Blockchain 2.0 PROBLEM

gAto ThInkInG – BlockChain 2.0 contracts So the BlockChain is getting bigger, we now can store digital contracts. DC – Digital Contracts are nothing more than programs that can be executed. The beauty of these DC is they are encrypted with a private key of a Wallet and linked to a transaction.


ugh DC – Digital Contracts

So nobody can see what one contract is from another, oh did I mention that these programs could be a sort of DDOS- Digital Denial Of Service attack – Millions of transactions to one financial center all legit all at one time A bit weirder and different than HST High Speed Trading. – Wait a minute, so these DC-Digital Contracts stored in the BlockChain can add millions of these programs on the BlockChain and launch them with any trigger we choose, maybe the price of corn, gold, stocks or a date and Time.

Now you can see that a DC can do all sorts of things, think about it!!! You log into your bank account and you can check the balance and send out checks digitally. You can send your monthly checks for utilities and if the price of gold goes to a set value – your DC can automatically execute a buy order — all via a simple DC in any blockchain Bitcoin, LiteCoin even DogeCoin. We currently have lot’s of digital coins and they all have BlockChains – Bankers want to used closed BlockChain , were only a select few Banks own nodes.

These DC-Digital Contract stored in the block chain can now be triggered/executed via a date, a market condition or most any news event. As you can see this new technology of machine-to-machine consensus will give the new breed of financial people developing new financial tools a new way to think and execute any financial tool on the Internet. The BlockChain is just one part of the story that can activate anything electronically. These new BlockChain tool don’t lie or cheat, they can be verified by anyone but only controlled by the person with the right private key to decode that DC in the BlockChain.

The power and the value of the BlockChain is now more valuable since new contracts with digital gateways like Ripple and Bitcoins and others will reduce the cost of money exchange. Cha-Ching $$ The savings alone to transfer currencies on a worldwide scale makes bankers dream of new revenue streams they can create with these tools that are machine to machine consensus, no middle man to soak in the cost.

The Blockchain PROBLEM 2.0 

So now we can have 10,000 new contracts every 10 minutes inserted into any BlockChain, so what’s the problem here. Creating a DC with a transaction of-.02 pennies could trigger thousands or millions or billions of programs and effect million and billions of dollars too.


– let’s call it a large progressive BUY orders of any stock then in a few minutes, hours, days or weeks the DC can simply just turn off, crashing the markets and price except for the people who know when that’s going to happen. They are now in a good position to make a lot of money and almost impossible to trace in the BlockChain, to a wallet, to a transaction, to a geo-location, to a User times thousand or millions of times and events. It can be tracked actually but few understand how simple that part is.

My good friend asked so who checks if these programs can do Harm or Good in the BlockChain- the simple answer is nobody can and that’s the BIG PROBLEM with BlockChain 2.0. Secret Bot’s can now run loose and do all kind of things and as we add better gateways to other digital to human interfaces, the BlockChain 2.0 may be a real problem since today we have over 500 digital currencies each with it’s own BlockChain. Now Bankers want to add new CLOSED BlockChain members only Digital Contracts yes better security but they still have to interface with the real world and that’s how we can track them too. Your BlockChain may be PRIVATE but the contracts have to run in the real world protocols to be of any use.

BlockChain to Internet to digital physical execution of objects – turn off a pipeline damper in an oil refinery or divert a Rail-Road crossing – it can used as a failsafe way that if a person does not send an email to a set addresses to turn off things – things can happen remotely and this is were this problem becomes real big – Remote Digital Bombs and remote digital C&C -Command & Control.

The BlockChain genie is out of the bottle and there’s no turning back. BlockChain to Kinetic is a bigger problem that few have even started to think about the implications of this aspect. Yes there are many great things we can create with this new technology but others will try and uses this new BlockChain system for illegal crimes and that’s what we have to be aware of.

On the one side beware even a Closed System like our favorite bankers want can still be traced back to the source of the BlockChain and their IP addresses and such. The BlockChain and transactions all work the same way with all digital currencies so the other side of the Bitcoins is if you try and cheat this system, it will always point back to you – all BlockChain are not anonymous they are transparent – beware we can track you down too.

That will not stop the bad guys so be careful with these new BlockChain Digital Contracts they could contain a surprise – gAtO OuT.  


Blockchain 2.0 and the 4th Dimension

4D= Time-Space – // blockchain = Time/Data:

gAtO SaiD – I will meet your on the corner of 5th Ave and 42nd Street in NYC. As you can see this is an incomplete jexaposition in time and space because we as humans take it for granted that the basic request to meet at 5th and 42nd cannot happen between us unless we have a TIME factor to complete the human equation. Known mathematically as 4D Minkowski spacetime. We as humans don’t even think about time, we know it’s always working so we adjust our mindset to use it properly and function as a society.

The Blockchain simply stores data in time on the Public-Ledger. So now we go back to our meeting, if we all agree to meet and just publish the time on the blockchain – anyone that wants to go to that meeting just needs to look at the block were the data with the time is stored and it’s done- they now have the time of the meeting. The blockchain records the data that you want, like a contract or a deed to a house on the blockchain time stamped forever or until the Bitcoin network dies.

The Blockchain of the Bitcoin fame and other blockchains ( LiteCoin – DogeCoin…etc ) does nothing but publishes data based on time and the transactions data on a global database (public Ledger) all done with machine to machine crypto-consensus.  You have different people in this value transfer network that play with the coin and some people just want to mine the coins and the new ones want the stored data in the blockchain as the real value.

The division of labor is the beauty of this system the miners are all working for the 10 minute price of 25 BTC. The winning Miner of the calculation based on hashing power now had to process the transactions in order to get the 25 BTC. All they care about is the size of the transactions since this is the limit on the size of data you can store in the Blockchain, BitcoinXT addresses this issue – But Bitcion_XT that’s another issue  for a later article.

So now I want to sell gold and publish the time/price @$1,200 per ounce. So anyone can now look at the blockchain and see your buy order – no middle-man – buy/sell all machine to machine executed. the transactions are non-reversible – when I change my next buy order – it will once again be available everywhere globally. Illuminates the cheaters so they can’t cheat the blockchain data.

I was hired to do an analysis of the blockchain replacing the Bond Market – just in settlements of Bonds a Blockchain system would eliminate errors and the savings from all those middle-man managers in the bond market would save billions of dollars and that’s just one small spot of the financial industrial complex. Today we hear talk about Bankers putting together a private blockchain to store their data and use the 2.0 contracts in a controlled way. As a regulatory tools in the financial tools  worldwide a blockchain solution would eliminate so much waste and errors saving money also adding accountability so nobody can cheat.

Adding the 4th Dimension (Time) to Blockchian 2.0 contracts to this would allow you do draft payments to your loved ones after your long gone, automatically moving currencies,stocks or Bonds from one ownership to another. We could write contracts that read the price of Gold and execute buy and sell orders all machine-to-machine 100% accountability and available to you only (via your wallet ID /PrivateKey).

4th dimension T&T Time and Transactions are the key to all blockchains systems, this is the key to the value network called the blockchain 2.0 were the real wealth is in the knowledge of the transactions.  gAtO oUT


BlockChain 2.0 and Bitcoin XT – 2.0 intelligent contracts

BlockChain 2.0 and Bitcoin XT

gAtO think – 2 of the main core Bitcoin developers Mike and Gavin did the best thing by for Bitcoin by simply making the blockchain bigger so it can support more transaction, contracts and un-developed new apps like 2.0 intelligent contracts that will make the BLockchain more valuable than the coin BTC. Today Blocks only allow 1mb Bitcoins XT makes the blockchain allow 8mb in the same block.

Why is this so important :bitcoin-gollum

Every transaction has to be verified by miners so they become valid in the BLock. Transactions vary in size depending on how many input’s and and how many outputs. Example: I send  a simple .01 BTC to Jane, this is a simple transactions and may have 1 or 2 inputs and and 2 outputs minimum – 1 -Output to Jane and 1 Output as change back to my wallet – maybe 1k in memory size-

Now take a Pool-Miner transaction they just won the block and get’s 25 coins but they have to pay hundreds of thousand of Pool-miners – this transaction may be 50k or larger –

The blockchain protocol only allowed to have a MAX of 1MB of transactions – anything over that goes into the temporary pool and they become the first in line for the NEXT BLOCK – 1MB limits. So if you have a bunch of small private Jane to gAtO individual Transactions you can fit a bunch of those into a 1MB BLOCK- But when you have a bunch of Mining Pools Transactions the 1MB BLOCK get’s filled fast. This delays transactions verified for the NEXT BLOCK.

Bitcoin XT gives the blockchain to 8mb BLOCK size instead of 1MB so a lot more transactions will be process in every BLOCK – This will guarantee less transactions will be delayed and since we have more room we can add Contacts and other stuff in the BLockChain –

This is why it is the best deal around for everyone – except the miners, they will need more memory in their mining rigs to hold a bigger block size of 8MB. Memory is cheap and yes the block size will increased but it will give a NEXT generation of Bitcoin tools available to everyone and that’s COOL BEANS.

The Basic War that’s going on with the new Fork and the 5 major Core Developers-

Let’s not make Bitcoin better and stay stale or let’s take it to the next level Mike Gavin gAtO is %100 behind Bitcoin XT. rOcK tHe KaSbAr

I know the arguments but all technology grows and we have to change and make it better for the new users that want to do Bitcoin 2.0 stuff real easy – I can’t wait to start to re-code my HD-BIP32 Business wallet with 2.0 intelligent contracts – again in this new Bitcoin XT – gATo OuT


Dark Web Escrow Service Explained

Dark Web Escrow Service Explained

gAtO FoUnD – this dark marketplace hidden service website -Nucleus- and they they explains the escrow service policy. gAtO wanted to pass it along so we can all learn how one dark website plays-

Now remember that this is only one dark websites version. Each different marketplaces has different version and flavors os their Bitcoin escrow policy. Bottom line your trussing two unknown people and Bitcoin transactions are final – so think and learn. Another marketplace Evolution closed down with 12-million in Bitcoin in escrow and the admin disappeared  – happily ever after. Beware Will Robinson  – gAtO OuTsegway_bike_Bitcoin

Okay, there seems to be an insane amount of bad finalizing practices on the market – lets lay this out.

Escrow – You give your money to a 3rd party (Nucleus) – This proves to the vendor you have the funds available, they ship product. You receive the item, and when you finalize, Nucleus gives your funds to the vendor. You prove you have money, vendor proves they have product, Nucleus proves the transaction was agreed to and turns the money over making a small profit per transaction and many people and vendors at the same time.

In the event of a dispute where escrow is involved, Nucleus agrees to mediate, acting as an unbiased 3rd party. If the vendor can prove they sent the product through tracking information or some other means, or offers a reshipment which you choose to accept, ect. Nucleus releases the funds to the Vendor. If the Vendor cannot prove they shipped the product, or no remedy is found to the customers dispute, the funds are returned to Customer.
Nucleus also offers a percentage based refund, where the customer can ask for a smaller portion of the price returned. This is useful for situations where for example a customer places an order for 50 units of an item and only 25 units are delivered, ect. – In the example here, the customer would ask for a 50% refund.

To prevent vendors waiting an excessively long time for funds if a customer should fail to log on or forget to finalize, Nucleus provides a timer on each order which releases the funds to the vendor when it runs out. The customer should note this timer, or auto-finalize feature, and take measures to file an appropriate dispute before it expires. Often, the mail runs slow, and vendors usually like to be optimistic in their advertising, so occasionally the timer will run out before a product has arrived, despite the vendor having actually sent the product. In these cases, the customer can send an order to reclamations by filing a dispute, which will stop the autofinalize timer until the product arrives. When the product arrives, the customer should select 0% in the refund request field, and the vendor will accept this offer releasing the funds.

FE or Finalize Early – You release the funds directly to the vendor, the vendor ships the product. Nucleus is not holding your money in escrow, therefor, in the case of a dispute, a refund is asked directly from the vendor. Vendors often have legitimate reasons for needing the money before delivery, including but not limited to ;
-Customer wants more of a product than is readily available on hand, but the vendor can easily and reliably obtain that amount of product if provided the funds.
-Vendor has an arranged middle-man product with another vendor. Typically, vendors are able to move product at a faster rate than normal customers, so vendors will work out a mutual agreement amongst each other to provide a discount for driving referral business.
-Order is deemed by vendor to be excessively risky due to international shipments, customs, ect. In this instance, vendors inform the customer of the risks involved and usually agree to keep and share tracking information with the customer.
Often, vendors will offer extra products or discounts for early finalization.

In the event of a dispute where escrow is NOT involved, Nucleus is not liable or required to provide mediation for the dispute, and the customer should address the issue with the vendor directly. HOWEVER. The customer SHOULD report any failure to deliver product to Nucleus staff, because if a pattern of failure to deliver, bad information, ect. begins to appear, Nucleus staff can take appropriate measures to remove the repeat offender from the market.

It is VERY important that customers fully understand their agreement with the vendor and Nucleus, and take appropriate measures to protect their money and not get ripped off. Due to the anonymous nature of the darknet, there is very little culpability or repercussions for scamming innocent people. Scammers are here to mislead and deceive, and will take your money without thinking twice, and if you have released the funds to the vendor, Nucleus will not be able to help you get them back.


Tracking Bitcoins in the Dark Web

Tracking Bitcoins – Notes: Follow the Money //-Bitcoin 

gAtO lOoKiNg – at what data points I need to track Bitcoin Transactions in the Datk Web to find answers. These are my notes on just one 1 Websites : If I track the Transactions backwards I can find donors and people paying for their service, Malware and other such crimes if I take the Transactions forward in Time I can find the Main wallets that the bad guys use and who knows – just 1 mistake and we have an IP addresses to track the wallet. I only tracked this a few levels and found 2 large Wallets that they use and they are very active. I have my own BLockChian tool but blockchain.info will do chain.com or blockexplorer.com will give you the same answers – I rather keep my queries private so I have my own Bolckchain tool – Next come using visualization tools to map this out graphically for a better view- This is for education and research purpose –gAtO oUt  

my Target is a Russian Site called Rutor – Forum type

Data Points:

Incoming TimeStamps – Transactions – Total Receive – FInal Balance  – Hash 160 – 

Outgoing will track the Big Wallets – 

Outgoing TimeStamps – Transactions – Total Receive – FInal Balance  – Hash 160 – 

Forward Taint Analysis – Branch

Bitcoin mapped to the Dark Web

Bitcoin mapped to the Dark Web

It has a Donation Bitcoin address- 1E7JXT4jVJxdED9B2XDcGXk3CKvfjkypvM   – So I tracked it down and found that it sent MOST of it’s donations to- 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 – Now when I track that one down it’s looking like a major Russian sites with over 155 Bitcoins 2–28-2015 the last transactions.

Now we can focus of – 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 – and look at all transactions and plot those all incoming and all outgoing this will give us targets to follow bad major actors. Now we can focus on WHO they SENT their funds to and WHO DONATED to them. But we backtrack one more layer and find that the sent a lot to this wallet address

1NtHN8Tx7MSGZ3XNx5iyNSRqsmQVnb3Ab6 —7,204 transactions 2015-03-03 17:06:41    – 2014-08-06 15:22:59

They still have other wallets – 1GJq5nqAgZDDM3rWfobhJXDf1AEQtkYEPz –   34 transactions

Address 1NtHN8Tx7MSGZ3XNx5iyNSRqsmQVnb3Ab6
Hash 160 f00d8406e59a45ab7e97c0b04db7f9429ebb301d
No. Transactions


Total Received 2,080.69607184 BTC
Final Balance 304.3742092 BTC

russian Rutor  – http://xuytcbrwbxbxwnbu.onion/forums/

Main Bitcoin Address 1E7JXT4jVJxdED9B2XDcGXk3CKvfjkypvM

Address 1E7JXT4jVJxdED9B2XDcGXk3CKvfjkypvM
Hash 160 8fcac294e22adeae7593423548491f35898b09f2


No. Transactions 19
Total Received 1.63527533 BTC
Final Balance 0.00080742 BTC

Forward Taint Analysis 1E7JXT4jVJxdED9B2XDcGXk3CKvfjkypvM
Reversed Taint is the % of funds sent from an address which passed through another address.

This page shows the addresses which have received bitcoins from 1E7JXT4jVJxdED9B2XDcGXk3CKvfjkypvM. The greater the taint the stronger the link between the addresses.

Branch Address Taint (%) Count Top IPs
1EGhD6k5eemHUKXTyYpsW4tTgXsBNQqFhX 11.0051651037% 2
14Ccaz57tQ1VnQUYMRDfLCB33wxP94qsAc 8.3366196043% 2
1NvY14xke2ciChZrhsWkW6NuzKUUENeQZv 3.5355121312% 3
17MSwaNBwPpNVKQtmzXv7rdcB5AuPypHw6 3.2806102634% 2
1MqW5zvaJGuEC6nbN3pUQTLTzPYRMSbk8S 2.9744283827% 2
1AM8EBKq5nmS4auVJK4vmKxWFYPcQyvtra 2.8613089644% 4
1BKTXyCsdrcBGJt1UEnjCLMK1Ko6wePLty 1.7409219031% 2
1CoVBD7dgQ2Zp5CVCGi2vFsNodcpVknHx9 1.6006770483% 6
2 1HTwtVPt9rjw41eeXdYSVDKRwJyiMEbgei 1.3490150913% 4
17kuq7g8vuQWadEjZyXJmthQ8T5UEFJUTp 0.4930945387% 6
1A4R1UWVyChjDJYQMkNeGBW1L2ykzr6si5 0.4818026739% 2
1Dh4a88kEPcUgkwrXZ4LBmWPnDmUfa1ibU 0.4516307499% 6
1FV4CMcG2vgxR2wLacKzmbqqaLZuJdQXrn 0.2922542393% 3
12kgFJgQGEFhs3NWYsSJPNNLDooGkxjf3d 0.2781579272% 2
1ErGZMb1LGpm5AMuwzT1bL43QUH5q9efMa 0.2559340135% 6
4 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 0.0968090042% 8
1K9nnxWbStkFCWvespfzLsPZYHq43vTQiD 0.0286783334% 3
1KRbwDqzFtyjteweqRe37osgEGkPLRMtnv 0.0215128665% 6
1JobkW3ZQxumgGZSRiHr2aY1GPr8TF3XpE 0.0064259097% 4
1FYE661Cri8xEqh2qaAMmw4pC573DukufK 0.0061480831% 4
13TbeKq8CtL1HMa3U4k6DPDJEP6jNnMNNp 0.0000610886% 3

Forward Taint Analysis 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5
Reversed Taint is the % of funds sent from an address which passed through another address.

This page shows the addresses which have received bitcoins from 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5. The greater the taint the stronger the link between the addresses.

Branch Address Taint (%) Count Top IPs
13 1GJq5nqAgZDDM3rWfobhJXDf1AEQtkYEPz 2.2174398666% 26
25 1NtHN8Tx7MSGZ3XNx5iyNSRqsmQVnb3Ab6 1.7865394656% 50
3 1UtLFi4Tq3J78295tj2g2JwfhdAxUSE4T 1.5667580712% 6
3 1AH736hXH5FL4hwzK33jekiUAPxVUf6nAr 0.635670431% 6
1Q1JodiqipvQV1jwvuvVxkpQCmf8YZUNnP 0.1971180446% 2
19EdnSKKz5qyp841rNHzPgFsCAq4ikqUCV 0.1897090349% 4
1CSR6iByvTpU4AE13MHpRi28Uz4H4p8PSc 0.170258001% 2
1DV8HJwoPPtAKYKgK7HDE6x4JtkaZsrJSY 0.0636613273% 2
17Yc8SYUc1fGDRrYGK6g3bf8Zy1RzWoEmv 0.0490620728% 2
1BQRe4fFy8eBAwiahxXgHnMsEgict1sAbv 0.0409695535% 2
16Nh2MDRLDgCdNw1Jc62Uae2qfdy5LatGE 0.0396932922% 2
19jhCRTBY9wiRz8tZdrXZhSc4Fh959gV48 0.0229410487% 2
1AfUvSt5niHxK3rXirg6PPjX1vHAhH2xq5 0.0217795946% 4
1LWNgKGJbNay3sv9zXkoFWz3YPdquvjqqf 0.0134652748% 2
2 16wQPaxCNvJLmK27hkpALRtuEQj8J8s38B 0.0127191175% 4
2 18JwGuE6PW3K1R3EKjdoJxcM6TkfCB2ppS 0.0098792337% 4
1CwUXZj8RgazBJ2MebXaT3si7APtCcyfM2 0.0034772095% 2
16FafbhV69ZGF6LgRBRvtva8YDQZkrWoMw 0.0029778368% 2
1BZaVwqgfnzPSG2f87n37stWBDzrbLxP2Z 0.0029742616% 2
4 1E7JXT4jVJxdED9B2XDcGXk3CKvfjkypvM 0.0011167496% 8
2 1BKTXyCsdrcBGJt1UEnjCLMK1Ko6wePLty 0.0005619961% 4
1HGRgfAQfi4HNP6D6tFipepq3R9Mj5tBZU 0.0005416019% 2
14NaoDXNcgQApFGk6rMCKWkYHdLcWTXJi9 0.0004192744% 4

Sent Transactions (Oldest First)


d2343b633648df54a97f1c17cbc61ae0c8b3fc6eaa4834aba95b1dedaa749c11 2015-02-28 15:13:51
1E7JXT4jVJxdED9B2XDcGXk3CKvfjkypvM 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 0.02 BTC

1E7JXT4jVJxdED9B2XDcGXk3CKvfjkypvM 0.00080742 BTC

d760ca520a51ccfecb8b13d57e9e9361dd33432277244db121f388b5464f3a69 2015-02-22 08:20:44
1E7JXT4jVJxdED9B2XDcGXk3CKvfjkypvM 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 0.134 BTC

1E7JXT4jVJxdED9B2XDcGXk3CKvfjkypvM 0.00090742 BTC

9ea39386edb73af774d4dd4d455893686e217434deb09a8525945b86b31b28d6 2015-02-14 15:41:15
1E7JXT4jVJxdED9B2XDcGXk3CKvfjkypvM 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 0.50074716 BTC

1E7JXT4jVJxdED9B2XDcGXk3CKvfjkypvM 0.0009 BTC

e5400443d745dc65529e2a44af0c632412649f4fe03b181821cf0f7951b82d77 2015-02-07 16:23:55
1E7JXT4jVJxdED9B2XDcGXk3CKvfjkypvM 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 0.95812075 BTC

1E7JXT4jVJxdED9B2XDcGXk3CKvfjkypvM 0.0008 BTC

e31d379a23c416acd81312ff7fcf5ab6440101d38966edd76bc33649a450ec6e 2015-01-21 16:37:46
1E7JXT4jVJxdED9B2XDcGXk3CKvfjkypvM 1A4R1UWVyChjDJYQMkNeGBW1L2ykzr6si5 0.02 BTC

1E7JXT4jVJxdED9B2XDcGXk3CKvfjkypvM 0.1049 BTC

b41a1c2e3a1cce3eb21d4a6dc2dead8ebe82aa1223ff084a41a6450acc17b27d 2015-01-11 21:03:03
1E7JXT4jVJxdED9B2XDcGXk3CKvfjkypvM 147KA4pZNoWa6aqZjEkGGQqSQCNTgr6Zt9 0.0009 BTC

Bitcoin Address Addresses are identifiers which you use to send bitcoins to another person.

Address 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5
Hash 160 7683fe644e422fb5eb188f4b5f88acf8c22609dc


No. Transactions


Total Received

153.42158471 BTC

Final Balance

0.00000001 BTC


Received Transactions (Oldest First)


5e61490cdc5e4b8301fae79005adf16e23cafc9c647a4bf1d95ae4c242b816ce 2015-03-02 14:29:40
1UtLFi4Tq3J78295tj2g2JwfhdAxUSE4T 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 2.637 BTC
b1d8165b8a0a00152a52e70c0b0e63f4b4a8a28c3a4f5768f6aa4a2d6a9c5536 2015-03-02 14:29:27
1UtLFi4Tq3J78295tj2g2JwfhdAxUSE4T 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 2.8196 BTC
d2343b633648df54a97f1c17cbc61ae0c8b3fc6eaa4834aba95b1dedaa749c11 2015-02-28 15:13:51
1E7JXT4jVJxdED9B2XDcGXk3CKvfjkypvM 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 0.02 BTC
2649bea8642dff5df722ae4603934e6923d3792fb3e8ca130cc13baf3f227710 2015-02-26 21:19:03
1ABR7zQKUwd6bm6Yn4vMdKcZeS5rvWTKKN 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 9.7495 BTC
c3bf2e86f0c463962cbaa8e306c4274bc8149123c01ae6bfd78301ff6cb954f0 2015-02-25 14:24:30
19jhCRTBY9wiRz8tZdrXZhSc4Fh959gV48 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 0.2242 BTC
d760ca520a51ccfecb8b13d57e9e9361dd33432277244db121f388b5464f3a69 2015-02-22 08:20:44
1E7JXT4jVJxdED9B2XDcGXk3CKvfjkypvM 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 0.134 BTC
f0bb075efa6f62831c62c4de5bdc8fee61b06190d91b869b128191e51a389c08 2015-02-21 07:30:05
1HGRgfAQfi4HNP6D6tFipepq3R9Mj5tBZU 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 0.303 BTC
b45790b0d2330e8bd247dd1650fd51d89131caccce1ad8abb83d67de78646a22 2015-02-17 16:58:37
1AH736hXH5FL4hwzK33jekiUAPxVUf6nAr 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 3 BTC
9ea39386edb73af774d4dd4d455893686e217434deb09a8525945b86b31b28d6 2015-02-14 15:41:15
1E7JXT4jVJxdED9B2XDcGXk3CKvfjkypvM 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 0.50074716 BTC
70c5bc162ae7ebe0814ccb4529b5c139053a41cc89d0aede009753c6fdeedfcd 2015-02-08 15:07:55
1GJq5nqAgZDDM3rWfobhJXDf1AEQtkYEPz 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 1.41286591 BTC
e5400443d745dc65529e2a44af0c632412649f4fe03b181821cf0f7951b82d77 2015-02-07 16:23:55
1E7JXT4jVJxdED9B2XDcGXk3CKvfjkypvM 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 0.95812075 BTC
3ed07babaaf8000abf84f9950cb4969996fbd7ea0aca734c84af4157f7296497 2015-02-07 10:25:56
1GJq5nqAgZDDM3rWfobhJXDf1AEQtkYEPz 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 0.59441341 BTC
356c5442b5b6abd8ffff132d782e9272a8289e8fa76ed9bd9a7326186d60a58a 2015-02-05 19:17:10
16Nh2MDRLDgCdNw1Jc62Uae2qfdy5LatGE 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 0.0569 BTC
7dafde347e78b72d60c8d0f3a8c78035d5a27a9be8ff1d5ae67f01dd7ab71eb7 2015-02-05 11:06:19
12aSH5k86L2CcKHeyo997JAZCioD6dE2fX 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 0.3 BTC
6bab0248f7cd1b9ed69c91cf2a728a4428ed37af74feafca8a996ef11fb84428 2015-02-03 17:27:22
1UtLFi4Tq3J78295tj2g2JwfhdAxUSE4T 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 1.71691792 BTC
b8ee473482dee0a313f5c833d2682c3076ce1a931aabae803facf9d4eeac2823 2015-02-02 20:21:19













1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 2.9295 BTC
b93269e8522ccf0f646e170c2b88a354ec36cd8f723aa1ecc243b467cc8e77d1 2015-02-01 17:30:14
1AH736hXH5FL4hwzK33jekiUAPxVUf6nAr 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 2 BTC
815fe7054809568843e6d1a706b6f03ebae4b35f10076bccc5cc56fefa318ec0 2015-01-31 10:18:57
1GJq5nqAgZDDM3rWfobhJXDf1AEQtkYEPz 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 1.34807701 BTC
0a7ba0d195f7bbae16fc3e0bdb9124f4c106ab953f4bd9dbb5e50637793836f5 2015-01-30 17:44:35
1GJq5nqAgZDDM3rWfobhJXDf1AEQtkYEPz 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 0.47689935 BTC
eb180a98e0dd55bf7a48e7d8abaf1c8cfa85a5d0ed6f996a2fb159c6b2b00daa 2015-01-30 17:26:53
1GJq5nqAgZDDM3rWfobhJXDf1AEQtkYEPz 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 1.77930403 BTC
4bdb980c4f7964789f58d99186f427a2073fc436a238248eb19b66449814f678 2015-01-27 18:16:43
1NtHN8Tx7MSGZ3XNx5iyNSRqsmQVnb3Ab6 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 1.5255 BTC
cd7ba1d6231ebac72bb542845ea082519af38deb5cd62b01ef09fc9c7f3ffe52 2015-01-27 17:23:51
1GJq5nqAgZDDM3rWfobhJXDf1AEQtkYEPz 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 1.5987 BTC
d801968aead1e48ed8b7d941379ae191c5e3c27f6e2a0721f207046b10b9f469 2015-01-25 17:25:05
1HGRgfAQfi4HNP6D6tFipepq3R9Mj5tBZU 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 0.2059 BTC
d09cb66b7aab5832d14ce57220664441633f2f17222093f7e901c568c8c463a5 2015-01-23 11:08:11
1GJq5nqAgZDDM3rWfobhJXDf1AEQtkYEPz 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 0.94594443 BTC
f501a0c2c12124917dda86995f0fc8fd86767a98b7fc0b2d63767e7e36fb33d1 2015-01-21 11:17:40








1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 1.4155 BTC
4db751b68ca82a6b66d3283af95204c7e541672b7adbda0a8e67569f2918b2ec 2015-01-21 06:55:52


1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 1.7465 BTC
0e40583f045e251332c5bd762d6c7d8ebfc0a2d772be89088c9fc789b38eb167 2015-01-20 18:20:54
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c6c5f97658fb4eaf2fb9343e7b66ac17d3308b94bd91583a5b2cc39134ec4309 2015-01-20 17:11:35
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361cfc04b5dfa2f2bef8d35cb6ec21e5d57ba2efaf202a01262216dabcf6f128 2015-01-20 14:11:08




1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 0.3533 BTC
39cc788c8a3d6ab1add20334ab97fb985bb96d024576613a732e218d70458a7e 2015-01-19 10:47:31
























1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 0.9035 BTC
025081d1eee8aeb1bc6141f736e8ac7e4668793561760b43b232554bb12be570 2015-01-17 18:24:39



1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 2.2735 BTC
b7f78287ad2bbb1a156ae0298f4cbac50a61d700ebedb1a7969a9a7fca8361d3 2015-01-17 07:27:43





1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 0.5645 BTC
47e127e6ede6a7a11175a0253f3b3c54b21c381358f6f7d97ffa0bfb700ebf48 2015-01-16 10:08:41
1Lv9cChvuMg1HM1ct4t6GoSQwA8sR8ZSmV 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 1.1265 BTC
e37d015b8bd169eaa7731e73befdad2a49a181d5b1f7de6a089bdeb84f88aa02 2015-01-15 17:13:52
1AH736hXH5FL4hwzK33jekiUAPxVUf6nAr 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 1.4349 BTC
0454c717af60f009932edaba62bf787fcd9b3c0d46e74c25ba0ea8f2f3741cf7 2015-01-15 16:36:17
1BKTXyCsdrcBGJt1UEnjCLMK1Ko6wePLty 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 1.9 BTC
c713a77d1f67a30865d832def49a366b8d603ec18d2fe68fbc09ae05479cb510 2015-01-15 13:39:24
1HGW1CcZHXqGZ4CMEH7tPAPUq7y97JMNx 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 0.15 BTC
c3188223fd86ec20527855a170e4919046db07413c17b046f48948e871e939ac 2015-01-13 15:27:35
1BKTXyCsdrcBGJt1UEnjCLMK1Ko6wePLty 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 0.699 BTC
4ec44ccde9b150ddd17f72c732b51dfec371abbf2a5ddbecc043d5991f60d9bb 2015-01-12 15:43:48
1HGRgfAQfi4HNP6D6tFipepq3R9Mj5tBZU 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 0.0749 BTC
dc88011b62a5fb504dd780d962c8e38c344dfeb5c52469bbc8abc230953be837 2015-01-10 08:04:35
1CtKXKwZ4A2hiLLBedn4zZ7jRXDAmm3G5j 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 0.7995 BTC
810866b8b4a3673833e53afbe8ad3d6dd68d50ccae7124f27f2ecebf63a5c5f8 2015-01-10 03:28:47
















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b59347e37295025edeea36671321ed7f5a42e26fc486d267636243bc9adb7756 2015-01-09 14:42:21
1C8bhkiKmm7e8f5V7uhdq2zPS98QR8QLc1 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 6.3395 BTC
b71f5872afcfbdf38509bd59f558a68e344876f771b6fc779b2e78242391e6f9 2015-01-06 11:25:28
1GJq5nqAgZDDM3rWfobhJXDf1AEQtkYEPz 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 0.995 BTC
08929a68ec2a0568f2a3ee0ce631918f5bb42b5230262d3b395b5aa0cc953d9d 2015-01-06 11:24:34
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71eda6b3463bfe4c7722a20f8a29cd6f1e38c0770fefc7e6574cf8743b187496 2015-01-06 09:40:42
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25c71f88137267efb20463db1b65084ccc2258f7f316e77130dbc3e26e0847bf 2015-01-06 08:57:31
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e783db2d942d7f96283547814c588c50ab94e105e4fc767fdd4404422efea8ca 2014-12-31 09:09:52
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19c30fd66202b866f5c5831923cce78997717ba941481f80d0654b62b0b325ea 2014-12-28 09:52:04
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bf0d61d592384a4032ace6cfb0bbd6fd16ac15ea0dc3c9f067a4a2677596b7c4 2014-12-27 15:43:45
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f687acbb563fb9e7a4076a3e69b2bebbb005f2f35ec7180d3421d22560d2bfd8 2014-12-27 15:38:41
1GJq5nqAgZDDM3rWfobhJXDf1AEQtkYEPz 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 1 BTC
b119fbec62be2bdae512848de0ea00498f11d1f176641a99eabb17c00c8b6ec2 2014-12-27 15:12:22
1GJq5nqAgZDDM3rWfobhJXDf1AEQtkYEPz 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 1 BTC

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7468540ae9b5bd65b8543cbe0dde2456add54a57562e5e90e05ea4cde248f3ba 2014-12-20 18:01:57
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5a6bea6dddd1594f1bec99a5f7cd196842b8f2631096d32e855d24cdd149b9d8 2014-12-03 10:19:28






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3e9fbbf559d5c2be7d52ae9cb13828807897a0f1e2f9dc5cb016d56445c3f7ed 2014-11-01 19:14:00




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73f317e19dd602c6496a9422dc6a79c19fd6b50db5aa41739f617f9524f7f4f7 2014-10-22 11:57:27
18JwGuE6PW3K1R3EKjdoJxcM6TkfCB2ppS 1Boerin5zj8LvC25ehNTDRGsD3ybF2TUA5 0.0647 BTC
db540ae8000d104fe573102af4c96a9a95796a21d64d6c413921f16fa9fd092e 2014-10-22 06:09:33






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8110148d0f816ab76a16aa455959e78c05bbf863a8a3b78eb14e4990b1a1669a 2014-10-10 15:28:11
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21fba8e705793d4a291c0e8de8c1dc0b33a96b1c263facdefb1b855874e930eb 2014-10-10 06:11:40






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79540099c3cf5e1d05279209cdcc8e8333d6d908cd97c9ae7eb30f5606b4e823 2014-10-06 11:59:22
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c15bb4856612123b852877188be562e84eebda709c3b2f501154ea705d3cdc82 2014-10-04 15:40:20





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e792ec4a5e7453e29d6ab763e10653f1f50144e55be8dec8b0b5ee08dd84ac72 2014-10-04 08:07:28






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Bitcoin Wallet Vulnerability

Bitcoin Wallet Vulnerability

gATO bEeN – researching vulnerabilities in Bitcoin wallets and of course there are many but I will cover some of the basics and save the rest for my new book coming out soon. First off there are 3 basic types types of wallets, Full node, thin client and web based wallets I will not cover off line wallets for now.

Web based wallets are useless for any security minded person because they are all controlled by the system administrators of the site, even blockchain.info wallets are a problem. Roger Ver the main person at blockchain.info got pissed off and and released the names and addresses of a BitcoinStore.com customers on a public forum, then used his admin privileges to lookup peoples IP address, phone number and other personal information. money009

Why you may ask, because Roger is also the owner of BitcoinStore and accidentally refunded an extra $50  worth of Bitcoin to customers and they didn’t return it. So as much as I love blockchain.info and trust them a wee bit, but this shows that even some of the best websites wallets can become a nightmare and they can get all your data and if they choose steal your Bitcoins right out of your web-wallet or just make it public and then your mother in law will see your Bitcoin fortune and be really pissed. read more https://bitcoinhelp.net/know/more/top-seven-ways-your-identity-can-be-linked-to-your-bitcoin-address

Thin wallets are a little different because they do not have a full blockchain and relies of some other service as a middle man to communicate your transactions to and from the blockchain and your wallet -to be truthful I setup one of these middle-man servers to see if it could be done.  I found out that as a middle-man of your data I can do all kinds of nasty things to your transactions and send your wallet information that everything is OK and working fine.

So a bad actor can become one of these middle-man and have all your Bitcoins and transactions and do as they please. Some security people call it man-in-the-middle attack but it’s your own dam fault for trusting these anonymous middle-man services to all your Bitcoins. How much do you trust a complete stranger with your Bitcoin???  then by all means use a thin-client.

Full node Bitcoin wallets do not have these weaknesses but let’s say your are security conscious and even password protect your full-node wallet. Remember to back it up on your home shareable drive or even a tim drive if I gain access tothat backup your Wallet is toast. Even with Apple Time-machine I can go back in time and get a copy of your wallet wallet.dat file and drain your secure encrypted full-node wallet. This also applies to Windows users too, a simple backup can be your worse nightmare, a friend and you can also loose all your Bitcoins.

Since all Bitcoin transactions are public it is easy to trace your coins history and connect the dots and find your identities. I won’t even cover Sybil attacks or packet sniffing, forcing clock drifts on your wallet or just a simple bug in a version of core Bitcoin code. Yes the developers were even discussing liabilities if they release a buggy wallet code that open up your wallets, so if the developers are worried, I think you need to look at your wallets not once, twice but maybe 3 times and figure out your best solution to safeguard your Bitcoin wallet.

Sometimes just understanding the problems that your Bitcoin wallets have you may be able to protect it better. Oh Yeah- offline wallets, they also must connect to execute a signed transaction some of these and other attacks may be applicable to you too. There are other siple ways to read all the data from your secure thumb drive or if I’m just pissed off at you smash it with a hammer and your Bitcoin fortune is gone so be careful if your divorcing your spouse.

HD-BIP32 and Multi-sig are somewhat safer but if you trust an exchange to validate your 2-n of 3 Multi-sig you could be in trouble. Let’s not my favorite TPM- forget that the NSA has authorize thru the NIST standards that any Windows machine made after June 2015 will have a TPM chip – Trusted Computing Model – Yes I know China and the NSA have inbreeded key’s (backdoors) in these new devices but most hardware -phones-pad devices-  will have this TPM chip installed and then you will have NO security at all- Ask Germany why they will not use Windows machine’s any more -so now your Bitcoin wallet is safe – Yeah BaBy – gAtO OuT


Dark Web Bitcoin and other nasty stuff

Dark Web Bitcoin and other nasty stuff

gAtO bEeN – analyzing my Dark Web data and it’s worst then ever. Besides the usual crap like human sex slaves, drugs and guns. There seems to be a lot of newer sites that look like terrorist sites, some preaching and asking for donations and of course Bitcoin is the currency of the Dark Web. bitcoin-gollum

Of course there are some sites that are a joke and looks like a government operation gone sour. I am sure they will catch small wanna be script kiddies but the real treasure is in other sites that are linked from these terrorist sites that require login information and no way to register. But in some of the paste-sites reveal it’s pretty easy to gain access via other that can vouch for you. The good part is I found a way to code my login info to my crawlers so this is going to be my next target.

monitoring the dark web:

  • Mapping the hidden services directory by deploying nodes in the distributed hash table (DHT);
  • Customer data monitoring by looking for connections to non-standard domains;
  • Social site monitoring to spot message exchanges containing new dark web domains;
  • Hidden service monitoring of new sites for ongoing or later analysis;
  • Semantic analysis to track future illegal activities and malicious actors; and
  • Marketplace profiling to gather information about sellers, users and the kinds of good exchanged.

The funny part is you been hearing about DARPA Memex dark web tool and that all LE are using it, so how come Law Enforcement allow these terrorist sites and these children sex slave sites to function. I found over 22,000 Bitcoin addresses, so it should be easy to start to map these and try to follow the Bitcon to the bad guys. I’m sure some are using full-node Bitcoin wallets and it’s pretty easy to match it to an IP address. So why does MemEx and LE allow this.

From a year ago when I last crawled the Dark Web I can see that a few sites have been taken down by DOJ- good for them, but new ones pop up in a New York minuet and they keep operating normally of course they have to re-brand and get the new .onion url out in paste site and BB sites.

I am cleaning up my 400,000 URL and start to crawl by next week – if I got 400k from just 17k of sites this new crawl should deliver millions of new Dark Web sites -and so the fun begins –  gAtO OuT


Bitcoin in the Dark Web

Bitcoin in the Dark Web – Digital Underground

gAtO wAs – asked to check the Dark Web (Tor-i2p) with my Artemis Tor-i2p search engine to see how Bitcoin is doing, and the answer was shocking. I dug around and got a base of 2,000 Tor URL out of those 1,400 we OK and I came back with 17,000 new URL from this first run. Just checking on the Bitcoin keyword it got the biggest hits followed by CC (credit cards) and other stolen good and services. black_bots_

Were the Dark Web was more about Porn a year ago it has changed direction and has become a Bitcoin value transfer network for any information you are looking for and the transactions are all Bitcoin now. As we seen the white cola world adoption of Bitcoin in the clear web has made it more powerful in the Dark Web. More stolen properties, more coin mixer and not only Bitcoin but Litecoin and DogeCoin are becoming more popular to trading in goods and services.

As the DOJ has shut down Silk Road and other drug sites new one have popped up but the thing I seen the most from my crawlers is that more and more trades or goods and services have gone to Bitcoins exclusive as the currency of the Dark Web. Security of transactions are becoming more complex with escrow serves popping up all over the place and even Dark Banks for your Bitcoins and wallets.

We are planing a big sweep of the Dark Web 10 crawls (total of up to 5 million Dark Web URL and website content) for any and all Bitcoin addresses and then use my new designed Blockchain tools to look at all the Bitcoin transactions and see if we can follow the money to an IP address of the bad guys. Hopefully this will open new ways of finding Bitcoins in the Dark Web and help LE get the bad guys. – gAto OuT


12 million Bitcoin wallets forecast for 2015

There were 1.4 million new bitcoin wallets created in Q4, representing 21% growth quarter-over-quarter. CoinDesk is forecasting 12 million total bitcoin wallets by the end of 2015  – http://www.coindesk.com/state-bitcoin-2015-ecosystem-grows-despite-price-decline/

This open up how many Business Bitcoin wallets are going to be needed. As more and more businesses use Bitcoins my HD-BIP32 multi-sig Bitcoin Business wallet

HD-BIP32 Bitcoin Multi-Sig Business wallet video Demohttp://youtu.be/-54TzpEIGsY –

will become more useful. Without these types of Bitcoin Businesses tools Bitcoing cannot grow up.

Slide 49
Current and Forecasted Bitcoin Wallet Numbers

Using Bitcoin Multi-Sig Wallets in Business

gAtO wOrKiNg – on his HD-BIP32 business wallet and I was working on how to design the Multi-Sig wallets came up and I needed to ask a lot of questions first: We can use the HD-BIP32 business wallet and Bitcoin 2.0 technology with Multi-Sigs to manage all kinds of assets class?


In a business context we can create Multi-Sig sub-wallets as revenue stream or as an INCOME Wallet. With our Multi-Sig Sub-wallet  we will be able to do 2 things pretty easy. First -1st– It will prevent anyone -employees- from stealing funds from that wallet because you need 2 out of 3 signatures to release the funds. Second -2nd– Security has now becomes harder for a hacker to steal your Bitcoin even if they get one PrivateKey-

From a consumers point of view they can now monitor a Multi-Sig in the public BlockChain to make sure TX-transactions were made. Example —> Using the HD-BIP32 wallet with divined payments:

With a Multi-Sig wallet you can have your accounting people set up a multi-address transactions to the people who get payed and sign it. Next the CFO can now come in and add the second signature to the Multi-Sig sub-wallet to release the funds to people expecting their divined payments. Like I said they can check the BlockChain to verify that the payment was made.

The management of a Multi-Sig sub-wallet’s for any business is essential to keep your Bitcoins in your business managed by the people that YOU trust but allowing others to use it to add any revenue stream that takes in Bitcoins. Since my wallet manages all Multi-Sig wallets just like any other sub-wallet in a HD-BIP32 wallet. Your in total control of all your wallets and all your coins. Plus our HD-BIP32 business wallet will give you 100% backup and management off millions of Multi-Sig sub-wallets with just 1 one-backup… That’s sweet. 

So managing hundreds of thousands of Multi-Sig sub-wallets has to be an easy job and with my HD-BIP32 Business wallet it can do the job and give you control of all your Bitcois in your Business

here is a Video of my HD-BIP32 business development wallet — http://youtu.be/gOPdFPHNByk — still a work in progress and I have much to learn – but working on it- looking for investors — Cheers – gAtO OuT