Government Spying on everyone -Thanks Microsoft

gAtO lEaRnOn 01-01-213 we hear that Microsoft buys Skype and makes changes to allow Police surveillance. Then on 01-07-2013 we hear that a professor at the Warsaw University of Technology, Wojciech Mazurczyk, found a way to insert secret 70 bits of data and add secret information similar to steganography.spy-spy

Lawful Intercept is what it’s called and we just heard punch – counter-punch from the government. I just posted about corporations and governments using offensive cyber weapons to fight crime, but this looks like just plain old spying on citizens like China, Iraq and Syria does. Skype is owned by Microsoft and we know that Word and other products have back doors for them to snoop and governments to use in criminal cases. I guess they do it the proper way and get a real FISA document to monitor us it’s citizens.

mEoW 12-30-2012 our re-elected President Obama signs FISA Warrantless Wiretapping Program. STOP – SAY WHAT. mEoW – Forget about gun control how about the privacy of citizens, are we becoming like China, Iraq and Syria the more I find out about this the crazier it becomes. I hate Skypes but now finding this out NO WAY DUDE-

I did a little digging and I found a document from the Straford hack from the LutzBoat crew and this has been on the play board for a long time. More and more governments that play nice with the America and Microsoft will have to live with the fact that they are spying on us, the people. I voted for Obama but I’m pretty sure any president would want to be able to justify this abuse of power to monitor it’s citizens, what get’s me is we scream and yell when other countries do it but here we are doing to ourselves and nobody is talking about this- Hay press wake up. I have nothing to hide but if you do you have been warned – enjoy your government spying on you behind your back – gAtO oUt

Lab Notes:

IT security continues to be the greatest challenge facing government CIOs worldwide. Most experts agree that governments require stronger partnerships between the public and private sectors for both better protection of government IT systems from intruders and for greater visibility into operators’ network traffic to fight crime. However, government systems and intelligence activities constitute a very sensitive information environment. Governments must proceed with caution when forming technology partnerships for hardening their IT network security. Melissa E. Hathaway, who in February 2009 was named to be the Obama Administration’s top cyber security official, points out how

Lawful Intercept


Criminals, predators and hackers now use chats, blogs, webmail and Internet applications such as online gaming and file-sharing sites to hide their communications.


Qosmos provides law enforcement agencies with a powerful solution to identify a target using multiple virtual IDs and intercept all related IP- based communications. Any trigger, such as a “user login = target” initiates intercept of all IP traffic related to the “target.”

Example of recognized applications and protocols

VoIP Email (POP, SMTP)

Webmail (Gmail, Hotmail, Live Mail, SquirrelMail, Yahoo mail, etc.)

Instant Messaging (Aim, SNM, Skype, Yahoo, Google Talk, QQ, Maktoob, Paltalk, etc.)

Online games (World of Warcraft)

Online classified ads

Audio/Video (H.323, SIP, MGCP, RTP, RTCP, MMSE, RTSP, SHOUTcast, Yahoo Video,

MSN Video, SCCP, etc.)

Web applications (Dailymotion, Google, eBay, Google Earth, HTTP, MySpace, Wikipedia,

YouTube, etc.)

Example of information extracted

Caller, phone number, called party, duration of call

Webmail login, email address, sender, receiver, subject matter, attached documents

Instant messaging sender, receiver, contact lists and status

Forum login, IP address, MAC address, mobile ID (IMSI, IMEI)

Protocols identified even for unidirectional traffic (e.g. email by satellite).





Tor Users in South America

gAtO – was thinking about the different Tor users in Latin America while checking for a project and this made me wonder what is really going on. Let’s take a look at Brazil first:

All my charts will include from Jan-2012 to Jan 2013 –

Brazil shows from 170k users to 100k users this is normal for Brazil as one of the largest country in SA – But the problem I see right away is the Bridge Relays – these are the kinda secret OR that people use to hide if they think they are being monitored you can see that they have gone down Big-Time- why is this happening I have to ask myself. Is ti that people are becoming more confortable and do not fear the government or are the actual bridge-relays just going down.

Next We go travel Down to Chile:

and we find that they do not have any OR but they have from 1000 users toa high of 1800 users :

Some of the other things is I cannot find OR for quite a few countries Like SPAIN that is ODD and Argentina has over 8 sometimes 10 OR for a Tor users this just makes no sense I also checked for bridges OR but every where there use has gone down – I guess that they are becoming more confortable that Tor works and just go with normal automatic Tor selection.

Let go up and check out Mexico – this one took me by surprise – Only 1 OR – I will have to setup some more test with some new Tor Tools I am working on to get a better picture of what the heck is going donw with Latino Tor Users worldwide – – adios amigos- gATO oUt 

1_sa_ar_or 1_sa_ar_user 1-sa_br_users11_br_brazil1_sa_chile_br_usr 1_sa_chile_usr 1-sa_belize_usr 1-sa_columbia_usr11-sa_colunbia 1-sa_dr_usr 1-sa_ecuador_usr 1-sa_elSalvador_usr 1-sa_mx_bridge_or 1-sa_mx_tor-OR 1-sa_mx_usr 1-sa_panama_usr 1-sa_parguay_usr 1-sa_peru_usr 1-sa_pr_usr 1-sa_spain_usr11-sa_spain 1-sa_vebazuela_usr11-sa_venezula