.

cYbEr pOlItIcS? gAtO tHiNk sO

This is how it done boy’s and girls 2,200 keywords with “rick perry gay” of course this is in the META files so unless you look at the source code you would not see it. A web sites has two (2) codes one for the formatting of the visual aspect of the site the other the code for the search engine and that code you the user never sees. This is an Old SEO trick and it works, in politics it get’s nasty. Buying these sites and using them to throw out political messages are a form of a cyber weapons, a powerful weapon to control the words, idea and the message of the candidate.

So this is how Cyber War happens, you don’t have to hack a site or DDoS them, just put up a site and throw all the mud you want about someone. In today’s world a cyber reputation is just as important as a real live reputation. With a little downplay you can make your opponent suffer and spend time on rumors and innuendo while you look good and clean. You can even hide these sites so nobody can find your associated with the site. Today anyone can create a website and make some noise so corporations that want a little more lobbying can also put up dummy sites and do their thingy. The bad part is International Nations can mess with our politics more today then they ever could so we must be vigilant to outsiders controlling our affairs. I know the CIA has done this to other countries for the longest time but now we too must beware, it’s to damm easy to start a rumors online.

Well here’s to another profitable cyber war Godaddy is the big winner so far. Next the campaign will use the volunteers online using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube the other tools too spread mayhem into any political campaign. You will see them posting on sites to bring back links to the sites and the targets will be the media in each state, city and town. The media is so easy to control their 5 day 24 hour news cycle is controlled by the campaign already, the extra push from cyberspace planted stories can only help. The politicos need to control the message in politics and cyberspace is the place to do it via any stationary or mobile device. Controlling the message is what cyberspace is built for. In a cyber attack you can go passive and win the war with words and a little SEO (Search Engine Optimization) gAtO mAgIc.

In the last presidential election we saw the Internets rise to fame as a tool to get donations now they are adding the biggest Social Engineering Attack (SEA) to get and control the message. This is the same attics that competitions use covertly, you don’t want people to know that Pepsi has a dummy Coke.com site to make them look bad. In politics this is the norm for you to go ugly and send out false claims that the opponent has to fight to correct and then looses traction. It’s the coolest most cut throat game in town cYbEr PoLoTiCs baby.  gAtO say let the political cyber war begin for the lulz.

My 2© cents – gatoMalo_at_uscyberlabs_dot_com

http://USCyberLabs.com/blog/ – http://cyber.uscyberlabs.com – http://ChinaCyberWarfare.wordpress.com – http://HacktivistBlog.wordpress.com/

Rick Perry WebSites by Mitt Romney

rickperrynot.com  – buryperry.com  –  CareerPolitician.com

Rick Perry WebSites by Obama

americansagainstperry.com  – stickittorick.com

Read More ..> http://www.theatlanticwire.com/politics/2011/10/mitt-romneys-cyber-war-rick-perry/43807/