Dark Web Intelligence Service & Bitcoin Tracking

Dark Web Project- the signal goes somewhere, and we go everywhere -

The Dark Web Project goal is to have the largest repository of Dark Web intelligence data in the world. Our basic products will be – Dark Website DATA as a commodity – Search as a service – Special operations to gather hidden dark websites data and use special keywords i.e. credit cards, explosives, stolen corporate IP and any other keyword you need for your targeted investigations. The raw data will give our customers the ability to search and map this in any way they want. Imagine getting the raw data from Google or any other search engine and what you can do with this data. The deep Dark Web holds over 90% of all data NOT crawled or indexed by these major clear web search engine.Our Basic Services:

? All Dark Web DATA we collect – Commodity

? Bitcoin Tracking in the Dark Web – Service

? Use our Artemis Dark Web Search Engine – Service

? Cyber HUMINT in the Dark Web – Service

?Dark Web Investigation training – Service

The Dark Web Project has three parts (1)search engine (2)crawlers that search out all metadata and web-content in the Dark Web. The first two parts (1 & 2) is all passive work, just like Google crawlers BotNets it crawls and gathers website content. In the clear web this is all that is needed but in the dark web were all websites are hidden services we have to add another layer to collect were the real bad guys work.

We use HUMINT (3) cyber sock puppets with social engineering to gain access to special websites via recommendation and/or invitation to gain access and infiltrate these secret/hidden dark websites. There is no other way to capture this data without HUMINT operations. HUMINT sock puppets give us an advantage over everyone else who tries to gather Dark Web Data and Intelligence with basic crawlers. Applying math and algorithm to gather data alone will give you a small window into the Dark Web. To find the secrets dark websites you need our HUMINT cyber sock puppets using social-engineering and active operations in marketplace, pasteBin sites and forums to gather intelligence and open up CLOSED/SECRET websites that very few know about.

To find any criminal you have to -follow the money- (Bitcoin in the Dark Web). Bitcoin has become the financial services of all transactions in the Dark Web, we target this intelligence with our special Bitcoin BlockChain tools to find the bad guys wallets and their money. Besides the usual dark web data from the crawlers and HUMINT, we are also focusing on graphically mapping all Dark Web websites to the Bad actors that run these dark websites. We will collect Bitcoins, emails addresses, languages, PGP keys and all i2p network information to give us the best landscape of the underground’s dark websites as it grows bigger and bigger.

We currently crawl over 1 million Dark Web websites in the month of Feb-2015 to start the project. To collect this amount of dark websites a year ago it would of taken 4-5 months but the Dark Web has gotten bigger, as the FBI and DOJ takes down one site 6 others spring up to replace it so we need to be constantly crawling for new sites and have our sock puppets search these new sites. In the Dark Web some websites only work a few hours a day, week or a month, they use unconventional ways to make it very hard to find their sites unless they want to be found.

It’s very easy to get a dark website up and running. With an old laptop, any bad guy can go down to Dunkin Donuts and use their free Wi-Fi and with no DNS  FEE’s they can create a Dark Websites in minutes, trading guns, ammo or worse – you may ask why can’t we find these dark websites -In the Dark Websites are called a hidden Service part of the technology that runs the network – unlike clear websites that want you to find their websites, this mean nobody can find your website unless you tell someone your website name in clear web and dark web social media, pasteBin-sites, graphic sites and forums. This is why our HUMINT operations will capture what nobody else can.

This will give our customers a search engine with current valid Dark Web website data as well as the RAW DATA from the MYSQL database, now customers can use the raw data to do what ever they want e.i graphs and other visualizations tools. With our cyber HUMINT we will be able to gain access to most stolen data in the Dark Web. The main categories that we see today are guns, ammo, explosives, stolen credit cards, PayPal account, EBay account, corporate IP data, drugs, human trafficking and terrorist propaganda, recruitment and money transfer with Bitcoins and other alt-coins in the mix. The good part is we can track them with the Bitcoin BlockChain tools we have developed.

Follow the Bitcoin (money) – We have been developing Bitcoin wallets, transactions and BlockChain tools the last year and we will apply these tools to map out Bitcoins – to id Websites, emails and bad actors so we can track them anywhere they go to set up shops or sell their wares. WHY??? because the market in the Dark Web is active and bad guys can hide pretty easy if they know what there doing, but Bitcoins the public ledger -BlockChain- can gives us the ability to track transactions in both the Dark Web or the clear web. Bitcoin tracking may even give us the IP location of the bad guys.

Where are we today:

Our (current) 1st step is to get a baseline landscape of Dark Websites metadata and web-content by crawling – the 2nd step next- we will flag special sites of interest and send out our sock puppets, to infiltrate and get invitations to CLOSED SITES. This is were the real thing hard stolen data is located. The Dark Web has it’s underground culture without dark skills set’s methods and tools or you will be spotted as Law Enforcement or worse and never get near any secret/closed dark websites.

Businesses that need our Data:


?LE – Law Enforcement


?Financial Institutions

?Energy Sector

?Legal Service

?Health Care

?Management Services

?Mining Sector

?Technology Security Sector


?Industrial Goods

?Private Security 

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tor-passive_attack111Our gray-talon-tOOls for Tor- Dark Web Intelligence:

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  • Tor Search Enginetor_network_002tor-revealing_guard_nodes